In this corner we have, Deathstroke the Terminator! =], if Spider-Man is serious he wins prety easly. Standard gear as listed in the OP definitely does not include anything Lex has given him. The super soldier serum might be potent, but it's still outclassed by the natural Kryptonian powers of Superman, and Batman has taken Deathstroke down, though these victories tend to come with the assistance of the Dark Knight’s sidekicks. Ikon suit etc. Spider-Man is competent when he is serious   ". But this next contract may be too much for even Deathstroke to handle.Subscribe to Comicstorian: out our Full Stories:!!! @cable_extreme do you have scans of the Deathstroke vs. Supergirl fight? For Wilson's part, writer Christopher Priest has anchored the hero's new series in his origin story, along with the supporting characters, former wives, past lovers, and children that make Slade no ordinary mercenary. That is still stupid... Slade would never hide in Superman's house knowing that Clark has superhearing and x-ray vision... @annoyedimmortalspirit: he doesn't have to hide, like I said, he can simply request to talk to superman, then when he gets close enough reveal a bunch of his greatest weakness. Really? Slades 2 week prep= a win to you? What in all gods hell can he do in 2 weeks prep against someone who can move within pecoseconds? It's be a good fight but I'd give it to Deathstroke. @cf12793: I don't have access to my computer for another 2-1/2 weeks. for me to butcher Greek and Roman names again! @ordinaryalan: yes, and superman will go to him and try and talk (morals/confusion). Also we can not forget that Deathstroke has the super-soldier serum and the healing factor. 3-Being serious doesn't make you better at anything, you know that. Ikon suit is an impressive gear, but against someone like Superman it wouldn't help much. yeah Supes wins. @Crom-Cruach: By the way, sorry to jump on this conversation when you already have two others to respond to. I think it's possible for Spidey to beat him. Many answers here give Deathstroke the victory. But y'know, it could be done seeing as how Deathstroke has surprised Supes with his agility before. After taking a second or two he moves in for a move that by watching Spidey should work but is caught off guard by the Spider-Sense only to get smashed in the face. Lex Luthor and DeathstrokeJustice League playlist: discription: Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. It gives readers hope that they too, can not die, if need be, no matter what, which is good. Or loves him too much. Especially when he pulls a kryptonite sword out of a lead hilt, something Superman wouldn't expect, just like what he did to Supergirl. Time for me to butcher Greek and Roman names again! Scorpion is a terrible fighter that has been proven time and again. He would do something different, like a kryptonite time bomb that will blow up the house, once done he would go in with his kryptonite sword and finish Superman, that would be weakened by the explosion. plus hes evaded Supes before with ease. he could hear slade from a continent away. With morals: Deathstroke Without morals: SpiderMan. @sromero78: how's Slades reaction time? Spider-man has never faced anyone on Deathstrokes combined competence and power level because Marvel doesn't write street levelers the same way DC does. This has just proved that Spider-Man will own Logan on a whole new level. Ikon suit etc. supes will see that ds has a krytponite sword and take him down. The first box makes me laugh so much. @parryboy: he will know Slade is at his house after he uses X-ray vision, however, he would not react with hostility first, there has been a few altercations with Superman and Slade, and not one of them did Superman not talk to Slade first which is where Slade will be close enough to affect him with a kryptonite sword. Superman hears Slade, pokes him in the head, game over. I am here to tell you that they are wrong, and Spider-man is the winner. 65. Slade stomps him. This will be an interesting one. TOOK DOWN: X-MENIt seems hard to believe now, but DC and Marvel have worked together several … © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He can literally airdrop kryptonite around Clark's house and keep him from leaving, he has soo many options. IMO yes he could do it, but he needs all info on Superman's powers. Couldnt have written it out any better bro. But what gear has Luthor given to him in this battle? Deathstroke's tactics will give Spider-man a run for his money, but "super reflexes" don't beat border-line pre-cognition any day of the week. it's in a small area, no bfr, superman has morals on, and slade has good prep time and good equipment... Standard gear as listed in the OP definitely does not include anything Lex has given him, unless we are talking the bullets and sword. He get's taken down by characters when serious that are both below Deathstroke's power set and competence level.