Most organic pest control methods revolve around prevention, so give your cucumbers a good environment and they will likely thrive. endobj Then they are crushed with hands in fresh water and then separate seeds from pulp. If you need to lengthen your growing season, plant indoors a few weeks before this time so that you are transplanting growing sprouts. None of our seeds are genetically modified or treated with chemicals and their quality is always guaranteed. *Though these long melons are called cucumbers because of their appearance and taste they actually belong to the muskmelon family. Whenever I see the bhaji wala pushing his cart filled with snake cucumbers it always lights up my day. Sowing depth of 2.5-4cm is used. Fruits are ready to harvest in 60-70 days. It parasitizes the plant using it as a food source. Join us to receive gardening tips, offers, news & more, For any suggestions, queries, complaints etc, Long Melon, Kakri Selection - Vegetable Seeds, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **, Flowering Plant Seeds (Imported / Hybrid), scintific name:-utilissimus, Duthic,fuller,Commone name:-cucurbits, If you’re not using paper mulch, apply several inches of organic mulch just as the vines start to elongate, This covering will suppress weeds and help keep the fruits clean and disease free, Provide generous amounts of water, particularly right after transplanting and as the fruits develop, Male flowers appear first, at leaf joints on the main stem and on larger side shoots, Around a week later, fruit-producing female flowers form on secondary side shoots, Despite the many female blossoms, each vine will produce only three or four melons, Most young melons will grow to the size of an egg, then shrivel as they send their nutrients back into the vines, Fertilize with compost tea when the fruits set and again 2 weeks later, Though melon vines look very robust, they are actually quite delicate—always handle them carefully, If they start to sprawl outside the area where you wish them to grow, gently guide them back toward the center of the planted area, Cucurbits are mainly warm season crops grown mainly in tropical and sub tropical regions, River bed cultivation, a kind of vegetables forcing is being used in India where cucurbits are grown in the river beds during winter season, Cucurbits grow well at day temperature between 25-350c, It tolerates cool climate better than musk melon, It cannot tolerate frost and strong winds, Low temperature and high relative humidity stimulate the development of female flowers, It may show slight photoreaction to short days for flowering. Password Full sun. In a way, seeing them in the market finally means summer is here for good. Getty. Armenian cucumbers taste, look and have a texture more akin to cucumbers than other muskmelons. Karnal selection: Prolific bearer. Lately, I have started seeing these vendors selling the snake cucumber often. If infestation is observed, Dithane M-45 or Dithane Z-78 is used to get rid of this disease. Use 200-250cm of spacing between the channels and 60-90cm of spacing between the hills. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. India is the second largest vegetables producer in the world next to China. Seeds which are settled in bottom are collected for seed purpose. Traditional Gardens is focused in the field of gardening and agriculture supplies. Your email address will not be published. Two shallow hoeing’s required before spreading of vines to control the weed. Just be very sure that the soil is warm and there is no chance of frost! Anthracnose: Anthracnose affected foliage appears scorched appearance. We are dedicatedly involved in providing excellent quality products to our customers. Photo by E.T. %PDF-1.5 2. It has tender fruits which are light green in color, long in length and flesh is crispy with good flavor. stream Unlike most crops, watermelons grow on vines that grow out of the initial sprout and can grow to be six metres long. And when the summer is coming to a close, you can pickle the rest of the harvest to enjoy all year long. If infestation is observed take Spray of water soluble [email protected]/10Ltr of water 2-3times with interval of 10 days. Feeding. endobj Deep well drained soil with sandy or sandy loam texture is suitable. Crop Rotation for Success One major key to avoiding pests and disease lies in crop rotation. Long Melon, or what we affectionately call ‘Tar’ is a summer fruit with enriching nutrients and is considered a humble cousin of the cucumber. flexuosus, Common Names: Armenian Cucumber, Snake Melon, Snake Cucumber, Yard-Long Cucumber, Kakri, Acur, Uri, Atta, Feggous, Fakkous, Fakoosi, Family: CUCURBITACEAE (Gourd, Squash & Melon), Cucumis: Cucumber; Greekmelo: Apple-Shaped Melonflexuosus: Winding. Requires trellising to support the vine, as a added bonus trellised plants will produce straighter fruit as gravity will force the fruit to grow in a straight, downwards direction. Eat it raw with a dash of salt and chili powder. Although cucumbers can run into issues with pests, they are pretty simple to turn into a huge crop. The skin is thin, lacks bitterness and is burpless meaning that these cucumbers can be enjoyed without peeling.