Conceptual photo Largescale.. #140669816 - illustration of 12 feast icons line style. Business photo showcasing performance.. #120763979 - illustration of 9 feast icons line style. Collection of wood axe,.. #117075602 - Set of 6 amusement icons line style set. "G" Thang also includes a number of standard guitar and ukulele body outlines, so you can start your own designs from one of these standards if that is the way you want to proceed. The "G" Thang guitar design software is unsupported, but I would be interested in hearing from anyone with bugs to report or features to suggest. #110947905 - illustration of 12 activities icons line style. By the way, I would highly recommend getting copies of American Lutherie #97, American Lutherie #99, and American Lutherie #103 and reading the articles on body outline design and cutaway design. I've finished doing the top using the spline command to sketch all of the top as well as some line, fillet and circle commands. • Latest American Lutherie article: "Resurrection and Modification of an Inexpensive Old Factory Guitar", American Lutherie #138 Table of Contents, • Latest research article: "Quantifying Player-Induced Intonation Errors of the Steel String Acoustic Guitar". Contact your dedicated Account Manager. You will see i leave the origin turned on so I have a point to line up on. #33515691 - A solid body horned electric guitar silhouette set in a white.. Vector. #144781213 - illustration of 9 party icons colored line. Gibson SG | Body & Headstock. Creative G-clef Guitar Body. You may just want to make a single guitar, a small collection or setting up for what might become the next custom guitar shop. A note about viruses: This software is regularly scanned for viruses using Windows Defender. Editable set.. #113888138 - illustration of 9 entertainment icons line style. I've attached several screen shots of what I have so far. Are you going for the Gibson 24 ¾ “ scale, the Fender 25 ½ “ scale, something in-between, or something different altogether like a kids guitar of 22 ¾ “ (See “Why Not Build a Badass Electric Guitar for your kid?”  ) .Whichever you choose will require its own template and will also interact differently with the body and the pickups. Editable set.. #152724407 - illustration of 9 hobby icons line style. These are all questions you would want to answer before cutting anything. I've scanned my full scale plan body (front and back) and have inserted the images into fusion separately as two designs (top & bottom). These templates save hours of guitar building time. Start Inkscape, and open the file you just saved. As such, we don’t really have electric equivalents of the Parlour, the Auditorium, the Dreadnought or the Jumbo, rather we just have full-size electric guitars. Fret location, dot marker location, the divergence of the sides of the board, these are all described in just a few numbers. Includes nut width, pickguard, pickup and electronics cavities, cavity plate, bridge markings, and chamfering lines. You can mark the direction of each section you want to rout on your template. Editable set of mask,.. #124503607 - illustration of 9 party icons line style. Editable set.. #116615346 - Conceptual hand writing showing Boost Your Skills. Full-sized scale of a separated body and headstock for the SG. Thanks. In this article I will try and go over all the steps, methods and considerations for creating templates for electric guitar building. © Copyright 2018 Autodesk Inc. All rights reserved, autodesk-fusion360-header-nav-label.product-name, Once all these considerations have been taken into account make sure you have incorporated them into the design, in scale. The best tool for that is the oscillating spindle sander in combination with any standing belt or disk sander for the straight parts. @oldtbone55 here is 2 ways to do it, first is just insert into a new model. I have two questions for you. Editable set.. #114434237 - illustration of 12 celebration icons line style. Simple Guitar Sketch With Guitar Picks on the Wrists. #112418645 - Music icons line style set with radio, tambourine, volume and.. #115791727 - Set of 6 cocktail icons line style set. Similar Images . Once I've done this, I would measure from the center line of the scale drawing to the edge of the contour and then create a line with the same length at the same point on the sketch. #123770417 - Guitarist bent over while playing his guitar at a live concert. This real size blueprint of  a Les Paul and a Stratocaster will serve you as a reference of size and shape. The red lines are fixed (they represent the standard parts of a guitar). What you should of done if you know the diamention of the Guitar Body and the original jpg is to scale, you pick something in the pick that you can measured. The format that is saved when I try to export the file is an "iges" instead of .fsd. The first is simply a matter of translating some numbers into a drawing. Gibson SG | Fully Assembled. Editable set of.. #118558553 - illustration of 12 party icons line style.