Body is above water. Achaia. Inside the cave go all the way through and you will find a chest up in the rafters that contains the clue. That’s the region between Phaleron Sandy Bay and Cape Sounion. iirc the attika silver mine cultist clue is not in the chest but you must do specific chain quest start from socrates then to eastern athens mine. It's hidden near scaffolding and a broken bridge. However, you will need to find his clue first. You can see it on the map by looking for a half-circle seating area. Last edited by wolkenwand; Feb 22, 2019 @ 12:49am #1. See if you’ve discovered any silver mines, then head there to … Clue gives away location. The Silver Griffin - Level 31. Where to find him? Feb 22, 2019 @ 12:58am There is also one in a chest in a mine. Darth Reyns. Description: Go to Attika Silver Mine (located in Silver Mountain, Attika). Recommended character level: 45. Machaon the Feared : The Silver Vein: Scavenger's Coast - look for a dead body in the rocks. Description: This Cultist can be found in the docks. He’s going to be in the south of the mountain itself, in a small encampment near the Lavrio Silver Mine. The next clue can be found in the Silver Mine inside Silver Mountain in Southern Attika. Machaon the Feared: One clue is found on The Silver Griffin's corpse. At this point, you should be checking your map in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and looking at Attika. The Attika Cultist from the Eyes of Kosmos branch, called The Master, is hiding in plain sight in the Silver Mountain region, in the south of Attika. Clue gives away location. The Silver Griffin: One clue is found on The Chimera's body. Attika silver mine clue? Unlocked By: Slaver’s Gift (Clue) Location: Prasonisia Island, Tavern … You can get on Scavenger's Coast in Achaia. Fight through the mine and climb as high as you can. advertisement. The Silver Vein: Attika - Silver Mine. Enter the mine - find the legendary chest with the clue related to this Cultist. Machaon the Feared.