This can reduce the cost for transportation of the heavy and extra heavy crude oils allowing such potentially valuable crude oils to be transported as needed. PubMed Google Scholar. Viscosity depends on the intermolecular bonding, hydrogen bonding and length of hydrocarbon chain. Some have suggested mixing it with fuel." 4,618,348) have disclosed bioemulsifier stabilized hydrocarbasols and their utilization and combustion of viscous hydrocarbons. volume 79, pages1157–1161(2002)Cite this article. List of Journals for Ayurveda related articles listed in UGC Care List. 10:67–83 (1993). Oil Chem. Then, the unsaturated fatty acid is added, the mixture is homogenized and then added to 2% w/w of saponin extract is added. The only thing I cannot test/alterate is due to the fact that my lab doesn't have the horizontal vortex adapter, so I use the thermoblock on maximum speed (4000 rpm). But what do we really mean when we talk about an oils viscosity? 7 illustrates the viscosity behavior of an extra heavy crude oil treated in accordance with the present invention at different temperatures. generation, Artificial firelog using non-petroleum waxes, CO-PROCESSING DIESEL FUEL WITH VEGETABLE OIL TO GENERATE A LOW CLOUD POINT HYBRID DIESEL BIOFUEL, Fuel production from atmospheric CO2 and H20 by artificial photosynthesis and method of operation thereof, Ordered particle structures and methods of making same, Production of diesel fuel from vegetable and animal oils, SUPPLYING TUNGSTEN TO A COMBUSTION SYSTEM OR COMBUSTION SYSTEM EXHAUST STREAM CONTAINING IRON, OXYGENATED GASOLINE COMPOSITION HAVING GOOD DRIVEABILITY PERFORMANCE, TURBINE POWER GENERATION USING LIGNIN-BASED FUEL, Fuel composition containing detergent combination and methods thereof, METHODS FOR CONVERTING MOTOR OIL INTO FUEL. Friberg, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1990, p. 109. FIG. But i am not sure if these are suitable for use as replacement in a UV-Lamp for TLC Documentation. II. 6). It's matter of big discussion that traditional medicine may play key role in management of Covid-19. Chem. Socket is G5, connection T5, 8W (The Lamp is about 15-16mm in diameter,and has a total length of about 30-30,2cm). Mang, T., Lubricants, in Lipid Technologies and Applications, edited by F.D. The results shown in Table 1 suggest the predominance of triterpenoid type structures (Hopane group) in the parapara saponins used in accordance with the present invention. Accordingly, other embodiments are within the scope of the following claims. A blend thins the oil to near the viscosity of diesel fuel to improve the burn characteristics and reduce the gel-point. The torque of each sample at different temperatures was recorded at different shear rates. • Free Lance Ayurved Herbal Industry Pharma Consultant Scientist and Clinician • Lybrate- Online Clinical Consultation. A semilog relationship between viscosities and composition was more accurate than a cubic model. 1–6. Eng. 7 shows an analysis of viscosity behavior of an extra heavy crude oil without any additive, and with a fatty acid and saponin additive in accordance with the present invention. may have a bearing on the viscosity of the herbal oils. FIG. Table 1 below sets forth results of this comparison. Goodrum, Density and Viscosity of Low-Molecular Weight Triglycerides and Their Mixtures, J. Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute. Experimental rheological results were compared with traditional blending charts and calculation methods. 2b shows an extra heavy crude oil with a saponin additive in accordance with the present invention, and very small air bubbles are shown which is indicative of low surface tension; FIGS. 630, National Engineering Laboratory, Glasgow, United Kingdom, February 1977. 6 shows the viscosity of the same extra heavy crude oil in accordance with the present invention, and shows significant improvement in viscosity at all comparable temperatures. Asadauskas, S., and S.Z. Kinematic viscosities of 90% oleic sunflower, canola, and soybean oils blended with adipates, oleates, polyalphaolefins, and mineral oil were determined at 40°C using capillary viscometers. Soc. This is due to the presence of the —OH groups (triterpenes of the saponins) and carboxylic groups of the fatty acids and saponins. Thus, using the additive of the present invention, the extra heavy crude oil evaluated would be much more easily flowable at a temperature of 40° C. for example, as compared to the untreated extra heavy crude oil. One or more embodiments of the present disclosure have been described. Green, D.W., and J.O. Blending charts related the viscosities to blend composition with 5% inaccuracy compared with more than 10% deviation made by the cubic equation of Kendall and Monroe. Privacy Policy I know one way is to mix it with the same grade of oil from the same producer of a lower viscosity. Fuchs Lubricant Company, 60426, Harvey, Illinois, Department of Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 16802, University Park, Pennsylvania, Oil Chemical Research, USDA, ARS, NCAUR, 1815 N. University St., 61604, Peoria, IL, You can also search for this author in In accordance with the present invention, the foregoing goal has been attained. FIG. Gunstone, and F.B. The invention relates to reduction of viscosity of heavy crude oils and, more particularly, to an additive and method for preparing the additive which help reduce viscosity in heavy crude oil.