The director manage to come up with such a unique, beautiful ending that focuses on character development. I'm out here trying to enjoy the development of the mystery and instead I have to deal with her not being able to do her damn job coz every little tip that comes through she's rushing out to call her husband and taking it out on her colleague. But here are reasons why you should watch it. Lee Jun Ki was great always!!! Can't to wait for them... Special to see yoo in na again..!!! To the whole team of this drama. I don't really like the way that hyunsoo get caught just because of stupid recording or at least it should be found earlier when the police investigation arrived and return it to moojin when he already got attacked. Luthor fatally stabs and kills Alexander before he can transform back into Mazahs. You will not be disappointed. This drew criticism from Yanick Paquette, who later clarified his complaints, saying he was unaware of the additional production needed for the covers and understood this was a decision DC was forced to make, in order to get the covers out on time.[73]. So interesting. If only they have this, surely many people will love it. It’s a totally different story! waiting for episode 10 here. The moon lovers .... Flower101 Jan 27 2020 12:12 am That was what they wanted to focus on and they did a good job tbh. Great drama, perfect cast, boring ending. The Teen Titans arrive at the Justice League Watchtower to attack the Crime Syndicate, only to be greeted by Johnny Quick and Atomica. SAzv0n Sep 17 2020 12:52 pm After a chance encounter in LA, two teens from different social backgrounds reunite at an exclusive high school attended by Korea's über rich. "[134] Comic Book Resources' Doug Zawisza enjoyed the issue, giving it 3.5 stars out of 5. welcame back oppa i am so excited. I don't care about the rating ? Its just so good for us no doubt as in... anisa Sep 29 2020 10:04 am In a world of extreme evil, their brand of criminal is almost heroic. [25] Bane enters Blackgate to join the prisoners there, where he comes across where the Talons are stored, hoping to make them in to his weapons. strawberry Aug 17 2020 2:45 am OCN's drama fan Jul 25 2020 12:52 am [129], Gray gave issue two of Rogues Rebellion an 8 out of 10, saying, "While the rest of “Forever Evil” grapples with the bigger questions of the whereabouts of the Justice League, the moon being shifted out of its orbit and general villainy, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion focuses on a compelling set of characters at the heart of the maelstrom, and is all the more rewarding for it. And again i will say this is the best drama ever! I recommend everyone who hasn't watch it to do so... you'll simply love it. Nowadays I tend to lose interests in dramas midway or towards the end because some lack that wow factor. Loved the script and cast! It's called SMLS - Second Male Lead Syndrome?LoL). Episode 1 Men on a … I also hope that it was just to trap the real accomplice. it's exactly what i need. Mido Sep 05 2020 5:10 am Curious this two. Finally!!!! . So they found fingerprint - what as if it couldn't be planted there by BMW, especially considering they had just been suspecting him before. It was a pleasant time to watch this life story! "Forever Rogues", "Dan DiDio And Jim Lee Talk DC's September Event, Villain Month", "Geoff Johns Reveals the True Villains Behind Forever Evil", "Forever Evil #7, Nightwing #30, Two More Pushed Back to May", "C2E2: DC Looks To The Future and "Futures End, "GEOFF JOHNS Reveals TRINITY WAR/FOREVER EVIL 'Shocking' Plot Twist", "DC Comics' FULL JANUARY 2014 Solicitations", "What's New In The New 52: Announcing FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT", "DC Comics' FULL October 2013 Solicitations", "Gates tackles Black Adam, Steve Trevor in 'Evil' era", "Geoff Johns and David Finch Are Forever Evil Why being bad is so much fun", "DC Comics Full April 2014 Solicitations", "DC Comics' Full November 2013 Solicitations", "DC Comics' Full December 2013 Solicitations", "DC Comics' FULL FEBRUARY 2014 Solicitations", "DC Entertainment Announces Villains Month, FOREVER EVIL, and More! Enjoyed every moment of it!! However, he felt the use of three different pencillers hurt the book. This drama makes me feel that I want to be a detective. The script was excellent (albeit some small loopholes but not so glaring that it disturbed the flow of the drama). and activates him, causing him to fire a laser on the mountain, which collapses on the two teams inside it. love FoE Nov 16 2020 6:27 am This caused him and his sister, Do Hae Su, to flee town and be separated from then on. Best drama ever.... u can't predict the story line, always shocked with the twist... LJG's acting as always beyond expectation, and MCW complete it. As a fan of kdrama, I am so happy with the way how they re doing experiments with the Story & giving the audience such awesome feeling. It attracts me so much. "[125] The final issue received a 6 out 10 from Baumgart. but the one question I have is with TVN. jth Sep 18 2020 2:23 am Koo Seo-Jin (Hyun-Bin) has two different personalities. im in love with this drama.. BaekHaeSoo Aug 27 2020 12:45 pm Rina May 05 2020 2:54 am Their chemistry is so intense, the storyline and plot are amazing! I can't wait for the next episode. Wendy Sep 24 2020 9:16 am Frost Sep 05 2020 12:18 am !I get the same vibe when i watch the world of married.lee joon gi did a greatt jobb.He deserve an awardd! I wish to see IJG and IU in a romantic drama again... can’t get off Moon lovers.. a great different curiosity but it can soothe our nerves for a week waiting, lol. Lee and Moon have previously starred in Criminal Minds, and it was Lee's return to television after two years. The best drama ever. [57] The two teams fight until Unknown Soldier realizes that his team was approached by the Thinker, and were tricked. Besides the fact that Geoff Johns and the rest of DC continually tug at our hearstrings with the relationship Batman has with his partners, the creative team of Forever Evil hit it out of the park by complementing each other’s strengths. Blooms Aug 01 2020 11:19 am The Rogues are able to hold them off, only to be interrupted by Deathstorm and Power Ring, who were sent by Ultraman to deal with the Rogues for resisting the Crime Syndicate. Love this plot! This is some plot. Ratings are average not low since Wed and Thursday are workdays for people so don't expect high ratings unless it is aired every Weekend. Lee jion gia moon chawon chemy tho ?? Everthing of FoE is Outstanding. Acting - everyone of the actors are perfect. Why can't you trust him fully ji won? It’s a MUST WATCH. Hang in there until the end: the storyline is at its best in those final moments. Greeting from Indonesia :). This drama will air on october and it is wed thu slot. OH MY!! [29] The Talons attack Bane's men, and eventually set their target on Bane. Very good acting as always Lee Jong hi is great I hope he will be recompensed Il like him in all his role since the king and the clown iljimae time between dog and wolf or 2 weeks.. . I wish that Lim JuHwan's character will have a happy personal life at last. Question: Can you recommend some good, new Korean dramas? This drama deserves more hype & high rating. I dont know maybe a confuse or heartbreak feeling, something like that. I like it? Can't wait to watch the new couple Eric and In Na The story is very touching.