There are over 115,000 veterinarians working in both private and corporate practices across the U.S. As more and more veterinary practices consolidate under corporate parent companies, many vets feel like the pressure to continually grow the business hampers their ability to practice medicine efficiently, ethically, and in the patient’s best interest. When mentioned, many people leap to thoughts of alternative therapies and spiritual care, rejecting it as irrelevant to veterinary patients. Business savvy can be learned on the fly, and there are countless resources out there designed to help new founders grow successful companies. Vetted is helping to fix it. A degree in veterinary medicine is a fantastic foundation for an amazing career, and there are likely more alternative career options for veterinary graduates than you previously imagined. Powered by Madgex Job Board Software, Cambridge graduate Naomi Roberts has spent seven years in different government roles and currently works within the Ministry of Defence. There are careers opportunities in … If it is the lack of flexibility within the veterinary nursing role that is causing the desire for change, but you really want to remain using your vet nurse skills, you could consider locum veterinary nurse work. Read more about the profession here, There are many things you can do with your vet degree if practice isn't for you. Nursing school provides you with all the skills you need to become a qualified nurse. The NHS – and other public and private health organisations – are also keen recruiters of recently-graduated scientists, especially in coordinating research and trials. So does this mean that veterinary students should start panicking, and immediately re-enrol into med school? Academy of Veterinary Zoological Medicine Technicians. Corporate Health Consultant: Corporate Health Consultants work with corporate outfits to develop … Veterinary disaster response positions are available at local, national, and international levels. Referral hospitals and veterinary teaching hospitals typically employ veterinary specialists. They also offer tremendous opportunities for free career-advancing training. A whopping 40 percent of current veterinary faculty will be eligible for retirement within the next ten years! Looking for a new career can be an extremely daunting prospect in any profession so here we want to discuss a few of the many possible alternative careers for veterinary nurses who might be thinking about a change to help make the process a bit easier. Building your own personal brand narrative can help you achieve this, Vet surgeons, vet nurses and hydrotherapists can make exceptionally good veterinary physiotherapists. A number of possibilities are often overlooked, but are potentially as satisfying and rewarding as "traditional" veterinary jobs. The veterinary nursing profession, though numerically small (there are over 12,000 registered veterinary nurses in total), has varied and important duties to support veterinary surgeons in safeguarding the health and welfare of animals. Obtaining that degree, however, still requires a lot of long hours, and hard work. Filed Under: Lifestyle & Local Tagged With: house call, in-home, vet, veterinary medicine. clinical practice and how their careers have progressed since, After 10 years working with dogs and horses in the Army, Nicola Housby now works in equine practice, Simon Doherty reflects on some of his highlights from the first ever Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify LIVE event, I am a vet/vet nurse looking for a career change, I am late in my career/planning for retirement. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative career options for veterinary graduates. A number of possibilities are often overlooked, but are potentially as satisfying and rewarding as "traditional" veterinary jobs. All Rights Reserved, Further Qualifications & Training for Veterinary Nurses. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Efficient, care-focused vets who previously worked at a local or corporate veterinary practice, New mothers who want more control over their schedule than a traditional clinic allows, Part-time house call practitioners who spend a few days a week at a surgical center. © 2014 - 2020 Veterinary Business Development Ltd. Powered by Madgex Job Being a veterinarian is incredibly hard work. Apply to Veterinary Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Hospital Manager and more! Three exciting sectors cater for a range of abilities and interests: Working with animals could take a number of routes, such as becoming an animal behaviourist, working with charities as an inspector (highly sought after) or in general animal care, or "back office jobs" in essential administration and support.