Whether you’re starting out and want to master the components of a guitar or are more advanced and wanting high-end elements like an ash body, … Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. King, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton and Dave Grohl have all found their voice within the soulful depths of a Gibson thinline semi-hollow guitar. Others consider any guitar that does not feature a ‘flat top’ an archtop guitar, placing guitars such as the Les Paul® also in the ‘archtop’ category also.For the purpose of this article we’ll consider archtop guitars, as hollow or semi-hollow body instruments that feature an ‘arched’ top, but don’t worry we’ll still be discussing a Les Paul® variant toward the end of the article that generates a lot of interest amongst kit guitar builders. Best Match. From the early violin/mandolin-in...Read more. CURRENTLY VERY LOW ON STOCK, ETA 30TH OCTOBER CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO. Less associated with jazz and rockabilly as other guitars featured, the 335 is a semi-hollow body guitar. The design of the archtop guitar borrows heavily from both the violin and mandolin, in terms of the hollow body construction, solid wood arched top and F-holes located on each side of the guitar.First conceived of by Orville Gibson, founder of Gibson guitars. Kit Built Guitars is a UK Supplier of DIY guitars kits, build your own electric guitar or bass. Crimson has hit on just the right combination of sawdust, machines, ethically UK sourced timber and highly skilled luthiers, the same team in fact, who work on our bespoke and production made guitars. Laminate ply is often found in semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars, due to being less prone to feedback than solid wood, a problem that otherwise plagues hollow-body instruments when amplified. Archtop guitar is a retro-looking guitar originally from the 20th century. Sell UK DiY electric Guitar Kit and Bass Kit, Custom Electric Guitar, Guitar Neck and Hardware Parts: Flying V, Les Paul, Firebird, SG junior and more. 1-48 of 87 Results. BigCommerce Themes & Templates by ThemeVale.com, Azure Purple Nitrocellulose Lacquer 400ml Aerosol, Daphne Blue Nitrocellulose Lacquer 400ml Aerosol. Hail! The thinline Semi-Hollow sound is for those with a blues rock soul. In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at archtop guitars and guitar kits, the styles of music they are best suited to and how they differ to the more traditional solid-body electric guitar in terms of construction, design, and suitability to specific styles of music. The 175 is manufactured completely from laminate, in an attempt to lower manufacturing costs at the time. Stay safe –>. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. The denser nature of the timber, (many models also feature a laminated top), accentuates the response and emphasis on the fundamental tone, with less accentuation of overtones.Jazz and rockabilly players tend to gravitate to guitars of this nature as one of the features of both styles is the very fast runs and complex chord shapes that rely on great clarity (e.g. Our DIY electric guitar kits have everything you need to construct a guitar or bass. We specialise in new and vintage jazz guitars from Comins, Eastman, Epiphone, Fibonacci, Gibson, Guild and more. This patent has largely been recognized as Gibson’s, first foray into archtop construction. One only needs to look at Gibson models from the first half of the 20th century to see how the guitar evolved. If it’s chime and brightness you’re after, Rickenbacker stand out from the rest; favoured by Tom Petty, The Smiths, The Beatles, The Jam, and R.E.M. Guitarkitworld offers a range of archtop guitar kits including the following models: L-5® style Guitar Kit (G130 Guitar Kit) 335 ES® style Semi-Hollow Body Kit 175 ES® style Hollow Body Kit LP® style Semi-Hollow Body Kit These guitar kits are a lot of fun to put together and can be played both electric and acoustically in most cases. $18.35 shipping. The 175 ES® is based on Gibson’s ES 175®. The Florentine was first introduced in the early ’90s and is essentially a Les Paul® featuring a chambered body. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This kit includes all the parts you need to build your own high-end archtop guitar. This kit includes all the parts you need to build your own high-end archtop guitar. Traditional acoustic guitars feature a ‘flat top’, most commonly referred to as the soundboard. We put the kits together ourselves, so there is a 2 to 3 week turn around time from the day you order until the day we ship. With our wide range of guitar kits and guitar bass kits, you can create your own version of famous electric guitars, such as: Gibson Flying V, Les Paul guitar style, LP Junior style, SG junior, Ibanez jem, PRS, Archtop ES335, Electro Acoustic Dobro, Telecaster, Stratocaster, Explorer, Razorback, Rickenbacker, Firebird, etc. Disclaimer: Guitar Kit World (guitarkitworld.com) is not affiliated with Gibson Brands Inc., Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or PRS Guitars.