Mounts and Backings I'm not familiar with Costco's metal or acrylic prints per say (but I have read here a lot of complaints about the consistency of their metal prints), but both metal and acrylic face mounted prints can be beautiful (if done correctly). I have to admit that my walls are covered with my artistic photography, all have been printed by Posterjack. Perfect for your desk, shelf or mantle! One of the great things - of many - about photography today is that there are more options than ever before for getting your images printed. If you are reselling your work as a photographer or interior designer it is worth the extra money to upgrade to the acrylic face mounted print. To conclude our thoughts on acrylic vs metal prints, we feel the metal prints are a nice budget friendlier way to get a vibrant, glossy look to your images. That means that high-contrast images, especially black and white photos, really stand out on a silver surface. In this review, learn all about its specs and capabilities. On average, you will find that many professional print labs charge up to three times more for acrylic prints. Lesser printing companies print the image directly onto the acrylic, but that produces an image that suffers from reduced detail and sharpness. When compared side by side, acrylic prints can appear washed out compared to our HD Metal Prints. Although our Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints have several characteristics that set them apart, which we will look at in just a moment, there are some similarities that are worth mentioning. LIMIT 5 PER CUSTOMER. Like glossy acrylic, a matte finish will give the image greater depth, but will also diminish the mirror effect - you’ll be able to enjoy your prints even in bright, direct sunlight. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 PhotographyTalk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Find out in this review! What is focal length? Your image printed on premium photo paper and mounted on a solid MDF board. If you are looking for high quality yet affordable metal prints, you will find that Shiny Prints have very competitive pricing that allows our artists to offer high quality metal prints to their clients while maintaining excellent profit margins. Does the ink last longer on metal or acrylic. An up close side corner view of an acrylic print on the left and HD Metal print on the right. We can benefit today from a variety of printing options depending upon our budget and requirements these days. With a variety of finishes, metal prints give you further options for displaying photos that have brilliant color. I have plenty of canvas prints in my home. Modern & Industrial - Incorporating metals into your decor is a great way to accomplish the modern, chic, and industrial look. Find out in this review! Our Matte White Metal Prints are glare free, vibrant and perfect for use indoors or outdoors! With these holiday promo ideas for photographers, you'll get some solid ideas for boosting business as 2020 comes to a close. Create a totally unique piece of art by printing your photo directly on brushed aluminum. Acrylic prints can become extremely heavy, especially when creating larger wall prints or gallery displays. All Rights Reserved. Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints - Comparing Photo Art Products First, the Similarities. A Canadian classic! If you are concerned with exposure to intense direct sunlight, we also offer ChromaLuxe EXT aluminum sheets that are guaranteed for up to 3 to 5 years outdoors in direct sunlight. Your photo printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag fine art paper. The HD Metal print has nothing interfering with its view, giving it a vibrant 3D appearance and superior quality. Fortunately, Keith was very impressed saying “Once you go Bumblejax, you never go back!”  Ha, now that’s a great slogan  In the video below he compared our acrylic print product to his previous standard of excellence – the metal print. All Metal Prints are not created Equal: I have printed with several companies, my favorites are listed below, but the worst of the worst has got to be InkDoodle. Instead, there are many tripod alternatives and makeshift tripods you can use to stabilize your camera. Your image printed on our glossy photo paper. Get some tips, tricks, and insights on simple slider shots in this quick tutorial. Not that I've had any of my canvas fade. With printing that extends around the edges of the stretcher frame, canvas prints take on a seamless look that is striking from every angle. © Copyright Bumblejax 2020. Metal Prints: What You Need to Know Getting a photo printed on metal is much more involved than simply uploading your image to the printer's website and choosing "metal." I mean, there's more printers out there offering more sizes on more kinds of substrates that give folks like you and me a ton of options for showcasing our favorite photos. Of course, you can elect to mount your acrylic print to the wall by more traditional means - the wire hanger or cleat hanger systems I mentioned earlier. Acrylic, Metal, or Canvas: Which Substrate is Best For Your Photos? Placing a silver surface print in a dimly lit room can cause the photo to appear much darker, in some cases. Testing results show that the image stability of a ChromaLuxe metal print displayed indoors is more than three times that of the traditional silver based photo papers used in making acrylic prints. The beauty of an acrylic print is that you can mount it in several different ways. Another unique feature is the ability to make acrylic prints appear to glow when back-lit with custom lighting. Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints are both: Now, let’s take a look at some of the differences between Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints and certain factors you may want to consider before printing your photos. At Shiny Prints, we only use ChromaLuxe brand aluminum sheets for the highest quality possible. If you want a high-end, modern, professional look, acrylic might be the best product for you. Acrylic is a form of plastic, much like a sheet of Plexiglas. .cls-99{fill:#000;fill-rule:evenodd} Help Center. Instead, there are many tripod alternatives and makeshift tripods you can use to stabilize your camera. What is focal length? Regardless of which avenue you choose to pursue, it’s essential to get your prints from a trusted lab with the experience and the quality of products that will make your images truly shine. There are some archival papers in the 100+ year range but these are all matte or semi-matte papers. A Posterjack original! If you like a modern, graphic look, and want your prints to have added aesthetic appeal, direct prints on aluminum-dibond won’t take away from the impact of your image, but will serve to enhance it. Whether you go with a direct print or a photo print, acrylic will give your image greater depth and dimension while providing viewers with a pure, clear, and sharp view of your photos. Learning how to use a slider should begin with some basic slider techniques. Others want the traditional warmth of canvas. So you have me thinking about metal and acrylic. You will find that the best acrylic print labs use the traditional process of printing to photo paper. Whichever type of metal product you choose, you can do so with the knowledge that your prints will be safe from fading, scratches, and moisture. With four stainless steel posts on the corners of the acrylic print, it has a distinctly industrial look. Additionally, you can mix bare canvas prints with framed canvas to add dimension to your wall. And I have to say, their facility and their products are impressive. Looking for the best canvas prints? But if you've never bought one, you probably have acrylic print questions. If you're looking for a printer that can help you create stunning metal or acrylic prints, trust me, Artbeat Studios is the one you want to work with! These underused Photoshop tools can help you unlock your creativity and create more impactful images. Two of the most popular mounting styles are recessed and flush. Dramatic images that have rich colors and contrast will really pop with a glossy finish. You can get all the details on our acrylic face mounting process here. SAVE 50% on a 16x24" Matte White Metal Print with free 3M hanging kit. Naturally, cost can play a major role when choosing between metal vs acrylic prints. A recessed mount, shown above, has an inset frame, giving the metal print the illusion of floating on the wall. Get the scoop on the differences between the two in the video below: The finish you select also has an impact on how your images look when printed on metal. IMO just the material. Just mount the posts to your wall, align the pre-drilled holes in your acrylic print with the posts, and attach the print to the posts. By contrast, a silver surface turns any whites in the photo into silver. This is due to the fact that you are looking at the print through a sheet of acrylic. The floating effect is clean and simple and adds a touch of drama to your photo. Create a piece of artwork that's loaded with natural character by printing your photo on wood. Privacy Policy Discover more about metal printing from the award-winning lab WhiteWall. In this Panasonic Lumix DC-G100 review, we'll look at the specs, features, build quality, price and more of this affordable camera for vloggers.