Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (1892 - 1972) was active/lived in Philippines. The artist is remembered for his use of Chiaroscuro in which he expertly used his famous backlighting techniques, which later became one of his most important contributions to Philippine painting. Access more artwork lots and estimated & realized auction prices on MutualArt. He was however not an Impressionist in the same vein as Claude Monet or Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A rice harvesting scene by Fernando Amorsolo. “Pioneers of Philippine Art,” Essay by Floriana H. Capistrano-Baker, copyright the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 2006. He is also known for his portraits and WWII war scenes. We carry artwork from older as well as contemporary artists so that we may best cater to the needs of art enthusiasts everywhere. In total, five of his children also became painters. The 7 months that Amorsolo spent in Spain, and the brief visit he made afterwards to New York, gave him the stylistic tools he needed to transform himself from a provincial artist to an international figure. Fernando Amorsolo was born in Calle Herran in Paco, Manila, on May 20, 1892, and is best remembered for his landscapes of the countryside in the Philippines, incorporating figures working in the fields. Amorsolo’s painterly technique, and his skill in rendering the figure, is said to have peaked during the era known as his “Golden Period” between 1915 and 1940. It is … We guarantee competitive prices and our experienced staff will be happy to assist you as you build your personal collection. The Spanish-trained realist developed a backlighting technique, where his colorful depictions of local people reflect the radiance of the Philippine sun. A 1954 Amorsolo oil painting depicts Philippine village life. He was married twice and had 13 children before he died of a heart attack on April 24, 1972. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light. In 1909 Amorsolo enrolled at the Liceo de Manila and then attended the fine-arts school at … Amorsolo was a portraitist and pain. The paintings of Fernando C. Amorsolo “…overflow with sweetness and optimism,” says art historian Eric Torres. He began to study, and began to sell his drawings. Subjects: Philippine genre and historical, nudes, society portraits. Filipinas Foundation, Philippines, 1975. In 1905 Fernando Amorsolo, aged 13, was apprenticed to de la Rosa. We understand the love and passion of art buyers and collectors globally and we are committed to offering the best work from artists all over the world in one place for art lovers to admire, enjoy and buy. May 9, 2019 - A few of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto the "Grand Old Man of Philippine Art" is believed to have created over 10,000 work of art. Artist: Fernando Amorsolo (1892 - 1972)Size: 27 x 39 inchesMedium: Oil on board, Contact us now for a free opinion of value, Go Philippines - Other Paintings and Sketches of Fernando Amorsolo, Go Philippines - Fernando C. Amorsolo the Grand Old Man of Philippine Art. His wartime paintings are considered among his finest work and were exhibited at Malacanang Palace in 1948. Before he passed away, Amorsolo’s father Pedro had made his wife promise to give Fernando a proper art education. Painter Diego Velasquez was an influence on his work at this time in his career. Biography by Edwin A. Martinez, www.fernandocamorsolo.com During his seven months in Spain, Amorsolo sketched a… Born on May 30, 1892 in Paco Manila, Fernando Amorsolo became the first recipient of the National Artist Award as mandated by the Marcos administration. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light. Our knowledgeable professional consultants offer personal service and private appointments. Please contact us today if you are interested in acquiring or selling original paintings by this celebrated Philippine artist. Fernando Amorsolo was born on May 30, 1892 in Paco, Manila to Pedro Amorsolo, a bookkeeper, and his wife Bonifacia Cueto. The following year, Amorsolo enrolled at the Art School of the Liceo de Manila where a genre scene of figures in a garden would earn him a first prize in his graduation year. Signed and dated lower right: F. Amorsolo 1940. Amorsolo was a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes. Do you have a painting you would like to sell? Amorsolo's impressionistic tendencies, which may be seen in his paintings as well, were at their height in his sketches. Inspired by rural life, Fernando Cueto Amorsolo’s paintings consistently focused on showing the “vibrant tropical … Do you have a piece by this artist that you are interested in evaluating or selling? In Amorsolo’s waning years health problems, including diabetes and cataracts, created obstacles, but he continued to paint productively to support his large family. During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines Amorsolo sketched war scenes from the window or roof of his rented apartment, while his wife and family lived separately in a safer location. preface by author, catalog, chronology, bibliography and acknowledgements. 1. Amorsolo was committed to two fundamental ideas in his art: first, a classical notion of idealism, in which artistic truth was found through harmony, balance and beauty, and second a conservative concept of Filipino national character as rooted in rural communities and the cycles of village life.