That’s what I aim to find out by creating Blue-Black Shadow. Blohon was sitting at a 6-1 record going into the last round of Day One, with his single loss being against White-Blue. So even when piloting established decks, I tweak. Someone who sure knows both how to build and how to pilot the Green-Black deck is Czech Platinum Pro (4) Lukas Blohon. I found Storm to be much easier, for instance, since not giving them that extra land when you Path Baral or Electromancer is a huge deal. Tweet. Help | on October 27, 2015, Bio I’m also excited to see what goodies the Dimir section of Guilds of Ravnica will provide for this deck, as multicolor sets tend to provide powerful new two-color cards. Thankfully, I think we have some options: Grixis Shadow’s Red splash also allows it access to more sideboard cards than Blue-Black Shadow, cards we’ll have to replace in the Dimir version. He also utilizes the full playset of Blossoming Defense to protect his creatures against removal spells as well as pushing through the last points of damage with his large creatures with trample. Discord Server | White-Blue Flash and Green-Black Delirium. Creatures [21] Feeds | You won’t regret it ! High. DMCA requests | Mainly because they haven't adapted to beat Green-Black yet. Your Spreading Seas, Tectonic Edges, and Mana Leaks are way more effective throughout the game, and having a couple of discard spells can go a long way, especially combined with Snapcaster Mage. That said, our Dimir Shadow mana base would look something like below: With this mana base, we’re nearly guaranteed to be able to cast our spells no matter what sort of opening hand we draw. Scarab God is also probably worse than Gideon Jura. Infect, This is the Green/Blue Infect deck I built for the video @, Modern Green/Blue INFECT! Those being White-Blue, Green-Black and the Red-White or Mardu Vehicles decks," he explained. I don’t have a ton of data, but here are my thoughts. Modern Decks; Pioneer Decks; Vintage Decks; Deck Resources. When the dust started to settle at the end of the first day in Warsaw it was quite clear that two decks stood out as both the most popular and the strongest. But in the late game it's only a 4/5 flier. Not the greatest results, but pretty solid in a format like Modern. Oblivion Sower is a powerful card that has the ability to steal your opponent's lands, which makes it easier to cast your ten-mana Eldrazi, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger himself. on October 30, 2016. Probably close—you sometimes just don’t have the removal to stop them from going off and they can sometimes grind you out with Finks and Witnesses. What if we could eliminate those mana screw mulligans and increase the number of seven card hands we get to keep? Commander Legends releases on November 20, 2020. Twitter. Attention! Avg. This site © 2020, LLC For today's deck, we're going to be looking at a Modern deck that uses a mechanic from Battle for Zendika... Today on Daily Decks, we'll be looking at one of the more hateful strategies you can play in Legacy. ( Log Out /  Close matchup. ( Log Out /  TappedOut.js Blog Widget. But because Grixis Shadow’s Red splash dilutes its mana base, we’re forced to mulligan these hands. Feeds | After the Pro Tour the format has slowed down a little, and Tireless Tracker is just a better, more grindy card.". It’s another matchup where having some copies of Go for the Throat between main and sideboard would go a long way. Take the U/W shell, replace Supreme Verdict with Damnation, Path to Exile with Fatal Push, Celestial Colonnade with Creeping Tar Pit, throw in a couple Scarab Gods as win conditions, add a few Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek for good measure, and voila!