Features to Consider in Cheap Android Phones. The best cheap phones will make you wonder why you would spend $1,000 or more on a phone, and they also make a great gift. While you won't get away with paying less than $75 for the Samsung Galaxy S10 (it's not the cheapest Android phone out there), you can find deals that require very low monthly payments for the Android phone. The Best Cheap Phones for 2020. Several carriers are offering stellar deals on this top-tier cell phone. Android has evolved a lot over the … High-end Android phones can cost $1,000 or more, but you don’t need to spend that much to get a great phone. Based on our testing and reviews, you can get a very good … Android version. Whether you want a flip phone or a smartphone, we've gathered the best budget-friendly … There are a few characteristics to consider when you want to purchase your cheap Android phone. Looking for a new phone that won't wipe out your bank account?