For those of you looking to get more function out of your Cross pen, or just dial it in to make it your own, I would definitely recommend this converter. Cross ink used to be Pelikan ink. All others use the standard Cross cartridge. $8.38. Cross Refills, Ink, Ink Converters and Leads: Aside from pens, Cross also sells its own refills which are made for their ball points, roller balls and pencils. If your Cross is very slim (Century Classic, Spire), then the slim cartridges. Corporate Gifts: Please contact [email protected] for your best solution Perhaps it still is. Cross Push-In Converter for Fountain Pens (8751), Fits Classic Century, 21St Century, Townsend, Calais, Aventura, Coventy, and Solo Fountain Pens,Clear 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,969. Pens that have this option are usually referred to as cartridge/converter … Cross Leather Pen Pouches: These … A converter is a cartridge-shaped reservoir that allows you to use bottled pen ink when a cartridge would otherwise be your only option. Buy online the official range of Cross® fountain pen ink converters which allow you to use your Cross fountain pen with Cross bottled inks Cross … Just click on the fountain pen window below. 2 Packs - Cross Fountain Pen Cartridge Ink Refills, Black Ink … Cross fountain pens write reasonably well, but the best solution is to use a converter and fill them with bottled ink. Once I used this converter and switched over to a different brand of ink (Noodlers Black) the nib wrote more true to a "fine" point nib and the ink dried faster and rarely smudges. An ink converter and numerous bottled ink options exist as well.