© 2020 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. After slowly expanding his business in the local market, Cancro eventually offered franchises in the 1980s and changed the name to Jersey Mike’s Subs. Found: A basic bowl of oatmeal that looks a lot like what you might make at home. Created for Greatist by the experts at Healthline. And they can be a legit healthy choice when you keep the portions in check (opt for a small chili) and be a little choosy with your tater toppings (try the sour cream and chive potato). Yes, it is possible to find non-meat entrees in a restaurant advocating the art of what it dubs, “Meatcraft.”  While Arby’s has catered to its meat-lover audience since its opening in 1964, the brand added salads and sandwiches with less than 300 calories to the menu in 1991 and debuted its first Market Fresh sandwiches in 2001. TBH, the key to finding a healthy yogurt bowl is getting one without a ton of extras. Choose the taco salad and pick the bowl instead of the shell to cut down on calories and carbs. Nutrition Facts: 11 grams of total fat, 980 mg of sodium,12 grams of carbs, 5 grams of sugar, 34 grams of protein, Key Ingredients: Slices of grilled boneless skinless chicken breast with rib meat alongside tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, bacon bits and shredded mild cheddar. Calories: 460 (entree size) + 120 calories for two dressing packets, Nutrition Facts: 24 grams of total fat, 1,150 mg of sodium, 51 grams of carbs, 42 grams of sugar, 39 grams of protein, Key Ingredients: Lettuce blend (iceberg lettuce, spring mix, romaine lettuce), red and green apples, dried cranberries, roasted pecans, crumbled blue cheese and grilled chicken breast topped with Marzetti Simply Dressed Pomegranate vinaigrette, Potential Allergens: Milk, soy, tree nuts, If you are looking for a quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the U.S., Chick-Fil-A is your top choice with more than 2,000 locations in 46 states and Washington, D.C. From the restaurant’s inception, its founder, S. Truett Cathy, chose to close on Sundays. Healthy options: whole-grain bread, plus plenty of vegetables, Locations: 44,000 restaurants in 110 countries. Compared to the extra crispy chicken breast, a serving of grilled chicken breast has more protein, less than half the calories and five times less fat.

Today, Hardee’s shares branding with its parent company, Carl’s Jr. Only a couple of U.S. states include both restaurants. Here’s another better-for-you-than-you-thought burger option. The idea for Starbucks began in a single cafe serving coffee made from fresh-roasted whole bean coffees in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. One caveat: Since this sando delivers 24 percent of your daily sodium requirement, take it easy on the salty snacks for the rest of the day. This one’s higher in sodium, so take care to drink lots of water. This adds extra fiber, vitamins and minerals to your lunch. Customers can choose from a creamy salsa dressing or packets of the lower fat Jalapeno salsa. Fast-food salads were often the healthiest choice, but to offer a balance of entrees, we also included sandwiches, wraps and bowls. If you’re It’s important to note, however, that he completed his GED at an old age since he felt that his biggest mistake in life was not completing high school. This item can be ordered with a lettuce wrap or with a bun. Nutrition Facts: 25 grams of total fat, 930 mg of sodium, 31 grams of carbs, 4 grams of sugar, 25 grams of protein (without dressing), Key Ingredients: A combination of fresh green romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce and radicchio lettuce with chicken, juicy-ripened tomatoes, buttery garlic croutons and shredded cheddar cheese. Healthy options: grilled chicken pieces and sides like green beans or corn on the cob. But fast-food restaurants usually have vegetarian options available as well. Healthy make–ahead breakfast bowls, burritos, bars, smoothies, and puddings that’ll travel. You can take a look at their salad menu here. A diverse menu filled with steaks, ribs, chicken, seafood, pasta, salads and sandwiches offers many tempting options. and opt for a bowl instead (unless you’re a serious athlete who needs the Sauces, The brand expanded in the 1980s with the purchase of hundreds of Burger Chef restaurants.

We certainly don't. Keep these three things in mind when contemplating a fast food order: Craving something specific? A step