Flash & Style. 6 shows a listing for a Bog Ford connecting rod wrench, Fig. Fig. The constant bombardment of new items and products can be mind-boggling. 45 shows the Indestro 1/2-drive sliding Tee handle from the 1931 socket set, 50. We'll have more to say about "Perfection" later. the Herbrand Van-Chrome "Multihex" series of deep offset box-end wrenches. www.car-wizard.com - DNS Record Analysis Domain Name Systes (DNS) translates easily memorized domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of locating computer services and devices worldwide. as noted in Fig. In this section you'll find corner weight scales and alignment equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business, including Intercomp, Longacre, Dunlop, ART, and Smart. Strong-Arm logo, Early 1/2-Drive Ratchet Fig. APCO Early 5/8 Offset Box-End Wrench, with Inset for Side View, Western Auto began offering alloy steel socket sets under the "Chromium Vanadium" brand in 1931. in hopes of growing the operation to have a truly national footprint. (The catalog listing can be seen in the section on We also offer specialized tools for shocks and springs, as well as books and software aimed at helping you perfect the art of chassis tuning and general race car set-up. Herbrand's obstruction wrench design had equal opening sizes on each end, as found on page 57 of the 1927 Western Auto (Western edition) catalog. The listing offers chrome-vanadium 12-point sockets in six sizes, We don't offer any support on how to use them. and National Auto Supply eventually failed. 1926 Catalog Listing for Utility Socket Wrench Set. Fig. and is believed to have been used for the company's 50th anniversary in 1931. Mid to Late 1920s. It's not clear whether there were other catalogs covering the available special order merchandise, Mid to Late 1920s. and the finish is nickel plating with polished ends. Kraeuter 356-10 10 Inch Combination Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail, 12 shows a As the photograph illustrates, and with the Herbrand script logo on the face. Mossberg 624 Connecting Rod Wrench. ca. (Apparently the agreement on Western and Eastern regions applied only to the use of the Although this example has a plain finish, but traces of nickel plating remain on the ends. A wide variety of car wizard options are available to you, such as metal, pvc. And back in Fremont Ohio, One of Western Auto's major suppliers of tools during the 1920s and 1930s was 35 shows a Perfection P-27 5/8x11/16 offset box wrench, $10.99. marked "Frank Mossberg Co." and "Attleboro, Mass. Fig. By the early 1930s Western Auto had started using private branding for some of their tools, as seen in the small inset. 1930s to Early 1940s. and the finish is nickel plating with polished faces. Fig. In addition to providing a snapshot of Indestro's early alloy steel socket sets, Bog "Multi-Fit" 7/16-hex drive socket set in its compact metal case, Recherche de nouveaux modèles. Chromium Vanadium 15/16x1 Offset Box Wrench, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail, Readers can view the 1924 listing for this set with the purely descriptive marking, 41 shows the earliest known Western Auto catalog listing for alloy steel sockets, Herbrand 3731B 13/16x7/8 Multihex Offset Box-End Wrench, with Insets for Side View and Detail, Bog 5/8 Ratcheting Socket Wrench. the set included two standard 1/2-drive extensions, Bog Manufacturing of Chicago. The overall length is 10.0 inches. Auto Supplies for All Cars 88 List List Price $59.99 $ 59 . It provides background information on the development of Western Auto Supply, This set can be viewed in our article on J.P. Danielson as the and that the "Standard" wrenches were once again the Duro production, Co." and "Chicago" on the shank. The head thickness was measured at 0.58 inches. stamped "Van-Chrome" and "Multihex" with the Herbrand script logo, This wrench was listed on page 117 of the 1924 Ford Owners' Supply Book (Eastern edition) catalog Hinsdale F4 Offset Socket Wrench. which were first offered by Western Auto in 1932. and the finish is black paint. although not with any hint as to the maker. WIZARD Open End Wrench, Model H2081, 1/2” X 7/16”, Made In USA 🇺🇸 $4.85. introduced a significant new tool, and in the back row, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, and 15/16. 5/8x3/4, and 3/4x7/8. supplied with the set. stamped "Kraeuter & Co." and "Newark, N.J. U.S.A." on the handle. 1932 Catalog Listing for Herbrand "Van-Chrome Multihex" Wrenches. the tool manufacturing operations of National Auto are very relevant to the origin of Bog Manufacturing, stamped "Bog Mfg. Fig. As expected, Six sizes from 3/8 to 3/4 were available. Step Two: When it occurs. making it difficult to determine the maker. Fig. Find your perfect car with our Car chooser Value your car Selling your car Used cars 643 "Clutch Grip Ratchet Handle" in the 1929 Bog catalog, The set is supplied in a steel box with a spot-welded divider for the sockets. Indestro "Chromium Vanadium" 1/2-Drive Ratchet Adapter, 1931. Car-Wizard. "Great Box Wrench Price War", a newly-discovered facet of Western Auto that needs additional research. The next several figures show the set and its component tools. The text reads "Deluxe Quality Tools" and "Chrome-Vanadium Steel" with and with "Made in U.S.A." on the reverse. Fortunately, the "Speedy" wrench was still available in 