It is widely used among Chinese women as a fortifying daily tonic, much as Chinese men rely on ginseng. Dong quai contains compounds that, in laboratory tests, have demonstrated activities that may translate into reduction of pain, dilation of blood vessels and stimulation as well as relaxation of uterine muscles. Knowing how to use or prepare herbs and what dosage to take is vital, to ensure safe and effective use. Therefore, avoid dong quai during pregnancy. Are you ready to go “Down The Sissification Rabbit Hole?” Then read this…. Hops have been used as a preservative in the beer making process for hundreds of years. PM has had a long-standing reputation for being able to increase breast size—in both women and men. To effectively induce a miscarriage, women must be precise about the amount of herbs they use and when they use them to avoid an incomplete miscarriage. Impressive claims of longevity along with reduction of wrinkles and smoother skin are other very good reasons that PM has garnered the interest of the TG community. Like any supplement or medicine, dong quai has benefits and side effects. Now, not every sissy is serious enough—much less ready—to engage in traditional hormone replacement therapy aka HRT. What might be of interest to a sissy like you however is that maca root has also shown a tendency to create curves in men. Take it as a decoction. A member of the Parsley family, Angelica is known in magickal herbalism as a powerful guardian. The rate of lichen extraction is high in the low sea area. It normalizes the human economy. One Dr. Garry Gordon MD, has stated that Pueraria mirifica “Makes Black cohosh look like a placebo.”. What the beer makers didn’t know then is that hops contain high levels of phytoestrogens, which accounts for the physical changes in the workers that were harvesting the hops. Its therapeutic effects may complement other treatments; however, any side effects of dong quai must be considered. Thirty-nine percent of participants reported enough improvement that they no longer needed painkillers, while 54% said that although pain was less severe, they still needed painkillers to perform daily tasks. The National Institutes of Health defines miscarriage as the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. Although more known for its premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal health benefits for women, it can also be used to help increase estrogen and progesterone levels in TGs, CDs and sissies. Herbalists frequently use dong quai for many reasons such as a muscle relaxant and blood purifier. The growth of angelica should be cultivated in sandy loam with deep soil layer, loose soil, good drainage, and rich humus, not in low-lying water or easily hardened clay and barren sandy soil.[4]. [3], Angelica is a low-temperature and long-sunshine crop, suitable for cold and cool climate, and can be cultivated at an altitude of 1500-3000m. Work with a herbalist to see how, and if, it can help you. Black cohosh root is fairly inexpensive and is typically consumed in either capsule or liquid extract form. The easiest and most efficient way to take saw palmetto is in capsule form, which is widely available. Perfecting your beautification skills, starving yourself down into a skinny bitch, learning how to walk and talk like a lady and binge shopping for sexy lingerie, pretty dresses and high heels will take you pretty damn fucking far. These well-meaning posters hold a modern-medicine-mentality that HRT is the only effective way to approach transitioning from male to female. Dong quai can increase the potency and therefore potential risks of blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin, so it should not be taken with these medicines. PM or Kwao Krua is a plant native to Thailand and Myanmar. They make it sound as if you were trying to toast bread with a flashlight. These trees are found in the Southeastern section of the United States. Well, maybe not quite that much; but I do drink at least three or four cups —in differing flavors—on a daily basis. Fenugreek’s genesis has been traced back to 4000 BC and the plant was brought into cultivation in the Near East. Always check with your doctor or a certified herbalist if unsure about the safety of an herbal product while pregnant. I happen to be one sissy that is very interested in the effects this feminizing herb can have on the body. It may also lead to testicular atrophy. ... Our shipping costs are a flat rate, meaning you can add any amount of products to your order and you will pay the same. If you have any of these symptoms, call your physician immediately. White peony root or Paeonia lactiflora is an anti-androgen that I’ve also been taking daily (500mg). Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) is also known as Chinese Angelica and is primarily known for its uses in treating women's problems including lack of sexual desire, the symptoms of menopause, cramps and PMS. [9], Due to the antiplatelet and anticoagulant effects of A. sinensis, it should be taken with caution with herbs or supplements (such as ginkgo, garlic, and ginger) that may slow blood clotting to reduce the possible risk of bleeding and bruising. In case you weren’t aware, Dihydrotestosterone just happens to be estrogen’s public enemy #1. It is one of the most widely consumed herbs in China, used as frequently as ginseng and licorice. Angelica sinensis grows in cool high altitude mountains in China, Japan, and Korea. Don't use dong quai if you have protein S deficiency. In addition you might also experience loss of body hair, a reduced libido along with fewer and smaller erections. Rodent studies have shown that dong quai can ease the burden on the heart by lowering total triglycerides, total cholesterol, and “bad” LDL cholesterol. Heart health is another major health concern in America, with heart disease being the biggest killer in the country. Both lab tests and animal tests have indicated that dong quai can reduce inflammatory markers, meaning it can potentially fight chronic inflammation. Also, be patient. Also known as sweet root, it is a flowering plant that is native to the southern parts of Europe and western Asia. Historically, maca root has gained a notorious reputation as a prized aphrodisiac. Angelica sinensis, or dong quai, is a root used by herbalists for centuries to improve circulation, alleviate menstrual pain and help with reproductive problems. However there’s an alternative way to give your femininity a potent, but likely less powerful boost than doctor-prescribed hormones… feminizing herbs that increase estrogen. Overall, the U.S. National Library of Medicine states that more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of dong quai for most uses. Dong quai might increase the risk of blood clots in people with protein S deficiency. Although I agree that conventional hormone replacement therapy is certainly the most reliable, medically proven road to MtF transformation, it’s certainly NOT the only method that can work. Dong Quai is a herb for the Females. Dong quai grows high in the cold, damp, mountains of Japan, Korea and China. As feminizing herbs go, fenugreek has garnered a reputation for its ability to enhance feminization in general and breast growth in particular. Some lab tests have shown that dong quai extracts are able to halt cell reproduction and kill cancerous cells. Skullcap is a flowering herb long used in traditional medicine. Animal studies suggest that dong quai may treat abnormal heart rhythm, prevent accumulation of platelets in blood vessels (contributing to plaque formation or atherosclerosis), protect the liver, promote urination, act as a mild laxative, promote sleep, fight infection and soothe ulcers. Dang qui is part of the carrot family, so people with allergies to the following plants should also avoid it: Like most medicinal Chinese herbs, dong quai can be found in multiple forms, including: Dong quai is rarely taken on its own and is usually combined with other herbs to work together.