1 x Guitar1 x Guitar Bag1 x Shoulder Strap1 x Power Wire2 x Tools1 x Plectrum1 x Tremolo Bar. Even with an Ibanez TS9 or Boss DS-1, the guitar simply couldn’t produce a rich, full sound at any of the 5-way positions. This bass has it! Any thoughts on Glarry guitars? The guitar needed a tune, intonation was spot on, string height was almost perfect, I only had to tweak one string. The tremolo springs were adjusted correctly. I am not an employee of Glarry, just a very happy customer. AMAZING service on the sale, arriving one day early with the included free shipping. I read and watched many reviews prior to purchasing this bass, so i was expecting to really enjoy it and appreciate it's quality for such a budget price. Some of the frets are a bit sharp on the outside edges but nothing that a touchup with fine sandpaper wouldn't fix. Looking forward to your next visit! This pickups will have to be replaced, there is no getting around it. This fits the bill. The only thing I changed is the tuning keys. Do you have questions about gear or not sure where to begin? The neck settings were all bass heavy, the bridge were all trebly heavy, and the guitar needed a lot of EQ work to get some nice, clean tones out of it via solid state and tube amplifiers. Now onto the pros: Price, price price. I was wondering about the size of the neck pocket. The good news is that it was playable out of the box. If your area is not within the free distribution area, Please tell us the SKU, amount and shipping address of the products you want. While the guitar has an unbeatable price, there are several features that require major improvement or work to match the quality of a Fender-backed Squier. Play any song with two.strumming patterns ︳Guitar lessons in.telugu. Glarry Music is an online clearing house for their own brand of instruments, all made overseas, usually in China. While I don’t think any beginners should use this a student guitar, I do think it is worth the price for players needing a backup, project, or throw-around guitar. Guitar had a minor blemish on the Finish and the strings aren't much good and needed to be changed. I also can’t recommend the GST3 enough as a guitar to hot-rod or modify in your spare time. I got one of these Glarry Strat copies for 62 bucks shipped and feel it was a great value for me. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. With occasional & timely parts upgrades over the years (locking tuners, etc. I would highly recommend the guitars to my students. It's a great beginners or practi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The buzzing is probably attributable to my novice playing. The tuners all turn smoothly and are not sloppy. The fretwork is above average with no sharp frets. We do not deliver to FPO, APO, and PO Box addresses. But the look is delicate and there are no major flaws in the play. View more posts. Review from a Fender Telecaster fan/player since 1976. What is more, the standard tone from this guitar gives you wonderful audio experience. The pickups aren't that bad either. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase! The fit and finish are spot on with no cosmetic flaws. Straight neck. This Is my third Glarry instrument and it is beautiful. All this for $60 is a bargain no matter how bad the guitar is. Keep up the good work! Neck is too large for most beginners to comfortably play. and choose to receive our latest offers and deals. It sounds and plays better then a guitar I owned four times the cost. I'm a drummer who after 30 years of gigging, took up the 3 stringed cigar box guitar as a result of not being able to gig due to COVID lockdowns. We appreciate your support for Glarry. Set up very well, near perfect intonation and action. From fat, lead tones on the neck, to treble-rich rhythm tones near the bridge, each selector switch position sounds different. Can't stress it enough. ( Log Out /  On the other hand, the nut is poorly cut, the tuners are hard to turn, the guitar has subpar tuning stability, but the frets are very level and smooth. The biggest thing to note is that it is 24 fret. Everything works the way it should. The tone is very good and got better after re-stringing with Martin Marquis thin-gauge strings (for the record, I have only used it as a straight acoustic, not plugged in to an amp).The action is a bit high; when I get up to speed and return to my 1966 vintage Epi. Do you have questions about gear or not sure where to begin? TheGuitarJunky.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It took awhile to get it in tune and it didn’t last long after some bends and hard hit barre chords. As the other reviewers have suggested, just a new set of strings and tweaking of the intonation and the guitar is amazing for the price point. Looking forward to your next visit! Copyright © 2018 - 2020 GlarryMusic.com. Overview and Final Score: 3.9 Glarry Music’s GST3 is an affordable, Strat-style guitar meant to be an alternative to the thousands of Squier and Yamaha copies sold every year. A functional bass and guitar for this price? Glarrys are strong, pretty good sound, easy to handle and a brand I trust. This all started with the purchase of a Glarry P Bass, Just wanted to see what you get for such a cheap price, outta the box played well and had nice sound...hums at high volume, but iI sanded the neck and fret ends, and put on a set of Fender Studio bass roundwounds , and this thing PLAYS and Sounds AWESOME!!