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Independence can of course be won, but it's not easy. The command to play as Denmark in EU4 is: tag DAN. Completed the Iron Price achievement on my Twitch Stream in under 4 hours! Finally, a long term Denmark strategy has to address the inevitable rise of Muscovy and Russia. It is a good idea to annex Holstein first, as Denmark will need 15 provinces to integrate Norway and at the start it only has 10, so the 2 additional provinces will be very welcome. I went with Livonian Order as my first objective. It is not that hard to form Scandinavia as Denmark, since Denmark indirectly controls all needed provinces starting in 1444. If you manage to improve relations to enough level (improve, gift, subsidies, pay off debt) / royal marriage / hire statesman advisor (+1 diplomatic reputation) / placate local rulers (-10% liberty desire for -20 prestige) / influence nation, you can seize land (province Slesvig) from Holstein. The country tag for Denmark in EU4 is: DAN. Stockholm (1), Lund (6), Skaraborg (7), Sjælland (12), Vestjylland (15) and Akershus (17). Here is a quick recap of how things went down.

Annex holstein ASAP and then the most important thing is to to do ANYTHING to make sweden happy. you can do this also in the beginning. So it is recommended to keep riga alive until you own northern germany trade. but then denmark much like sweden is in a position where you can do most things. 4 years ago. For i don't have to deal with rebels running throughout my land sieging everything.

That event looks nice with the free +300 monarch power, but it will set sweden as historic rival, so that they will become disloyal for sure and start an independence war vs you at some point. As a player, however, it's still easy. for me as denmark here is what i find that works best.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Absolutism in Denmark was a result of the lengthy political crisis and the acute state of emergency which resulted from the last of the Karl Gustav wars against Sweden in 1657-60. What I was doing was having a ton of galleys, because they gave too many cogs, so I can have an advantage on that. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Or the copper mine. The Danish monarchy has many enemies however, in particular among the cities of the Hanseatic League, an alliance of free cities in control of the Baltic trade that Denmark now threatens. I'm pretty new to EU4 though so not sure. If so which one? Thanks for the extensive answer! It already has Danish core providing instant benefit while keeping the liberty desire <50% allowing its annexation. Afterwards you, want to fabricate on Teutonic Order or Livonian Order. You don't need Austria and England, but you do need one of them. You can vassalize LO in one war, but this can bring you over relation limit and increase liberty desire of sweden, so it is a bit risky but can be done alongside a polish alliance. Press J to jump to the feed.

Norway and Sweden will both lose some manpower in the war, which makes them want independence a lot less. With Denmark, your main goal for the early stages of the game is to keep together the Kalmar Union you start with. Norway is relatively easy to integrate, however Sweden is not, having significantly more provinces than Denmark and tending to have a larger land force limit and more advanced administrative, diplomatic and military technologies than Denmark, thus usually wanting to declare an independence war against their overlord. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cristopher has no ties to the Danish or Swedish nobility but it seems he has grand plans for the three Nordic kingdoms, styling himself the first Arch-King of the North. Denmark has just elected a new king from the Bavarian Wittelsbach family.