TERM: The term of employment hereunder shall begin on or about _____ (the "Start Date") and continue until _____ (the "End Date"). Film contracts and agreements exist to avoid miscommunication and all the risks that are present in every stage from pre-production to distribution. 10. You may also like food service contract templates for a restaurant. The film (movie) non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is for use when sharing an original film concept, storyline, or screenplay. In addition to the _____ per day salary, inclusive of travel costs, actor also agrees to work in consideration of a copy of the movie for the actor reel and film movie credit on IMDB provided all other terms are met. This agreement sets forth the names of the parties, the effective date of the agreement, title of the motion picture and the actor’s role. Independent Contractor Agreement: Live Models – Film Contracts; Actor Player Casting Agreement – Film Contracts; Nudity Rider for Casting Agreement – Film Contracts [image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”19300″ title=”“We’re not lost. the use of the Actor’s name, photograph, likeness and/or voice by any means in and in connection with the film and the advertising, publicizing, exhibition, and/or any other exploitation of the film. Location Scouting. The ability to protect your film with contracts between you, the crew, cast and suppliers is of utmost importance. The film materials that you seek to protect must be confidential information — that is, they should have only been disclosed to people bound to maintain its secrecy. CREDITS: Actor shall receive a credit at the [specify either the beginning ____ of the film or the end credits_____]. This Actor Employment Agreement is between a producer and an actor who will appear in a motion picture. If your film is very low budget and your actors have agreed to waive their fee, simply remove this clause. 2. 3. 6+ Film Production Contract Examples in PDF. We’re locationally challenged.“ – John M. Ford”][/image_with_text] 9. Performance. 9. CREDITS: Actor shall receive a credit at the [specify either the beginning ____ of the Movie production is more than just a form of art. The Actor hereby authorizes the Producer to photograph, videotape, film and record (on film, tape, through motion capture or any other medium), the Performance and audition(s) for the Performance; to edit the same at its discretion and to include it with the performances of others and with sound effects, special See the ‘Paying Actors’ FAQ for more detail on actors rates. DEFERED PAYMENT CONTRACTS. may change. Low Budget and Student Film Contract Producer’s initials required as indicated in sections 2, 3, 7, 10, 11 & 13 ... exploitation of the film. everyone understands the basis upon which the Film is being made. screenplay, acquiring other intellectual property and retaining actors and crew. As you know, this is a low budget production and we are keen to ensure that . 11. Actors Contract Template.doc ... _____ ( the “Film”) This is the working title and the final name of the film . Both producers and actors are aware that every low budget feature is a potential Blair Witch even though the odds are very low indeed. Even if you’re just a member of a production crew with a limited role to play, it’s where you get to see independent films not showcased in Hollywood and one of its benefits is learning more than a thing or two from people in the film or entertainment industry involved in the same production work as you are. These film contract templates will give you the framework of legal agreements from locations, crew, catering to distribution deals. Behind all that aesthetics are unavoidable technicalities created to protect the rights of the film.