Place the formed cookies on a plate or cookie sheet and allow to chill in the fridge for about an hour before eating. Did you make this healthy no bake peanut butter oatmeal cookies recipe yet? Store up to 7 days in a sealed box in the fridge. These no bake oatmeal cookies are also very kid friendly! Please read my disclosure policy. We’ve got everything from wholesome baked goods to comforting savory dishes. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Here are some ideas to add on your no-bake peanut butter cookies and make them even more delicious! Chocolate No Bake Cookies (without peanut butter) Ingredients. You can pretty much always find some of these cookies in my freezer. There may be affiliate links in this post! Leave a comment below and tag @erinliveswhole on social media! These no bake cookies are very freezer friendly! Also tag @erinliveswhole on Instagram and use the hashtag #erinliveswhole so I can see it and feature you! I am a foodie, a wife of a vegan runner and here I share with you my easy plant-based recipes! Press the top of the cookie with the back of a spoon to gently flatten and shape the oatmeal chocolate cookie. Made with less than 10 ingredients and require just a few minutes of hands-on time, these healthy no bake oatmeal cookies are perfect for meal prep! Freeze the cookie sheet for 10 minutes to set the cookies, then refrigerate the cookies in a airtight container. Healthy no bake oatmeal cookies made with rolled oats, coconut oil, and peanut butter. Recipe posted by Evelyn K. Difficulty: Simple. Of course mine don’t look as pretty as yours—not shaped as nicely and I actually smeared the chocolate over the entire top instead of just half—but the taste was 100% perfection. But, it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted a what I would consider a “breakfast” cookie. Grab one or two as your running out the door in the morning for a healthy breakfast on-the-go. Yes! Get your personalized results . I love to make a batch of these no bake cookies on Sunday to keep in the fridge all week. Your email address will not be published. They will defrost in 1 hour at room temperature on the counter top. Top no-bake-peanut-butter-oatmeal-cookies-healthy recipes just for you Explore more recipes . I love to see your creations. Thank you! Well, I've created FIVE downloadable and printable grocery lists from five different and popular grocery stores. Healthy no bake peanut butter oatmeal cookies, The 8 basics ingredients you need to start this no-, – any other liquid sweeteners work including agave syrup, rice syrup or date syrup. It’s very important that you use natural peanut butter with no added oil or added sugar. I can’t wait to see what you whip up! I’ve made this apple pie baked oatmeal, these banana bread breakfast cookies, and these healthy sweet potato muffins. Heat a medium saucepan with the butter, sugar and milk over medium high to high (enough to bring the syrup to a boil). I like to make a double batch of these cookies and freeze half for later since they are so easy to make. Need these cookies to be nut free? They are healthier and more budget friendly than the pre-packaged snacks. Stir until fully combined and cookie dough form. If your peanut butter jar has been opened for a while, it can be a bit hard and less oily. To melt the chocolate, combine 1 tsp coconut oil and 1/2 cup chocolate chips and microwave in 30 second increments, stirring between, until melted. So I guess a no bake, chocolate drizzle oatmeal cookie is better than just a regular no bake breakfast cookie. Please read my, freebie! Free tutorial with pictures on how to bake an oatmeal cookie in under 10 minutes by baking with sugar, cocoa, and milk. Cookies & Bars Recipes, Dessert, Dessert Recipes, No Bake Desserts, chocolate cookies, chocolate no bake cookies without peanut butter, no bake cookies, without peanut butter, (do not use old fashioned or steel cut oats). This recipe is made with pantry staples you likely already have on hand. In a medium size saucepan, add fresh creamy peanut butter, maple syrup, melted coconut oil and vanilla extract. So go ahead and check your cabinets and whip up a batch of these no bake oatmeal cookies! They are gluten free, healthy enough to be eaten for breakfast or perfect as an afternoon snack. To make these cookies, all you need is a saucepan and a plate or cookie sheet to place the cookies on once they are formed! There’s no wrong time to enjoy these cookies! In order to easily combine all the liquid ingredients, you can stir them in a small saucepan under medium heat or microwave the bowl for 20 seconds.