Your article was extremely helpful. We live in the D.C. area. Hard pruning an olive tree in late winter or early spring will encourage a flush of new growth which defeats the purpose of the prune. Most small hand sprayers can reach at best 10 to 12 feet up into a tree. Removing the terminal bud will stimulate the buds below to produce woody side shoots which will become new lateral branches. I have been tasked with restoring a row of 5 very overgrown CORDON apple trees in a Devon allotment because cordon runs beside a main access path in the allotments. To prune an old tree you will need am good quality secateurs, loppers and a pruning saw or bow saw. Thank you! If this examination reveals serious structural and health problems, you might be better off vegetatively propagating the tree or ordering a new one of the same variety for planting. We are new caretakers of two very large, neglected trees, which produced a lot of fruit this summer at the ends of the feathery branches you show in your picture. You said it is best to prune a tree in March. Hi Michael. We bought our home right after the fruit had ripened- it was delicious but I can tell from your article that our trees haven’t been trimmed in years. When pruning fruit trees, make sure you prune flush against the branch or trunk at a forty-five-degree angle.Any uneven cuts or abrasions can gather moisture and rot or become infected. I am glad the information made sense to you, I know there is a lot so am very glad you thought it was clearly explained. Although much of the trunk and parts of the major limbs are nonfunctioning, they do provide structural strength to the entire tree. Thanks Katelyn, glad you found it useful. The goal in pruning a tree is to remove congestion. Flower buds (Right) Hi Andrew I just wanted to say thanks so much for your article. Photo: Rob Crasweller, Penn State. A sharp pair of secateurs can be used to cut away smaller stems. My main issue is that’s there’s been some previous pruning where the remains of the branch have rotted out leaving a deep hole into the trunk. The second cut is made about 3 inches below the first, you may need to cut all the way through but it is likely the branch will snap off when you reach the depth of the first cut. You will need the pruning saw or bow saw more in year one and will be using the secateurs and loppers every year thereafter. There are several reasons why you may want to prune a citrus tree. Thank you for your kind comment on our article, I hope you found it helpful. Do not "dehorn" the tree, as some people mistakenly do with large shade trees to reduce their height. The cut should be at an angle (often facilitated by the tree anyway) to allow water to run off. A heading cut is used to shape an immature tree. Spur bearing – Fruit is produced on small lateral branches called fruiting spurs. Cherries – fruits are usually produced on one-year-old wood and also on tips of fruiting spurs. Andrew. I hope this article will help avoid pruning problems while also giving some assistance in correcting mistakes that have already been made. Andrew. If you moved into your home during the dormant season and you are not sure what kind it is, bring a twig or small branch to your nearest Master Gardener clinic for help. however, i’ve done a little research into hazelnuts, and although i cannot claim much practical experience, the common knowledge there seems to be the opposite of your advice to Derek, above.. in my understanding the best practise for hazelnuts is coppicing, in which you literally cut the whole tree down, every seven to ten years, and let it grow back from the water sprouts surrounding the stool. I keep watering it. the adult trunks and branches of hazelnuts are quite short lived, and are best removed periodically, to rejuvenate the tree.