Look for furniture pieces that have a lot of detailing and ornamentation. A charming and modern monochrome coastal farmhouse design. Can’t afford original artwork? Who says all your seating has to be in one place? Keep in mind, your living room decor doesn't stop there. Look for ways to incorporate more industrial associated materials such as concrete, metal, and brick. Designed by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. Use up every last drop of space to make your living room functional and attractive. Create a space that’s welcoming but not crowded. In lengthy living rooms, create more intimate seating groups with chairs and love seats. I think the synonyms of cozy help get an understanding as well. Minimal profile sliding windows elegantly framed by Casamance drapes on bespoke wrought iron poles allow the view out to the coastline to be the star of the show. A simple light wood platform furniture like the one used in the picture with cushions in white and blue shade gives a complete coastal vibe. Designed by Linda McDougald Design. The accent colors are used a little more subtly in this living room, which features bright yellow at the top of the room and royal purple near the floor. The bright side of shopping online is that you can always compare the prices of various types, choose whether you’ll go for new or used ottomans, and you can also have them shipped with a relatively low-cost. You’ll be left staring at a blank white wall. 20 Fresh Small Apartment Living Room Design and Decor Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space Making a small space feel spacious is all about choosing the right colors and textures, and arranging your furniture strategically. They’re also supposed to bring luck in the Chinese culture. See more of this home here. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. The throw pillows, rug, and simple golden bamboo-trimmed coffee table add texture. This room is using every trick in the small apartment handbook to create a “big” feeling. Specifically that it uses warm colors such as earth tones. Sliding tinted glass walls let natural light in when opened and stops the harsh rays when needed. Adding a wooden accent and plants is the best way to introduce coastal design. The simple yet elegantly furnished living room features white walls, sectional, center tables, living room bench, and blue accents. © Copyright 2020 Smarthousedecor.com - All Rights Reserved, 31 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation, 31 Rustic Living Room Ideas to Get a Cozy Place for You, 10 Best Smart Bedside Light With Voice Control, 11 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Space Living, Vitrified Tile: 7 Different Types of Tile Flooring in the Market, 31 Best Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas, 35 Tropical Dining Room Design Ideas and Pictures, 31 Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Inspiration, 25 Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2021, 31 Creative Ways to Organize Your Stuff in Small Kitchen, 31 Beautiful Mid Century Bathroom Design Ideas, 50 Best Eclectic Kitchen Designs for Your Inspiration, Which is Better? Invest in art that will make a statement and express your personal aesthetic. Contact an interior designer today and receive quotes from pros in your area, for free. The wall featuring blue shades of the sea resembles the original sea view that can be seen through the glass windows. Sliding tinted glass walls let natural light in when opened and stops the harsh rays when needed. A blank wall is a wasted opportunity. Designed by Roselind Wilson Design. 40 Creative Living Room Organization Ideas. If you can, keep your windows as uncovered as possible to let natural light in. The chandelier and armchairs give an antique look to the room. The key is to add complementary, interesting display pieces so that your living room feels homey and inviting, rather than open and empty. In a tall room, adding tall or voluminous plants can help take up empty corners, spaces, or fill vertical space. White concrete flooring is done and the wall holding television and a fireplace makes the place perfect for winter movie nights. It’s also typically a room that shares space with other living areas. Whether your living room is lacklustre, your lounge is limited in space, your sitting room is suffering from outdated decor or your front room is full of clutter, there are living room ideas and designs that will inspire you to breathe life into your living space. All the furniture is done in white except the wall and floor which has a hint of grey textures in it. Glass paneled doors and windows add instant light and view to the room. Simple, minimalist neutrals are a shoo-in for creating space and depth in a small apartment. Strategically Place Tall Potted Plants, 3. Other prominent things in the room are the tan leather sofa sets, Old wood plank center table, and the pendant lights. To create a comfortable at-home feel, a lot of textures and patterns have been mixed in this room. Center and side tables are made of dark wood. Now you have extra seating when more guests come over, and a spot to add some great apartment decor. Having an industrial-inspired living room is perfect for rooms that are very large or have high ceilings with exposed HVAC duct work and pipes.