Items made of spiresteel are always considered masterwork, and the masterwork costs are included in the listed prices. It only provides the effect of turning critical hits into normal hits. Also, with each blow from a metal weapon, an ice shield must make a DC 15 Fortitude save. Characters may choose to carry several different types of weapons, depending upon the types of creatures they most commonly encounter. Vulcanized Rubber has numerous uses in contemporary arms and armor fabrication. Now he and Pitax are at an impasse - it may have been wrong for him to take it, but now it’s too dangerous to let go. Other sensory abilities, such as blindsense or true seeing, bypass this effect entirely. Bronze armor has the same cost and weight as normal steel armor of its type. Mawine has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 5. HP/inch 10 (hide of a dragon is typically between 1/2 inch and 1 inch thick); Hardness 10; Cost Dragonhide armor costs twice as much as masterwork armor of the same type, but it takes no longer to make than ordinary armor of that type (double all Craft results). His multiple Metamagic Rods are absolutely mouth-watering (especially the Quicken, Maximize and Empower ones), and the Lapis Lazuli Wyvern is a repeated-use item that allows you to summon a potent pet once per day. Miners have considered it a nuisance material for decades, since until recently it was impossible to forge umbrite into any useful product. After using the singing steel in this fashion, the steel must be carefully brushed to remove any lingering vibrations, a process that takes 10 minutes. Bronze armor has a hardness of 9. | PF2 SRD. A pound of Hellstone is enough to make 1 dose of hellstone powder. If you fail the [Diplomacy 30] check, there’s no penalty save being deprived of the benefits of success, if you fail the [Intimidate 25] check you’ll be disqualified, and if you fail the [Stealth 15] check you’ll be evicted from the tournament entirely. A mindglass weapon can store this energy for a number of rounds equal to the level of the spell, or half the creature’s CR if the effect wasn’t a spell or spell-like ability. If the dragonhide comes from a dragon that had immunity to an energy type, the armor is also immune to that energy type, although this does not confer any protection to the wearer. Copper-plated weapons that channel or that deal electricity damage deal 1 extra point of electricity damage per electricity damage die on a successful hit (this extra damage is multiplied on a critical hit). Failing the save does either 1 point of Con or Wis damage, a 50% chance of each. I think the original poster forgets that Quarterstaff is the definition for a Natural Weapon in the form of a long stick. Starstone is a mineral that appears underground in small cubical formations near sulfur springs and volcanically active areas. Weapons Light and one-handed melee weapons, as well as two-handed weapons that deal bludgeoning damage only, can be crafted from bone. Items constructed purely of gold cost 10 times the normal cost for items of their type. If an attack with a piercing or slashing blood crystal weapon hits a target suffering from a bleed effect, the creature takes 1 additional point of damage from the attack as the blood crystal drains blood from the wound. HP/inch as leather; Hardness as leather; Cost Armor crafted from eel hide is always considered masterwork, and the masterwork costs are included in the listed prices. The Ring of Circumstances the merchant sells allows the wearer to activate four different properties of the ring, which include boosting one attribute by two points, giving a +1 bonus to Saving Throws, a +1 bonus to damage rolls, a +2 bonus to all skill checks, a +5 bonus to Movement Speed, a +1 bonus to Armor Class or a +1 bonus to all spell DCs. This affects a 5-foot area around the wielder and does not extend to others. Gaviscon. To determine the price of a stainless steel item, use the original weight but add 10 gp per pound to the price of that item. | FateCoreSRD The weapon itself must be enchanted to at least the same level as the armor to enjoy this effect, otherwise it’s treated as a normal weapon. A complete suit of full plate (or platemail, as it is often called) includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, … Dreamstone looks almost like a pale green crystal to the untrained eye, but can be worked as iron despite its appearance. Failure to save results in the ice shield shattering into worthless shards. Armor or shields that have taken damage in excess of half their total hit points gain the broken condition, meaning they are less effective at their designated task. Source: 101 Special Materials and Power Components (3pp). Having exhausted all other diversion, return to Gasperre Liacenza and from him head north to find Nunzio Arpaia, the master of ceremonies. If you have Tristian with you, he’ll also manage to defuse the situation. Latest Pathfinder products in the Open Gaming Store. The black-and-violet ore known as druchite is so dark that even creatures that are adapted to see in lightless conditions can have extreme difficulty perceiving it. This rust-red metal is a special form of steel (despite the name) that is infused with blood in the forging process, usually that of a ritualistically- sacrificed and oftentimes sacred animal such as a rooster or bull; in evil societies or particularly- desperate situations, a human sacrifice might be used. Almost never found in amounts greater than a pound, geranite is the same weight and density as steel, but is much more durable. Mawine is the softest of the solid godmetals, being only slightly less malleable than lead. A forged umbrite item weighing 1 pound or more retains much of its light-absorbing properties. A weapon made of Elysian bronze adds a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls against magical beasts and monstrous humanoids; this damage is multiplied on a critical hit. In the hands of a Rogue, the useful abilities are arguably even more prevalent. [6], Glaucite is a dark and dull grey alloy of iron and adamantine and is pretty much what is meant when 'Numerian steel' is discussed rather than pure adamantine.