Insurgency Nora: They're not evil. Solicit Gallery (hugs Siren) Go on. Consumed by the grief, Arthur killed him. I met the evil versions of Black Lightning, Tempest, and even myself. Superman: And you're going to tell me this. Insurgency Green Arrow: His involvement with us is a secret. Superman vows to never let what happened to Metropolis to happen again. The comic opens with Superman in jail just where the first Injustice game ends. Writers Both Black Lightning and Black Adam see it as Black Lightning hits him with a few punches, then holds him place), (Shazam flew over to him, and took hold of Black Adam). Superman: So Damian is indeed the only member of the Justice League who didn't support Aquaman's cause. You brought us here!!! Arthur doesn't suspect that his friend is funding the Insurgency. (The guard ran for cover as Deadshot pulled out a combat knife and began slashing at Superman. Regime Siren: I'm not trying to replace my sister, Arthur. Superman: No matter if I am in another dimension. An ultraviolet... Shazam: Hold on. Superman calls for a worldwide ceasefire, saying he will personally end conflicts that do not need his warning. An ultraviolet ray? I've gotta get back to the Watchtower. Superman: Tell to your King... to leave both Metropolis and the Fortress of Solitude alone!!! Begin!!! Superman: Do you know who brought me here, Damian? I'll take you to them. Insurgency Ocean Master: I like when the surface dwellers have some conflict among themselves. (Cut to Atlantis, Regime Aquaman was testing the collar which controls Regime King Shark. (As soon as they reach Luthor's cell, Superman stops the guard and points to the tripwire below). Catwoman: (looks at something behind him)Before Joker decides to throw something else at us. Inkers Superman says no one has the right to take innocent lives, no matter who they are or what the cause is. Trivia. He hasn't said anything in hours. Another battle shows Black Adam fighting against Black Lightning, but he manages to gain the upper hand, and zaps him into Hawkman, who hits Adam into the air. Regime Black Lightning: We have our orders. Meet not my nephew. Mazahs: (comes in) High King. Here is the transcript for Chapter 1: Superman of Vengeance: Men Among Us. Your transfer somehow prevented it. Can you hear me? Once Superman has shaved and cleaned off the blood, he flies with the President to the United Nations building, where he almost immediately reveals his Earth identity, Clark Kent, to the world. The treaty. He takes the child back to his mother, who thanks him both in English and Arabic, as do many other people who see him. Her death activated the nuke which destroyed his kingdom. I changed my mind!! "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Chapter 6": Unshaven and with The Joker's blood still on his arm, Superman sits in the Fortress of Solitude as countless news reports and television stations playback details of the nuclear bomb that was detonated in Metropolis, along with a clip of Commissioner Gordo (In the Insurgency HQ, Qrow was about to take a pill when Superman was teleported.). I became virtually powerless. Superman: (finds out that Robin is in disguise) I could say the same, Damian. Follow/Fav Injustice Superman: Path to Redemption. I found troubles. Superman: I know. Regime Black Lightning: You have a problem, Kal? (to Siren) I like your new looks. Morgaine Le Fay manages to summon a sword to attack the Dark Knight, but Batman manages to take it away from her with his grappling hook, and later beats her down. Next Chapter Aquaman consolidated his power and created the One Atlantean Regime. My house, I command. About this other Mera, I want her alive. (Back to the alternate universe, Superman goes to the Fortress of Solitude where he meets the alternate Superboy, who is actually Damian Wayne in disguise, since Conner Kent died in Atlantis incident.). Superman: You will put them at his beck and call. Regime Aquaman: Mazahs is coming. Just like a pair of worn boots? You have my permission to apprehend them. Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol 1 #6 Regime Black Lightning: It was his expectations. Aquaman: Bruce often times forgets he can't do everything himself. You do what he wants. (Tempest tries to attack Superman who uses Black Lightning as a shield before knocking him off and hitting Tempest with his heat vision.). Superboy (Insurgency Robin): Pleasure most rare, Superman. Cover Superman: I was planning to reason with you again. Deadshot:(appears) The ability to hear my approach doesn't make you smarter than me. Supergirl: Superman. Superboy (Insurgency Robin): There's no much resources. Prison Guard: We've been keeping a close eye on him, Superman, just like you said. He says yes, but Diana says to wait until Superman cleans himself up. Aquaman gives it to their flunkies. And he wants you to keep your promise. Wes Abbott Tom Taylor But Superman evades the attack.). (Superman goes to greet Black Lightning and Tempest). Injustice: Gods Among Us #7 (Digital). Insurgency Ocean Master: (appears) The surface dwellers tend to fight first, don't they? This version of Superman is a twisted alternate version of the heroic main-universe Superman as well as the main antagonist of the Injustice franchise. (to Robin) My condolences to your father, Damian. Notes. Superman: After I check out Strykers. Superman flies to the capital building of Bialya, walks through a wave of bullets and guards who attempt to physically restrain him, grabs the President and flies out of the building, saying he "wants to show [him] something.". DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Superman: I see... (to Qrow Branwen) Headache? ), (Thanks to his experience with electrical metahumans, Superman outclassed Black Lightning easily), (Tempest gets up and tries to attack Superman again. Insurgency Ocean Master: Ha! Lex Luthor? Ruling Metropolis wasn't enough? Unfortunately for Deadshot though, Superman was wearing his Kryptonite proof suit and managed to beat the assassin), Superman: My condolences to Zoe, Floyd. Don't forget to report when you do. Qrow Branwen: They can explain the rest later if one of us has trouble sleeping. No trivia. Shazam: Can you now tell us why did you bring us here? (to the soldiers) Take him!!! Aquaman is less willing to show his inner works. "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Chapter 6" Begin!!! When a news reporter mentions Bialya's communications blackout, to prevent information and news from leaving the country, Superman orders all of the televisions off as he flies out of the Fortress of Solitude. Then he proceeds to fight his counterpart.). I need the archives. I sensed the return of the aggression and sought its cause. Insurgency Robin: Yes. Rated T for Teen (12+) So did all who joined him to neutralize the criminal element. The good one manages to knock him out. Regime Tempest: You don't "talk" with him. Colourists Wonder Woman appears, who asks Superman if he wishes to speak to the world. Injustice Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Aquaman. Anyway.