Be prepared to douse out the flames with a gallon of milk when trying the 7 Pot Douglah. #11: 7 Pot Primo. In fact, some of its non-culinary uses have given it notoriety. Learn more about the 7 Pot Douglah pepper. Let’s learn a little more about this tempting devil. Scientists use the term pungency to refer to those characteristics of the world’s hottest peppers: spiciness, hotness, and heat. Its flavor is deceptively sweet, but it's hard to remember that as it proceeds to annihilate your tastebuds. That is if you can handle the heat, and that’s a big ‘if’! The Trinidad Scorpion Yellow is from Trinidad. Learn more about the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper here, Learn more about the 7 Pot Douglah pepper. See our full ghost pepper profile here. Learn more about the Chocolate 7 Pot chili pepper here. I’ve tried it on the tip of my tongue and it just burned and burned. The strain was created in order to standardize the industry for yellow scorpion peppers. It really says a lot about the state of super-hot peppers when the notorious ghost pepper – once Guinness Book champ – barely cracks the top 15 hottest peppers in the world. Dauntless Jaunter started as a world travel blog, but we strive to offer much more than just travel stories. The 7 Pot Brain Strain truly strains the brain in heat-factor, but it also looks a lot like a human brain in shape, folded and round. See our full Pepper X profile here. The hottest peppers in the world are the Komodo Dragon Chili Pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, Naga Viper pepper, Infinity Chilli, Naga Morich, the Bhut jolokia (the ghost pepper), and the Spanish Naga Chili, sitting between 855,000 and 2.4M on the Scoville heat units scale. Christian Eilers is a travel and career advice writer who constantly loves to learn about the world through traveling, cultural stories, reading, and education. It was given the name “CARDI” as it was developed in part by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute. The heat intensity just grows.”. The 7 Pot Jonah produces pods that are typically larger than most 7 Pot varieties with bumpy, pocked fruit and scorpion-like tails. Pepper X is said to be double the heat (yes, double) of the Reaper and a hefty 700,000 Scoville heat units above even the Dragon’s Breath. In comparison, pure capsaicin is rated at between 15,000,000 – 16,000,000 Scoville units, and police grade pepper spray is rated at about 5,000,000 Scovilles. The Carolina Reaper is a cultivar of the Capsicum chinense plant. The 7 Pot Douglah is an extremely hot pepper from Trinidad. It is, in fact, one of the hottest peppers on the planet. The Dorset Naga is a more-intense substrain of the bhut jolokia , also known as ghost pepper, grown in the UK. They mature to a bright red. 7-Pot Douglah. It ages to a chocolate-brown and has more of a sweet and nutty flavor than fruity. According to PepperHead, “When you slice a fresh Douglah open, you will immediately see pools of liquid capsaicin oils that give this chili so much heat. Another test has measured the heat level as high as 1,598,227 SHU, making it one of the hottest peppers in the world. The Naga Viper chili pepper is a hybrid of three different chili peppers – the Bhut Jolokia, the Naga Morich, and the Trinidad Scorpion. They can dip down in heat below the level of a ghost pepper, but at their peak, they’ll easily beat out the ghost by over 150,0000 Scoville heat units. Known for its unique burgundy tone, the 7-Pot Douglah is the hottest of the famed 7 … In 2011 it took the official Guinness Book title as world’s hottest chili pepper, beating out the Infinity pepper. See our full Naga Viper profile here. The “Dragon’s Breath Pepper” quite possibly may have been a publicity stunt, so there is little hope for that particular pepper, though “Pepper X” was propagated by Ed Curie, the man behind the current record holder, the “Carolina Reaper”. Instead, the EPA & US Government use Major Capsaicinoids (MC), which is a measure of the percentage of capsaicinoids based on the contents of the entire pepper spray canister. I’d love to hear from you. Learn more about the New Mexico Scorpion pepper here. PepperScale helps you discover the amazing tastes - and stories - behind these spicy eats. It’s said to be mellower and sweeter, but don’t you dare let your guard down! It has the high heat of a scorpion pepper with the slow burn of a ghost pepper. The ghost pepper held the Guinness title for hottest chili pepper in 2007, so it has gotten a lot of fame over the years. Speaking of his creation, Smith said, “It’s not been tried orally. It stole the crown from the ghost pepper, and it’s easy to see that both it and the ghost have been relegated far down the super-hot line since that time. See our full Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” profile here. However, there have been no official confirmation of tests performed. Here is a list of the world’s hottest peppers to date, from hottest to mildest (if you can call that mild!). It’s named after pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, who had a method known as the Scoville organoleptic test back in 1912. We believe that traveling to lands, distant or otherwise, can only better a person, particularly when there is a level of immersion into the local people and their cultures, traditions, cuisine, history, and language. 855,000 to 1,041,427 Scoville heat units Over several years they selected fruit with the specific characteristics they were looking for, and extracted seeds. It’s skin is notably dark chocolate brown and somewhat pimpled. One time—her proudest tale—she and two friends tested how many spicy chili peppers (bird’s eye chili and white peppers) they could stomach. The 7 Pot Jonah is much like the traditional 7 Pot pepper below, but bigger in size and (some say) even fruiter in flavor (if you can get past the extreme heat). Got any questions? The 7 Pot Brain Strain was created using selective breeding by grower David Capiello, who cultivated only those peppers with specific traits, eventually producing peppers that resembled tiny pocked brains. [clickToTweet tweet=”The World’s Hottest Peppers Guide – like dancing with the devil… #spicy #cooking #hotpeppers” quote=”World’s Hottest Peppers Guide – like dancing with the devil…”]. The placenta is where most of the capsaicin oils are stored.”. Its flavor is fruity, sweet and nutty, if you can get past the intense and sweat-inducing heat. Each chili pepper has a range of spiciness possible, so some of the chilies below may rank lower than they would if we measured by floor heat and average overall heat. The Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate is actually a “sub-variety” of the Moruga version. The red savina is a bright red and robust fruit, with up to 50 fruits appearing per pepper plant. It beat out the Bhut Jolokia for hottest pepper, but was soon overtaken. But the flavors (sweet and floral) are similar between these two peppers. 3,180,000 Scoville heat units See our full Infinity pepper profile here. It has a scorpion-like tail. If you’re going to dance with the devil, wear kitchen gloves, eye goggles, and take great care throughout the cooking process. Know, too, how to combat chili burn to keep yourself safe. 1,000,000 to 1,598,227 Scoville heat units Learn more about the Red Savina Habanero pepper here. Turns out, 169 among the three of them in one sitting! Initial tests indicated a peak Scoville rating of 2,480,000 SHU. Development of the Dorset Naga began near Dorset, England, around 2001 when Joy and Michael Michaud of “Peppers by Post” bought a Naga Morich plant from an Oriental foods store in southern England.