Decision making is probably the most important skill for anyone because it relates very closely to one’s ability to take responsibility for their life. Problem Solving Note that, decision making review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs. If there is inadequate or out-dated information then it is more likely that a wrong decision might be made. If there is a lot of irrelevant information, the decision will be difficult to make, and it will be easier to become distracted by unnecessary factors. How did you proceed and what was the result? Oliver meticulously analyzes issues and works out workable solutions. George shifts responsibilities for tough decisions to other employees. Organisation follows on from planning, by knowing your objectives and how to meet them through planning and prioritising. Contrary to popular thought, it is not just managers who show leadership; we can all do so, irrespective of the role or level we are at. Click here to learn more. Most individuals who are successful in their careers share the characteristic of self-development. Jake collects too much unnecessary data to sort out simple problems. However, it may also be useful to rate each of the pros and cons on a simple 1 to 10 scale (with 10 - most important to 1 - least important). Whether you realise it or not you are using your Communicating and Influencing skills constantly both inside and outside of work. Resolved a disagreement between two members of your team, between team or departments. It can be as simple as working with a colleague, accepting, offering support, sharing ideas, giving advice and help in order to get something done. How much time is available to spend on this decision? Do you always weigh all pros and cons when choosing the course of action? Is there a deadline for making a decision and what are the consequences of missing this deadline? Try to consider each aspect of the situation in turn, and identify both good and bad. Our page on Making Decisions discusses some of the issues around decision-making. It is possible to compare different solutions and options by considering the possible advantages and disadvantages of each. Took on additional tasks demonstrating that you’re able to help out your managers and co-workers to deal with their workload. It is best to show that you are aware of and look for issues constantly, you don’t shy away and wait for instructions or worse wait until the problem gets bigger before you do something about it. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to revisit the process. With planning, you may choose to set up an action plan if it is a specific project. When it there are lots of deadlines and activities to plan, you need to prioritise where your focus should lie. The Ten Principles of Listening | Life Skills, Subscribe to our Newsletter | Contact Us | About Us. Developing Self and Others involves looking for gaps in your skills and knowledge and making plans to overcome these gaps. Robert always agrees with others and does not offer his own solutions. Conflicts can take place in all aspects of work and between any members of the team. Give a presentation on a topic to a group of people, dealt with questions and won buy in for your recommendations. Put into simple terms, Conflict Management includes the ability to identify and deal with clashes between people efficiently, sensibly and reasonably. You may not have listed all the pros and cons, or you may have placed an unsuitable weighting on one factor. Remember that it is not always those making the decision who have to assume responsibility for it. As well as having the final goal in mind, planning will often require setting regular objectives or milestones which can help to track your progress. Following a proper process and applying sound judgement and reasoning to come to the right solution. Can you recall when you made a decision about…. Here is a small selection of competency based interview questions related to Conflict Management taken from the InterviewGold online training. When creating your answer show that you have used your reasoning, insight and objectivity in order to make a decision that will provide the most value and is most likely to achieve success for the specific objective in question. In deciding how much time to make available for the decision-making process, it helps to consider the following: Remember that sometimes a quick decision is more important than ‘the right’ decision, and that at other times, the reverse is true. They are also still very challenging and in our 121 coaching practice we see clients at all levels who struggle with choosing the right examples to use in their answers. InterviewGold the leading online interview training system • 92% felt more confident, better prepared, got jobs. Nathan never rushes to conclusion. The use of material found at is free provided that copyright is acknowledged and a reference or link is included to the page/s where the information was found. Those include problem analysis, listening, and information gathering. Here is a small selection of competency based interview questions related to Managing a Quality Service taken from the InterviewGold online training. Your information-gathering should have provided sufficient data on which to base a decision, and you now know the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Harry does not like to address such problems that cannot be resolved with quick solutions. Adapted the way you completed a task or serviced a customer so as to get a better result or complete it faster or to a better standard. Quentin can be counted on when the team is facing difficult problems. Laura is able to find the perfect solution even in force majeure situation. A disagreement could occur between colleagues, departments or managers and it could be about anything from the best way to work on a new project to deciding to recruit more team members. Working together can be displayed in many forms and here are some potential scenarios to help refresh your memory when choosing your examples. Are your decisions always based on logic? Effective communication and influencing can be displayed in many forms and here are some potential scenarios to help refresh your memory when choosing your examples. Managing a quality service can be displayed in many forms both inside and outside of work and here are some potential scenarios to help refresh your memory when choosing your examples. In your interactions with colleagues, managers and your team you use a combination of verbal and non-verbal skills in order to understand, persuade and convey your message It isn’t always about what you are saying but the way you communicate it. In a group situation, such as at work, it may be appropriate for different people to research different aspects of the information required. With the InterviewGold online interview training you get more examples along with interview questions, sample answers and the effective behaviours to show in your competency answers. Put into simple terms, Problem Solving means recognising a problem, analysing it objectively using your experience, initiative and intelligence. Describe a time when your leadership skills made a difference. Communicating and Influencing / Communication, How to Answer Any Competency Based Interview Question Brilliantly, Competency Based Interviews 2020: Questions, Answers, Examples and Success Profiles, 21 Smart Tips to Calm Interview Nerves: 2020 Ultimate Guide, Top Interview Questions and Answers 2020: UK Guide, 9 Brilliant Ways to Answer The Weaknesses Interview Question. Created a deadline and stuck with it despite obstacles and even though you were given additional tasks. That is not correct as it is relevant for all staff at all levels and relates equally to how you complete your area of work right up to managing large teams and delivering major projects. Oliver copes with stress well. Supported your colleagues with their workload when required; perhaps offering rather than being asked. For example, different people might be allocated to concentrate their research on costs, facilities, availability, and so on. How important is it to make a decision?  How important is it that the decision is right? Are you listening to others when making decisions? Do you always gather enough information before making a decision? Here is a small selection of competency based interview questions related to Changing and Improving taken from the InterviewGold online training. Asked for secondment to other teams, areas or departments in order to see the bigger picture. We'll never share your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. Helen is able to work out multiple alternative solutions and apply the most suitable one.