This will bring the battery to 100% charged or close to it. Both the On/Off Key and the Battery Disconnect are mounted on the left side of the motorcycle, not far from where the "Emergency Reserve" switch would be on a typical cycle's gas tank. The Naked Author - A Guide to Self-publishing, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor, Youth Identities, Education and Employment, Recent Developments in Poultry Nutrition: v. 2, Introduction to Law and Global Governance, Not For Tourists Guide to New York City 2019, Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness. The converter is an electronic device that takes one DC voltage in, and gives a different DC voltage out. The EPA has stated that, in terms of well-to-wheel CO2 emissions, EVs are the best option due to their high system efficiency. It's pretty exciting once your electro-cycle is completed, and you'll want to be ready to hit the road! Do not use a pump motor. If you have a pile of cash to burn and you want to show off then splurge for the brushless PMDC.). Using a conversion kit makes the process super simple and fast. Besides controlling the speed of DC motors, it's also used to dim LEDs on sports scoreboards and digital billboards, and is also used in many other facets of industry and electronics. When I'm in my car I certainly notice a motorbike that is loud long before one that is quiet. Lithium batteries are excellent for weight, capacity, and power, but are currently only for those with higher budgets. The permanent magnets are ALWAYS magnetic! 2shared - Online file upload - unlimited free web space. I recommend a motorcycle lift. Choosing a drag coefficient involves a bit more guess work, but there are charts you can use to estimate based on your sitting position and bike style. on Introduction. 100 watt-hours per mile is a typical ball-park number for energy consumption per mile on an electric motorcycle. In addition, some chargers are either pre-programmed or have a specific setting for a particular type of battery. One big topic I've left out is vehicle dynamics. on Introduction, Hello! Who knows when a child is going to run out in the street anyway. Running a motor at higher voltage generates less heat for a given power rating because the heat generated is proportional to the current draw and a higher voltage will give a lower current draw for the same power output. 4 years ago. It would be pretty simple to hook up one twelve-volt charger to each of the four batteries. It puts out more power (as light and heat) but also costs more on your electric bill. That way, I could quickly connect and disconnect the cycle from the UPS. This initial research step isn't finished until you spend an adequate amount of time researching the topic of motorcycle conversions. The reasons behind the specific choices made will be discussed in later steps. At first it's difficult to select and size these parts because it seems like you don't have enough information to make any decisions. It's a DC (Direct Current), brushed, pancake motor, rated at up to 48V and 150 amps continuous. In a graphic design program, I simply made sure that the measurements on the diagram matched up to 100% actual scale, and printed it out on paper. In that case, you do not need a motorcycle endorsement, but you can't legally carry a passenger either. The speed of the motor is controlled by an Alltrax brand "AXE" programmable controller that can run at up to 48 volts and 300 amps. Also that you are always better off if you can use a smaller vehicle if doing so allows you to replace the use of a larger vehicle. These are just two pieces of steel that go over the top of the top two batteries to hold them down. This enabled me to make a direct comparison between batteries using the ratio of capacity/weight (Ahr/lbs). right through the crosshairs on the piece of paper. I intend to build an electric motorcycle soon, and I am “inspiring” myself for now!Just a small observation on Step 13, about AC induction motors: when using AC motors, the driver is a thee-phase inverter, which output frequency is controlled. Even if all the parts used are from a Honda motorcycle, it will need a specially constructed vehicle title because the vehicle was not assembled by the original manufacturer. Solar "grid-tie" connections have "anti-islanding" features, and generators use an "automatic transfer switch" to disconnect a residence from the power grid during a blackout. So, if you DO want to pop for lithium batteries, it's always going to be more affordable than a car. Other Motor Notes:The physical dimensions will be a significant limitation for a motorcycle project. Connected to that circuit, I added what would become a power "inlet". Make sure that the bolt hole in the lug is the right size to match up with the power connectors on the motor, the controller, and the batteries. Isn't an electric vehicle just a big battery pack with wheels? Did you make this project? You get a nice snug grip on your wrench and greatly increase its electrical resistance. Remove rings, wrist-watches, necklaces, wallet chains, and that big key chain hanging on your belt loop. How to Build a 100 mph Electric Motorcycle The Isle of Man TT is a motorcycle race held each summer on a 37.7-mile loop of two-lane country roads on this British island. It just requires using thick power cables that are connected with nuts on the motor and batteries, and nuts and bolts on the motor controller.Cable Type You will want to use what's known as welding cable. "loud pipes save lives". That's a style of lead-acid battery that is sealed up and the electrolyte is soaked into coils of fiberglass matting. This instructable details the process of physically converting the motorcycle AND the decision making process of optimizing the design. Bulk Charge: up to 80% of the battery energy capacity is replaced by the charger at the max voltage and current rating of the charger. They are mass-manufactured, DOT-approved, and affordable. College research labs and professional racing teams know all kinds of fascinating information, but they choose to share it in long boring doctoral thesis papers, if they share it at all. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. An electric motorcycle will behave a bit different than a typical gasoline cycle. The conversion will affect the center of gravity of the bike, but that's about it. In fact, you can build your dream electric bike right in your backyard. To power your motorcycle, you're going to need a motor.