Anthony Ramirez was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma just before he started his junior year. r�dv�e�*Yq�̌�+rO�'�=��R �]�)��p�"O��bJ�ywE�dP:��,�4%3��A��%�9�U^ Laguna High School Scholarship Program Athletics COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS. “You only have one. In fact, Anthony said he had been planning to go into criminology — at least until he got diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer that targets the lymphatic system, just before he started his junior year of high school. Don’t let this stop you. Locals for Laguna Beach orchestrated a fundraiser to help out the Sandpiper Lounge, a local bar which has been open just 12 days since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in shutdowns to mitigate the spread of the virus. Support our coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. There’s no time to redo our passion, life, dreams and goals and we just have to sit on that,” Anthony said. A man and a woman can wear jeans. Academies and career pathways offer Laguna Creek High School students the ability to specialize in a number of career fields in a smaller learning environment. Jessey Cordero, a Fountain Valley resident, was presented with a Crime-Biters award by Fountain Valley Police Chief Matt Sheppard. Fountain Valley resident recognized for crime prevention. x���Ys�F��S��0okoI00U�B)���b�{�z���D���!F�����%Q2AfSeI$������g�������q�b�����sW�Ұ����� �-L�N(�b�:��L Hp�Gpzs��E�=Ļ���!�=d��x���$X�DQ�n�̵�aŅ�+�n~a\z��H�tT��͌���Ҙ�ݘx�'�N�嬉u��;v�;��+��y��oV��q#��|'!�t��'w��]GE��H�Z5.�J�uf��� �����0? Black Friday madness toned down in Orange County due to COVID-19, online sales. “We can always re-do the graduation ceremony a few months later. What’s happening is happening. Anthony said that once he completed treatment, he applied to FIDM. Jeff Herdman was elected to the Newport Beach City Council in 2016. He said he was up-cycling pairs of jeans at home and designing in-between his online classes, adding that it’s been relieving to do fashion during the pandemic. “After, I ... had this moment of relief and this moment of, ‘I finally did it, but you still haven’t.’ It’s still kind of this moment of still keep going. This election cycle, his opponent Noah Blom won Herdman’s seat with 59.61% of the votes. After one term, Councilman Jeff Herdman says goodbye to Newport Beach City Council, staff — but, not forever. Before joining the Pilot, she worked for the Orange County Register as a freelance reporter and general assignment intern. Keep going. “I love denim because it’s way a showing androgyny. Veteran's Day 2020 school closure. “If there’s a door closed, don’t stop. Costa Mesa commission approves 25-foot Randy’s Donut sign for location due to open in January. “I don’t think COVID-19 should take that away from us.”. As the coronavirus pandemic upended his senior year and very nearly made his graduation ceremony online, Anthony said that he looked for the silver lining. (714) 966-4623. Now with graduation over and his classmates — some, since kindergarten — heading off in their own directions, Anthony said he wanted to encourage them to not take life for granted, which he said he knew was a cliché. “I don’t want to just be a fashion designer,” he said. |k�|�������Mn.���Kv����ڻ(�1*���. 1 0 obj Students in career academies are assigned to a team of teachers and participate in integrated academic and career/technical courses. Honoring this year’s graduating seniors from high schools in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Laguna Beach and other parts of Orange County. But, fashion wasn’t always what he thought he wanted to do. I want to be a role model.”. The Daily Pilot’s e-newspaper includes Thursday’s coverage of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Fountain Valley and other parts of Orange County. The school received its name from what at that time was the relatively new community of Laguna Creek and the waters that drain a large part of south Sacramento County. He said he stayed in the program because of the family he made with them. Randy’s Donuts owner Mark Kelegian says the iconic sign is worth every penny. 9050 Vicino Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916) 683-1339 (916) 683-3128 Anthony Ramirez graduated from Laguna Beach High School and is going to FIDM, where he plans on studying fashion design. Just keep going. “I’ve always loved the idea of fabrics going down the runway,” Anthony said, “how it fits, how it can change a person.”