Active GM & Helpers, Good Community that very helpful An exciting journey awaits! From LimitRO Wiki. <3 Does not exist in Bloody Branch, Endless Tower or Abracadabra. A new part of Glast Heim has been discovered. Rebellion, Oboro Kagerou, Doram Summoner). Rank Character Name Fame Points Job Class Base Level Job Level Guild Name; 1: Berserk Arrow 10,698: Ranger+: 200: 70: Mangekyou 2: Anna Lacroix 7,971 Helpers are here to help players to reach their maximum potentions, you can ask them anything and they will greet you with their best smiles! LimitRO - Ragnarok Mechanic - MvP compilation Enjoy the vídeo See you later. Welcome to LimitRO. OMG, 8 Years for Private Server and still crowded - AWESOME !!! Your private, password-protected MVP Tracker is hosted in the cloud and is accessible 24/7 at your own URL! Jump to: navigation, search. We have set our current end game on episode 17.1 Illusion to aim for a stable server, with well planned updates. Keep it up ! There's also a monthly tournament with awesome prizes to catch!

And now I come back and choose limitRO after trying many other private servers. Don't worry, through Limit Academy you will be able to master the knowledge about RO in just a few clicks! Our server has been online for more than 8 years, that's why we make it easier for newbies to catchup by providing Limit Group and it's features. -, I have been playing more than a month, Yep! LimitRO Charleston Crisis DD ... iRO Chaos Unknown Build GX vs Time Holder MVP "RC Forever " - Duration: 1:48. 1 Intro; 2 Highlights; … [LimitRO] Amon Ra MVP with Trigger Happy Shot set-up - YouTube You'll never get bored in LimitRO, in case you don't have any farming or instance to do, we have hourly events for you. Magic Executioner Holy Water Shadow Armor, Magic Vibration Dragon Killer Shadow Armor,, All Stats Down (reduce player stats by 90), Recovery Conversion (certain types of damage will heal the boss), Gravity Increase (reduce player % HP per second), Immune Elemental (immune against random elemental damage). 1:48. LimitRO offers a wide range of features features that will amaze you! LimitRO has a custom Fishing system to help you kill time. We have few custom features such as fishing & mining, many events to entertain everyone regardless of class. And i stuck at LimitRO server now. For example, if Amon Ra is defeated at 11:00, it would spawn again between 12:00-12:10. This page was last modified on 22 July 2019, at 17:44.

захожу в игру а там чёрный экран. A new level of Magma Dungeon with good EXP and hard monsters. Inside Geffen forge (/navi geffen 179/59), you will find Christopher (/navi geffen_in 110/172) who can refine your rough ores. Good Server ! The Guiderz Ragnarok Online MVP Tracker is the most technologically advanced MVP timer system in existence, giving you a major advantage over your competition! New to RO? Normal MVPs spawn on a set amount of time with a variance of 10 minutes after the previous one was defeated. (incl. только в углу виднеется инвентарь. Always keep coming back to this server. Our community is a really unique and special one, we have been around for a long time. Feels like home. A place where everyone can come to settle down! Not mentioning the awesome events hosted by our Helpers and GMs! Finding, killing, tracking, and sharing MVP spawn times has never been easier! -, Know who is the best player and guild of LimitRO. That I love the most in this PS is GM and helper always consist to make this game alive. Curious why you can't progress with your quest? Top 5 Times People Took WOW Too FAR! ПОдскажите что делать . Chance to give 1 of the following Summon Scrolls (SS). Contents. We might be on of the oldest server out there but we are very up-to-date, what's new on kRO? The title is a little misleading, these MvPs are not actually green, but these MvP have a green Aura around it. Check out our Wiki and look for the guides you need or visit our forum and share a discussion with our active forum members! Many event that GMs and helpers held and I love this c...

A community with 500x500x50x rates based of latest Renewal mechanism. A place where everyone can come to settle down!