She practices yoga on a regular basis and hopes to one day be a certified instructor. (More stuff = more revenue.) Before becoming a Wall Street investor, Eli started and/or ran several other companies, but, prior to launching Hairstory, his crowning career accomplishment was helping bring Bumble and bumble University to life. Wes credits Hairstory products for allowing him to give better haircuts, and New Wash for creating a healthier, consistent texture for everyone. 15% off your first order + free shipping when you join Bb.Rewards. The lowdown on new products, offers, and hair inspo – straight to your inbox. Orders placed with other payment methods will be charged at the time the order ships. Mauricio Bellora (president) is the force behind the company’s sales effort and the architect of our direct selling model. To our knowledge, we are the first to reward hairdressing professionals for referring other professionals to sell our products. The lowdown on new products, offers, and hair inspo – straight to your inbox. Phone Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm ET California issues specific regulations in a number of industries from cars to personal care products. (Ask about shipping or pickup options.) Is Bumble and bumble one of the Estée Lauder brands? She was admitted to the nation's premier ballet boarding school, and finally to the American Repertory Ballet in New York City. Hair Powder shouldn't be applied to freshly-washed hair. Our Expectations Orders placed with Gift Cards will be charged at the time of order placement. HAIRSTORY IS DEDICATED TO HELPING PEOPLE RETHINK EVERYTHING ABOUT HAIR IN A WORLD WHERE THE OLD RULES DON'T APPLY. Today, our ‘scissor wizard’ splits his time creating Hairstory content and working with a wide range of clients. Score a free HIO Moisture Kit when you spend $35+. I have been finding suppliers for my different products and store through an online paid directory. There’s more. These reworked formulas were put to the test at recent fashion weeks and we are happy to report our editorial stylists were thrilled with the performance. For inquiries about services and booking, visit, how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. When she’s not absorbed by a computer screen or people-watching in the streets of the city, she enjoys watching basketball, the company of friends, and exploring the great outdoors. He believes that finding the perfect cut is not about hiding imperfections or adhering to rules of face shapes, but rather flattering unique features and enhancing natural beauty. By clicking “Continue with Facebook”, I agree to Bumble and bumble’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Jackie re-entered beauty products with the launch of Purely Perfect as Vice President. Categories + Hair; Gifts; Best Sellers. I thought that Bb.Products are only sold in salons, but I saw them in a drugstore, what gives? To meet their requirements, Thickening Spray and Styling Creme were reformulated in 2006. Quick Shop. They’ll get a commission. Her background in business and operations management means she loves looking at numbers, finding patterns, solving problems, and making stuff happen. For twenty years we have been the Halifax experts for this top New York line and have attended many education events at Bumble and bumble's headquarters in the meatpacking district, NYC. Surf Spray. Chloe Icay (design and film) found her way to Hairstory through a casting call, and comes from a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she started playing sports at a young age. FREE standard shipping on all orders. Refresh, revive, and lightly scent styles on day 2 (or 3, or 4…). Seeking a bigger challenge, Wes made tracks to New York City, where he joined Bumble and bumble and began honing his skills giving cuts to everyone from cool, downtown kids to actresses, models, and beauty editors. 15% off your first order + free shipping when you join Bb.Rewards. Be nice to her if you ever find yourself in need. We have no relationship with any mass market chains - and they aren't authorized to sell Bb.Products, and we hate it when they do. What is Bumble and bumble doing about REACH, the new EU chemicals regulation? Andrés Marrelli (marketing services) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They’ll get a commission. Born in Belgium, Aline graduated with a medical degree, speaks four languages, is an accomplished artist, plays roller derby, has worked in video, has been a model, loves fashion, music and art in general, and is unflappable even when ear-to-ear with the least satisfied of customers. Passionate about working with people, Hailey loves learning the unique story of each hairdresser she introduces to New Wash. On top of this deception, they are not even licensed! At The Estée Lauder Companies, the health and well-being of our employees, consumers and partners is always a top priority. Take the Hair Goals Quiz and get customized hair care advice. Erica earned her undergraduate business degree at Queens University in Kingston Ontario, has been teaching Yoga since 2005 – you can find her twice a week at Yoga Works in Irvington, New York – and in our Studio when not working from home while balancing kid duty. While combining products isn't necessary (each works beautifully on its own), mixing and layering products will give you a virtually unlimited palette of textures and effects. One month after graduation, she quit shampoo and moved to New York City to join the Hairstory family. Lucy Nystrom (photography) joined us in 2014 as a photo assistant. He was the youngest country manager at Allergan Pharmaceuticals before becoming regional president and introduced Botox to Latin America; was country president for Mary Kay Cosmetics, international CEO of Natura Cosmetics, and CEO at Monavie.