It won't win you tournaments, but it'll still win you games. Black Heart in itself isn’t great since Kabal units get very little benefit from the Power from Pain table. Since all models are KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART, and INCUBI models are discounted as per the "Blades for Hire" rule, the KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART models get to benefit from the Obsession. I'd bring 3 units of 10 warriors with a Splinter cannon in Raiders and 2 Archons, and I'd probably put everything else in other detachments. Archons are great for that because they're hard to target with the character rule, and even if you can target the the 2++ makes them disproportionately hard to kill. If that marine player gets first turn and moves up only one of his marines will even be in range to shoot you, but if you get first turn you can move up all the way into your rapidfire range and just destroy the whole unit without having to spend any time actually being threatened. The weaknesses of the Flayed Skull start to appear when you start losing transports. Kabal of the Black Heart. The Kabal of the Obsidian Rose work very well with big chunks of units that utilize the Webway portal strat, as well as with units that want to hang back at longer ranges and pluck away at the enemy. Everything on the table is also a threat to everything. Tabletop Gaming News, Tactics and Discounted Supplies, Codex Drukhari Review Part 4: Kabal Obsessions, Warlord Traits, Stratagems and Relics, The Most Improved Units from Codex: Death Guard, Bleeder’s Digest: Initial BA Codex Impressions, Nerdery: Awesome Fan Short Film: Warhammer 40K Black Templars, Tyranids: 9th Ed Forgeworld review – Dimachaeron, ITC 2020 Season 40K & AoS Tournament Formats, Warhammer Underwolrds ITC Calendar of Events, LVO 2016 Discounted Merchandise and Vendors, Wargames Con Warmachine and Hordes Events, 2014 Las Vegas Open Warhammer 40K Championships Results, 2014 Las Vegas Open Warhammer Fantasy Championships Event and Results. With Raiders preferably for the 10 man squads so you can fail morale tests and shoot with everything on your opponent's turn if they don't finish off your units. Labyrinthine Cunning: is it per CP or per stratagem? Splinter weapons; Blasters; Disintegrator Cannons; Dark Lance; Shredders; Night Shields: 5++ for vehicles. Now that people can't deep strike in your deployment zone turn 1 it's a lot less important, but I have them hold objectives on my side of the table while my warriors in venoms go contest enemy objectives. Alright, then, enlighten us: under what circumstances are you allowed to use the stratagem? Taking a Drukhari detachment gives you access to all of the stratagems from their book, whether or not you have any units with the appropriate keywords to use them. I figured it went with one of the less well-known Units. If you have any ideas about the Obsessions I missed feel free to bring them up in the comments. Ignoring cover for Drukhari is a godsend. It most certainly needs an FAQ to clarify if and how it is supposed to be limited to Black Heart models and armies, because as it stands it isn’t in the slightest. I’d switch those rankings around, but that’s me. Grotesques also feel a bit on the weak side to me overall, as do the Haemonculi Coven units in general- while there are some great stratagems and relics for them, their core units just don’t seem to have a lot of damage output and aren’t tough enough for their cost compared to guys like Death Guard & etc. You don't want to feel like you need your venoms to stay stationary with Flayed Skull, so it's good to have units that can sit on objectives and not really risk losing them. However, if you’re going for melee power, rerolls to wound is better than either, IMO. Weapons. Between the DE codex and faq release they are the most broken army ever…, I think you are overreacting just a bit =), Context also matters. It’s very obvious unless you’re willfully trying to misunderstand. Consider adding a single Razorwing to a Flayed Skull battalion so you can bring 3 Flayed Skull venoms to transport your Obsidian Rose trueborn around.