The agency approved a $79 million cleanup plan in 2013, but the company deemed responsible for the contamination argued the state should kick in for the cleanup because state regulators had approved the seawall construction. Members of the environmental group staged a protest nearby. Crucial to continuing to attract tourists (as well as making sure beach-goers don’t get sick) are clean beaches and water. Surrounding the city are numerous recreation areas: Long Island beaches, the Poconos, the Hudson Valley, and the Jersey Shore, to name only a few. One's chance of becoming a victim of crime in Barnegat is one in 177. The toxic runoff found its way into the Hackensack River, where fish consumption warnings advise against eating any fish or shellfish. By using fertilizer responsibly, restoring soil health, and following other steps to a Jersey-Friendly Yard, property owners can help reduce the amount of pollution reaching the bay and make a major contribution toward restoring its health. The EPA says more than 300 barrels and drums containing unspecified liquids spilled into the ground at the property, leaving behind trichloroethylene and other contaminants. Just like Beachwood, there is a stormwater-drain pipe which was linked by the Monmouth University study to higher bacteria levels after heavy rain. “The site’s groundwater treatment system is currently operating,” the agency says. On-site disposal activities led to “widespread contamination” of PCBs, metals and volatile organic compounds that continues to this day. (Stephanie Maksin | For NJ Advance Media). Major funding for NJTV News provided by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group, Orsted, PSEG Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and RWJ Barnabas Health. The agency says there is "insufficient data" to gauge the current human health risk. Recycled waste oil operations and the presence of a former landfill tainted soil, sediment and surface water on the property. People head down to the bay to go sailing, kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding. Compared to other communities of similar population size, Barnegat has a … In 2005, state and county health officials sampled drinking water wells in Byram Township and detected an industrial solvent, prompting them to install water filtration and treatment devices and systems to intercept chemical vapors seeping into the basements of several homes. Not safe at all. Excellent. Its status is listed as "under control.". Listed in 2013, this site includes a former truck, trailer and tanker-washing facility where contaminants and cleaning solutions were stored in an unlined lagoon, tainting soil and groundwater with volatile organic compounds and PCBs. Literally. The state’s 127 miles of Atlantic Coast and inlet public beaches, stretching from Middletown down to Cape May Point, attract millions of visitors each year. The manufacturing process included discharging water that was tainted with trichloroethylene (TCE), a common toxic chemical associated with dry cleaning. Where is 2019 data? Wastewater disposal led to groundwater contamination and the soil was contaminated with heavy metals, according to the EPA.   The site has since been capped and in 2012, Jersey City officials moved to have the area pulled from the Superfund list so they could build a park atop once was the smoldering dump. “After site investigations, the site’s long-term remedy was put in place,” the agency says. Income differentials between wealthy workers and others are high, and overall the Buying Power Index is usually the worst in the country, suggesting that incomes don’t keep up with costs. In the meantime, the increasing populations of bay nettles have become a symbol of the changes in the Barnegat Bay ecosystem. "Long-term groundwater extraction and monitoring is ongoing," according to the EPA. The female workers at the plant and similar facilities around the country became known as the "Radium Girls" and their plight led to better employee protection laws.