Scripture: Genesis 3:20–24; selected passages (printed in Examine), I want to order the study on Genesis 1-3 for ministry to our youth. Jesus gave him a new identity and a new purpose. After Paul met Jesus, he became the most determined follower of Christ. Truly, God has already revealed a lot of your purpose to you through His Word, so it’s important to make sure you’re living according to that. A. Will things ever get better? Those are really big questions, right? But it’s not a forced purpose. Like this lesson? But a fork is absolutely terrible at getting water from one bowl to another. 3- and 4-week studies (13 sessions in all). I hope this is not taken as overly critical, but if something as simple as a name change is misspoken, how can our students trust that we are rightly imparting the deeper truths of Scripture? Go to Top, © 2013 - 2017 Great Commission Publications. I am not perfect and get it wrong sometimes. We do not have correspondence courses, but we do have journals that are included in the Student Packs for each of the studies. We’re crazy sometimes and get this idea in our head that God’s purpose might not be what we want. You were given a straight line and a squiggly line, but you managed to create something beautiful out of it. They will say the cup. That’s just not its purpose, no matter how much I thought I knew it could work. good lesson nicely put together. Scripture: Genesis 2:1–3; Exodus 20:1–2, 8–11; Hebrews 3:16–4:4; Hebrews 8–10; Matthew 11:28–29. Scripture: Genesis 1:28–31; Genesis 2:8–17; Revelation 22:1–3, 14. Josh, thanks for your thoughts here. Copyright 2017-2019 JUNIORHIGHMINISTRY.ORG | All Rights Reserved. How to Play: Split the group into two teams and give them each a bowl of ice and a towel. Saul was an enemy of God, but now Paul was a follower of Christ. God knit you together. Again, you do great work, and I am thankful for the resources you provide. Don’t you think He knows what He made you for? He knows you and what you need. Thank you and God Bless! He knows your talents, your heart, and what your purpose truly is. Not on accident, not on a whim, but with a purpose. Saul had a life-changing experience one day that also changed his name. Instruct them to place 3 to 4 drops into the test tube and watch the color change that occurs. He has the power to transform us into a new creation. Bible Studies. It’s a choice that you have to make. Note the important “also.” Acts 13 is a significant chapter as Paul transitions his work from primarily being Jewish oriented to focus more on getting the gospel to the gentiles. How did Paul’s life change after He met Jesus? When you come across a commandment, or an instruction on how to live, don’t look at it as a rule. He gave you the incredible gift of His Word. He changes our lives and gives us a new purpose. He’s just excitedly waiting until you say yes. The lesson is based around these Bible verses: Acts 9:1-22 and 2 Corinthians 5:17. Let’s pray and then head to small groups to discuss some ways that we can fulfill this new purpose that God has given us. God made people to glorify him by wisely managing, … Why is knowing who God is so important to my identity and purpose? God knit you together at the very beginning of your life, before you even knew you existed. When we begin a relationship with Him, he makes something new. He knows what you want and what you need. So let me ask you this-if God was going to save you and call you because of His purpose and grace, and He gave you that grace before the beginning of time, don’t you think it’s safe to say He’s always had a plan and a purpose? Your email address will not be published. After Ananias spoke to Saul, he could see again. Instead of persecuting Christians, Jesus was calling Saul to follow Him and lead others to Christ. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Instruct that person to draw a straight line anywhere on the page. Have you ever shared you faith story with someone? Have you ever wondered why exactly you were put on this earth, and what exactly you’re supposed to do with the time you have here? But God is not going to force you to live according to His purpose; it’s a choice you’re going to have to make for yourself.