Not flashy but well stylish and easy on the ears. They have a set of fresh batteries for 'yer Flavor Flav clock. Don't worry my friend, looked like JDubs claim rubbed off on Ace too. That says it all for me. As a result, Portuguese officials banned surfers from the beach in order to prevent the gathering of large crowds and the spread of COVID-19. I quite enjoy his angle on things. I like to watch this type of sporty videos. First song on the latest Crazy Horse album is reportedly 30 mins long. Fuck you must hard to please ...... (was that 9 years ago?). The bay at Waimea is home to Hawaii's biggest surf with waves reaching up to 35 feet. It's gone too far in the effort to take away the predictability. Profile has got a lot to do with it, but I think Gabriel has also very subtly engineered it in his favour. Even though the beach has banned surfing for the year, we’re still getting footage from those that made the trek to surf some of the world’s biggest waves. Then over the following weeks I kept seeing references to Gangnam Style in newspapers and on websites. I've been getting into Father John Misty at the moment though. Look at how he rides and hassles people in his heats until they snap. Absolutely awful gig it was. Saturday night, a few beers, not much on tv. Even if he can't escape being the butt of the joke, we're sure that his perfect scores and history-making maneuvers help distract him from all the haters. In this POV video from Kai Lenny, he loses his board while getting towed out by a jet-ski. Gabriel Medina manda um backflip nota 10 no Rio Pro - YouTube If Gabriel Medina was fighting for a last-minute score in a real surf contest, would he get a 10-point ride for this massive backflip wave move? They dont seem to have the pretension or entitlement of other Aus and US pros, and Medina in particular is both a great comp surfer and free surfer. Terms of Use Anyhoo, Gab's video is just about to crack 750,000 hits. She shrugged her shoulders, couldn't understand it either. Surfpolitik. Good parents too, it would appear. 5) He had very fortunate timing (See Stunet's point above). All rights reserved. Gabriel became a local hero in 2014 by becoming Brazil's first surfing world champion. omfg lolz stunet. But the spectacle of watching surfers like Nic Von Rupp ride these legendary barrels also brought massive crowds to the beach. That's 2 consecutive years Medina has done well in Hawaii. Pretty high I would think. My two cents is that I find air reverses kind of boring in the same way that anything over-done gets boring. PS, I meant Floyds post. Surfers take on a huge risk when attempting aerial tricks during competitions because judges score those maneuvers with extra diligence, only awarding points when the air is completed with the utmost precision. Stu Nettle. It's not Medina's fault they are scoring this way. ©2020 Verizon Media. in my meaningless opinion, Percival Young is an absolute bore. You can say that John John is the same age but is humble and gracious etc etc I know not every hawaiian is humble but John John has grown up amongst heavy water and heavy locals. I'd hate to be in the lineup with him and he's probably not going to be a mate of mine but it makes for good watching in the comps. We will certainly use it in our surf lessons in our Surf Camp in Morocco, The massive swells at Nazaré are what surfers prepare for all summer, and just a couple weeks ago, the waves provided. Shit yeah Rushy. The Bells final several years ago against Bede saw the lamest air ever in a comp- he should have been penalised for trying to sway the judges with a crap air on a crap wave. © 2017 All rights reserved. It marked the first time a surfer has ever successfully completed a backflip during competition, according to the World Surf League. Thursday, 22 November 2012. Maybe that'll help ease the shame. Anyway, if you have picked your face up from floor after viewing Senhor Valim and his coterie of string wrapped awkward dancing bubble butt brasileira babes, maybe you could all spare a thought for Medina's age and upbringing and lay the shit on those who really deserve it... his parents and whichever countless other sicophants who have guided him to where he is now. Be it slab surfing(check out the new vimeo clip of The Right in WA) or new school tricks, standups are ruling the roost! But Medina's 360-degree flip did not disappoint. Like, all the young folk love the air-revs so there must be something in it. Gabriel Medina won his third Quiksilver Pro over the weekend with an impressive semi-final win over now current #1, John John Florence. 8.4m Followers, 217 Following, 1,093 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from G. Medina (@gabrielmedina) But hey, I'm just a grumpy old man off topic.. Fitzy, what happened to your post justifying grumpy old men like ourselves? But hell, 95% of the pro's love themselves. Surfers have been riding waves for centuries. Both are heavily edited videos of a once-in-a-lifetime swell and stand in stark contrast to Medina's single 10-second wave. Unfortunately for Gabriel, he's still being left for dead by another Gabriel... Maybe, but you really oughta watch gangnam style. Partner of USATODAY Lifestyle/Action Sports, Elena Hight, Bryan Iguchi, and Pat Moore Talk Backcountry Safety, Watch Blank Canvas – Available Exclusively on TGRtv Now, Trip report: backpacking near Colorado’s Berthoud Pass, The Faction Collective presents “Zermatt to Verbier” - Full Film…, Watch Nic Von Rupp Ride Monster Swells at Nazare. These days, as interactions increase and statistics pile up, he's informing surfers about something the dive community has long known about. That guy is a freak, pity he isn't on the tour so we could see a bit more of this. And someone tell him to stop claiming every fucking air reverse he pulls off. Today is National Voter Registration Day! call him a sore loser all you want. & Where did it happen or where is the clip? Wouldn't be the first pro surfer... progressive is the word of the moment aye? I actually think he's turned into a fairly honest, direct and polite kid considering his dad has obviously pushed pressure onto him for years... brazilian alpha males aren't known for being humble and self-effacing. | Was a bit of a bum note for me. A good air is great to watch every now and then but it is so damn predictable now with the younger crew that you know it going to happen before they take of on most of the waves. And his surfing wasn't particularly inspiring either. Just packing to go to Hawaii with the missus. Nazarè's waves look huge with someone surfing them, but they look even bigger from Kai’s perspective down in the water. Although I watched the entire Chopes code red day live just frothing with what I was witnessing. I found out about the tour too late and couldn't get tickets. Bad sportsmanship is bad sportsmanship, but hell, it took Andy long enough to stop throwing his baby out... and Sunny STILL hasn't learnt. Gabriel Medina Pinto Ferreira is a Brazilian professional surfer, also the 2014 WSL World Champion. Watch it ratchet up if he renamed the clip 'freshly waxed petite Brazillian teen does it Gangnam Style'. I don't know what, or even if they are being taught about being humble and a good sport anymore by their parents or coaches because Medina's actions are commonplace amongst the younger kids at any junior event theses days. Skip navigation Sign in. I'm pretty sure he would have been 'enthusiastic' throughout his sons life. A lively li'l vid with Mason surfing V'land about as big as it holds.