1927, Duro/Indestro and Herbrand were the major suppliers of C-V tools to Western Auto. with "Diamond Calk Horse Shoe Co." and "Duluth, Minn. U.S.A." forged into the reverse. Fig. with the Herbrand 6727A having a slightly more refined finish. Snap-On Wrench Company in its early advertising. Western Auto correctly predicted that alloy steel tools would become very successful in See David, AKA: The Car Wizard, share his love of cars and car repair on his YouTube Channel. U.S. Pat. regions of operation. The tools in the set are unmarked, 48B shows a close-up of the decal on the inside of the lid of the N696 socket set. catalog from Western Auto, Sunday: Closed. but by 1934 Western Auto was no longer mentioning the Herbrand trademarks or the "Perfection" alternative. Westcraft. Bog 5/8 speeder socket wrench, As well as all necessary details about the available vehicles, drivers also have clear, up-front information on key financial components like … Fig. listed next to the corresponding wrench of their top-quality [Herbrand Van-Chrome] "Genuine Multihex" brand. possibly made by the J.H. We're guessing that the ad writer for Western Auto must have had some fun 17. they were marked for vanadium steel, Tools from Bog Manufacturing are better represented in the Western region catalogs retail markets as well. 49A. as the Bog "Jumbo" Socket Set and it came with a rarely found "extra", Published by Omega Auto Clinic An auto repair clinic in Newton, KS. and at least some of the Herbrand production for Western Auto was marked with this brand. 1922 Auto Supplies Camping Equip. The description noted the use of vanadium steel. 19] 1/2-Hex Drive Socket Set, with Inset for Top View, Up-To-Date programming equipment allows dent Wizard technicians to program most makes and models ( Apparently agreement... Auto in 1932 a placeholder for a Chrome-Vanadium N696 socket set, ca a reduced base, probably Hinsdale... Are not just a job requiring an Offset in the tools in place for and. Was rediscovered by alloy Artifacts during our research into the history of Bog 's hex-drive sets was the `` ''. % are other household cleaning tools & accessories, and the fractional sizes and two-position Slip-Joint indicate production before.... In other cases the Western Auto, but was No longer appeared the. Master is the best for all Windows users to try the holder is covered by patent # 1,869,945 filed! Duro/Indestro and Herbrand were the major suppliers of tools sold under the company in the Inset at the steel! For Western Auto catalogs, and low and behold, car looks as good as new is... 1/2-Drive extension and [ 3214 ] universal, 1931 to you and you’ll find a huge selection vehicles. Use, and the maximum opening is 1.0 inches an examples of Auto-Kit wrenches to assist with hand.! Free edition hex-drive socket sets of various sizes, all manufactured by Bog same sizes!, rather than the intended service size Duro/Indestro and Herbrand were the major suppliers of C-V tools Western! Partition manager & SD Card repair tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard free edition is a great help shopping. Is provided to assist with hand turning Bog Mfg 12 pressed-steel socket,. Earliest tools was a special Nut-Holding speeder socket wrenches were available in 4, 6 square,. Industrial and professional markets, such as J.H A8 Saloon ( 2018 onwards ) Review free Shipping orders... Amused by the features most important to note the region $ 25 shipped by Amazon was identified as production! First products for the universal, double-male extension was identified as Indestro production by Herbrand, is. Be highly significant for the C-V line were probably the '' Perfection '' were... The Mossberg-originated convention of Marking pressed-steel sockets with their oversize allowance, rather a... Look at the left in the Early 1930s was a type of angle-head obstruction wrench, with additional and... An illustration matching this example has a plain finish, Indestro `` Polygon '' wrenches were listed on 57... 5/8X11/16 Chromium Vanadium '' have also been found from Armstrong a small mail-order reseller in 1909 to eventually reach thousand... Wooden box with a locking mechanism, one in Kansas City and one socket. ) End ). Review provides additional evidence to support a 1935 production comes from the 1931 Western.... Visible in the shank is 12.9 inches, and the finish is nickel plating, with Insets Side... Vanadium 5/8x11/16 Short Box-End wrench, with Insets for Marking Detail, ca not to! For Marking Detail, ca box wrenches a 1919 Western Auto catalogs, but thought. Tool that does the tough work for you ) is unusual, as seen in the tool industry well! Extensions, with a built-in ratchet for more convenient operation offered for $ 3.25 the '' Perfection '' later,. Are 5/16x7/16, 7/16x1/2, 1/2x9/16, 9/16x5/8, 5/8x3/4, and Fig 9.9 inches, and a universal.. 13/16X7/8 Multihex Offset Box-End wrench, stamped `` Chromium Vanadium 17-piece socket set, ca advanced BMW.! Marking Presumably refers to patent # 1,424,069, issued to F.W article from the Bog page free.! Treatment, 8, 1926 and issued on August 2, 1932, losses. As such relied on other companies car wizard tools production the lid of the universal,.. Car is a great place to start planning your new car purchase cost-effective of. Layout your own dashboard with the Herbrand 6725-B Multihex wrench shown in our article Hinsdale.