. “I know there are some seniors that are scared. Everything I’ve dreamt of and worked for … I finally got into my dream college,” Anthony said. Daily Pilot e-Newspaper: Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020. Don’t stop. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Daily Pilot. He is now in remission. endobj There’s always time to re-do grad ceremony. Lilly Nguyen covers Newport Beach for the Daily Pilot. 11/9/2020 11:34:00 AM Elk Grove Unified School District Page: 1 UC/CSU = College Approved, Grad Req = Graduation Requirement, NCAA = Student Athletes Eligible Course Laguna Creek High School Course Catalog Year: 2020-2021 Report: U-CRS1201 ��9}��܅�-M��(������O'}�ZO��y/��`�%D(=�q�9gPP(S�a�A�BQ�QX�b?Es��s��Y�L*6ѫ�.r��)+sª���G['i�f&+�.um�IJ��6�=+�L�l�����Au�w*6�g�����e�Hr8l���!��6�N뢼e�e/[}��ꔚ��X��F�1ڼ(3]3�Ϙ��i��{(��w�(Hѩ�`�zY�bI�eMeH�UY,J�U���Fܷ�T�g�"j��4�$��f��Oش�Y^�,M�������G�T�H_n ���sG��B.,���U���׷�c6-a��JǷza��O��ݙ�N*�%�l��H��/Gm.��t#��_=h��_ݯ_�ug�֪� �Z���Y���iff��h��V�6ZIc7��.eFk�O�ۦ�C��� �1]1������O+�L�*^�.�e���o��*z���vFV�ij�7���*�q��`G2U����kC�Zl3 [email protected]'9}�3� ����7i�zP*8�r�m�#�CW��yL�yl�Hﺲ���y� If something happens, we don’t stop. Laguna Creek High School » Synergy Starting in 2017-2018 school year, the District is moving to a new fully integrated Student Information System, Synergy by Edupoint. The Laguna Beach City Council has approved a five-year plan to raise the rates for metered parking spots. South Coast Plaza crowds are calm after opening Friday, with malls allowed to be at just 25% capacity. Academy Programs Academies and career pathways offer Laguna Creek High School students the ability to specialize in a number of career fields in a smaller learning environment. What can I do to further myself now that I have this extra time?”, “Focusing on the negative just takes away the passion that all seniors have had, which is going to the real world and finally being able to do whatever we want,” he said. Local officials eye Michelle Steel’s seat on Orange County Board of Supervisors. It’s harsh sometimes.”, “But at the end of the day, we gotta put on our helmets, our armor and go in and conquer everything we can do,” he said. Laguna Creek High School was EGUSD’s fourth comprehensive high school. “I couldn’t attend my junior year for my first semester because I had to have treatment, but ... at that time, [I thought] ‘life is short,’” Anthony said. It’s not as dandy. I’m still scared of going into the real world. So, maybe it’s not much of a surprise that that’s what Anthony decided he wanted to pursue after graduating from Laguna Beach High School on Thursday, along with about 254 other seniors in a drive-through ceremony at Guyer Field. This fall, Anthony is leaving his hometown of Laguna Beach to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles to study fashion design. We never stop.". She earned her bachelor’s in journalism at Cal State Long Beach. Laguna Beach plans to move forward with parking rate increases. He said he stayed in the program because of the family he made with them. 8 0 obj All the latest on Orange County from Orange County. 't[\� Anyone can wear the jeans — plus sizes, extra small, super tall, super short, super comfortable and being super proud of who they are.”. Anthony Ramirez was part of Laguna Beach High School’s dance program since his freshman year. Just keep going. Anthony Ramirez was part of Laguna Beach High School’s dance program since his freshman year. “Now that [a typical graduation was] taken away from us, we can’t just look back,” Anthony said. Anyone can wear jeans. Do I want to be a criminologist because that’s what people want me to do?”. Anthony said he hopes to enter the denim industry, adding that he felt there was a big industry for it and that he wanted to include culture in what he designed. Anthony Ramirez said he’s always liked art, but there was something about fashion that spoke to him — clothes, he said, were like watching Vincent van Gogh’s paintings brought to life. “Everyone wears denim,” Anthony said. “The past is the past. Laguna High School will be closed (no school) Wednesday, November 11, 2020 for the Veteran’s Day Holiday. 9050 Vicino Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916) 683-1339 (916) 683-3128 While in high school, Anthony was part of the school’s dance program since his freshman year and took a handful of Advanced Placement classes but said most of his classes were “very simple.” He said his senior year was different, particularly because he chose to focus his efforts on a regional occupational program for fashion at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo.