CIGARETTE BEETLE TRAPS. FOR LARGE PROBLEMS, LIQUID TREAT INFESTED ROOMS. Wings: The wing covers are lined with parallel rows of deep pits or punctures. The beetles will want to eat and nest in the stuffing inside of your couch, chairs, beds, and pillows. The enter your home through gaps and cracks, seeking a wide range of food, including stored tobacco, spices, nuts, vegetables, avocado, bananas, paper, silk, leather, and glue binding in books. Not only does this beetle feed on the seemingly inedible, but also this pest can eat its way through wood … The adult beetles can fly, and they are attracted to light. Cigarette beetles stop feeding and reproducing at temperatures below 18° C, so survive Canadian winters by moving into warm buildings, often near areas where food is stored. Cigarette Beetles on glue trap. The adult is about 2 to 3.5 mm long. Color: It is brown in color; Size: The drugstore beetle is a small insect. Pantry Pest Traps represent the simplest and most effective solution for getting rid of Cigarette beetles and... 3) Crack & Crevice Spray Viewed from above, the head is not visible, so the beetle appears to be "humped." Body: The pest is oval-shaped. Cigarette Beetles are small – about 1/8th of an inch long – and appear to be oval or almost square in shape. Drug Store Beetle image licensed under CC. Cigarette beetles will easily hide in the stuffing of your furniture, books, and upholstery. Cigarette beetles love your furniture and upholstery. Effective as pesticides are, it is not reasonable to think they will achieve total elimination... 2) Traps They are most likely to be a shiny reddish brown color and closely resemble a drugstore beetle. While the pantry is the natural habitat for these critters, cigarette and drugstore beetles can just as easily be found in bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. 1) Non-Chemical Control CONTACT US.