Città Sant’Angelo has earned the title “Borgo,” recognizing it as one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. The exciting capital city Lisbon is culturally diverse and boasts a pleasant climate with even winter temperatures of up to 15°C, world class restaurants (as well as plenty of places for cheap eats) and fantastic architecture. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After Paris, and some might argue before Paris, Milan is a fashion capital extraordinaire. A stunning old town lined with restaurants and bars, all with terraces to sit outside and enjoy some people-watching on, draws travelers and locals alike. The Summer Day Festival, a pagan festival, celebrates the start of spring, while there is also the Tirana International Film Festival, Tomato Festival, Tirana Jazz Festival, Albanian Wine Festival and more. Alternatively, Lisbon’s rival city Porto is a hub of culture and entertainment – and let’s not forget the delicious fortified wine for which it is named. A gorgeous City Hall and first-rate zoo also attract visitors (and keep locals happy). This three-island, 122-square-mile nation, has been working hard to raise its profile internationally, and Malta’s capital, Valletta, was named 2018’s European Capital of Culture. In addition to her own daily e-letter, the Overseas Opportunity Letter, with a circulation of more than 300,000 readers, Kathleen writes regularly for U.S. News & World Report and Forbes. Just look at the Old Town, with its stunning square surrounded by colorful buildings. Visit the Kafa museum and the somewhat creepy Toy Museum with its hundreds of Barbie dolls. Expatistan is a cost of living calculator that allows you to compare the cost of living HUNGARY. Portugal extends a warm embrace to expats in more ways than one. "Friends" fans may only think of Minsk as the place where Phoebe's boyfriend goes to work, ending their relationship, but it's much more than a far off place for scientists to study. Portugal's capitol has everything a traveler, or local, could want: a beautiful seaside setting, super seafood dining, lots of history and a dynamic contemporary scene, including plenty of LGBT-friendly establishments. The birthplace of much that has shaped the modern world in the west, Italians are understandably proud of their heritage and their country – and there is plenty to be proud of. Denmark's happy population has in recent years become known in the worldwide press because of their "hygge" approach to life. Portugal is the 17th safest country in the world, and the Algarve region is perhaps the most crime-free in the country. Stroll through the gardens and then around the floors of the baroque Kadriorg Art Museum before taking in the more modern architecture of the Kumu Art Museum. Check out the 15th-century St Machar's cathedral or Provost Skene's House, which dates back to medieval times. Buda and Pest, separated by the mighty Danube, offer a superb mix of sights and things to do. End the day with a show or a performance around Covent Garden. Then treat yourself to some serious aperitif choices: over an Aperol Spritz or a Negroni, there is some very glamorous people-watching to do. Simply enter your email address below and we’ll send you our FREE REPORT – ​​​Your Passport To Italy… Abruzzo, Italy: Slow Living In Europe’s Garden On The Adriatic…. Or in the heart of the wine country and close to the west coast, Bordeaux offers a warm and sunny climate, an international airport, low rental prices, Michelin starred restaurants and ample cultural sites and activities. Basel is a cultural wonderland, home to no fewer than 40 museums — the highest concentration in Switzerland. This medieval town is known as the Città dell’Acqua (City of Water), thanks to a long-dormant volcano that rumbles beneath it, bubbling up thermal spring water famed for its healing properties since the days of the Romans. Encompassing the creation of a comfortable atmosphere at home and enjoying the good things in life, "hygge" probably helped Copenhagen nab a high spot on the list. What countries would you like to see included next time? Wonderful beaches, picturesque mountains, shopping, arts and architecture in profusion, first-rate restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Best Countries To Live In 2020. The natural panorama is divine, with lush green forests affording fantastic opportunities for hiking and biking, or you could take a boat trip across Sweden’s archipelago to explore remote little islands, go skiing on a mountain, or have a picnic by one of Sweden’s many beautiful lakes. Monthly rent - 85 m2 furnished accommodation in expensive area in, 12 oz domestic beer in the supermarket in, Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district in. Winemaking has been popular here for centuries, which means you'll not only want to check out some of the area's best wineries, but you'll also want to come for one of the country's many wine festivals.