More ardent fans might find themselves pulling an Alan Partridge by screaming at the TV, “stop getting Eurovision wrong!” every so often. It’s an American rom-com with ESC as a plot point. There are a ton of Icelandic and Swedish actors participating as characters in the movies. …what do you think about the final scene in the movie? I wrote a full review on IMDb. I thought it was an alright movie. Americans and Canadians have a pretty affectionate rivalry with each other (or not-so-affectionate, depending on how patriotic the other person is), partially because our major teams face off in hockey and baseball all the time (they’re basically the only reason we get to call it a “World” Series – the Toronto Blue Jays have won twice), and culturally we share a lot. I loved the sing-along, the majority of jokes hit their mark, there was a real heart to it that made you want to root for our leads, the facsimile Eurovision songs were… Read more », It all took me out of the movie. It’s nothing like the trailer. Canada’s just smaller (in terms of people – in size, it’s the biggest country in the world) and therefore their cultural oddities stand out a bit more to us here in the States, especially since they have an… Read more ». I’ve heard songs like the “Swedish” entry in Melfest before (almost Felix Sandman-y, really). -The entire script with the elves and ghost. Praise comes in for the infectious soundtrack, the song contest set pieces and Dan Stevens’ turn as Alexander Lemtov. In a vampire dandy’s flash of brocade and velvet, Dan Stevens (perhaps best known as the ill-fated Matthew Crawley in the early seasons of Downton Abbey) shows up as conceited hottie billionaire Russian crooner Alexander Lemtov. Anyone else notice that Sweden had seven people on stage? Definitely re-watchable, songs I am in love with. What saves the movie though are those moments. Canada because of the accent, Ireland because they speak English. Eurovision, which has been held annually since 1956, invites European countries to submit musical acts to compete, and it’s known as one of the biggest, most fabulous events of the year. Wow. It’s also a comedy movie where whales casually jump around and dance in the Icelandic waters and fiery visions appear to Will Ferrell. And you should probably work on that, so you don’t die with like a dark ass bitter soul?. Or a last-minute addition to the film in order to pay homage to that other Icelandic break-out Eurovision star from this year, Daði Freyr? It’s as if the filmmakers had thrown up their hands and said, “Europop — it’s funny, no?” Actually, no. Do you mean a review article? It’s fine, of course, to have affection for the thing that you’re satirizing, but “Eurovision Song Contest” is so sunny and mindlessly “positive” that the musical-performance sequences are all played relatively straight. Much to enjoy but much more to be desired. Her loss. It was a pleasant way to spend a couple hours since we were stuck inside because of rain. 01. I also found most of the performances and songs epic and think they are similar to something we could actually see at Eurovision. The only way something like that could work would be if, say, Mariya Yaremchuk was in the audience during “Double Trouble” and shrugged and said, “It’s been done” (which, in turn, would be swiping a joke from The Simpsons), but a non-Eurofan wouldn’t get the joke. For me this movie was on the same level as Driving Me Crazy/Trabbi goes to Hollywood from 1991. One of the biggest cameos in Eurovision is Demi Lovato as Icelandic singer Katiana. The moments that grabed my attention were Salvador Sobral in Edinburg and the final song in the Final. A lot of the reviewers seem to be saying they wanted more making fun of Eurovision. We’ve linked the most obvious examples together here, for a crash course in the contest’s most colorful acts. It doesn’t have much to do with Eurovision. From Molly Sandén to Thomas G:son, from Alexander Rybak to Andreas Carlsson, and from John Lundvik to Jörgen Elofsson, plenty of our faves have contributed to the best music moments of this film. It’s an okay film and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that Dan’s character hints at the possible someone in Russia. Plus, there’s the fabulous Greek entry (‘Come and Play (Masquerade)’ by Mita), penned by Thomas G:son no less, and vocalled by famed ‘Tango Tango’ chanteuse Petra Nielsen. This is so fun to read, I can’t wait for the long answer. As cynical as it may sound, it looks like this film was mainly intended for the American audience, who naturally know less about European geography than… well, Europeans, the same way your average European doesn’t know much about North Carolina or Missouri. If it took you out of the moment, I’m sorry, but this isn’t so much a movie about Eurovision as it is a movie with Eurovision as the setting.… Read more ». . It was a pretty average film to be honest although it did improve has it went on, the first hour was kinda dire. I thought that the man was Rasmussen but could not recall his name from the cameos list. Eurovision is a mix of so many different elements – including silliness – and moving parts that have come together by happy accident over 60 years that it’s almost impossible to replicate in satire/parody. Well, they hosted a record amount of 8 contests, and Edinburgh did host the last edition of Eurovision… Young Musicians. The highlight of the movie was the “21st Century Viking” who performed first in the Icelandic final. With all of us deprived of an actual Eurovision Song Contest this year, the much-anticipated Eurovision film could not have come along at a better point in time than the early summer of 2020. *Spoil* THE FLOPS: -The voting sequence of the semi final is a disaster. Character vomitting over “Amor pelos dois” Terrible way of making them winners of Icelandic NF… …and then Graham Norton doesn’t know why they’re there William is a commentator now? Baby! For instance, if Latvia was giving their points, they could have made a small dramatic pause before announcing that their 12 points go to Lithuania. I haven’t seen the movie yet but are we sure that isn’t Rasmussen? Yet at the same time, it is filled with inconsistencies that even the most casual Eurovision fan would spot. Haven’t we been through enough this year, with the virus and cancellation of Eurovision. I’m just gonna wait and watch it before I judge And then there is the music. Plus, Iceland is widely regarded as a friendly, remote, scarcely populated country, which is perfect for your underdog story – it helps the viewers sympathise with the main characters and root for them, whereas choosing some lesser-known country could have led to a series of cheap Borat-style jokes at the expense of… Read more », Well yeah. -The relationship between the contestants is totally fake: love story and sabotage between countries. And do you know what? Anchorman was great. I understand that you might want a “good” movie in general, but the fans’ main concern has been if they would make a mockery out of ESC, which apparently they don’t. It’s a strange, tonally misfiring movie. The only ones I know are that they love hockey and Tim Hortons, that it’s cold out there and that they say “eh?” a lot. And length of film… Twenty five mins too long. Ya good point on Australia. 10. I did go into watching this with pretty low expectations, however; totally love this movie. No, that’s not something in your eye – you’re full-on weeping, just let it all out. That was a Dutch actor named Milan van Weelden. The film features the most disastrous performance of the song – the sort you might have always wondered could happen had one of the more ludicrous Eurovision stagings over the years gone badly wrong in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. In Eurovision terms, though,… Read more ». It was a an event of the year( besides Olympics). Otherwise, I am glad they didn’t go overboard with the mockery. Images posted are believed to be published according to the U.S Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. (To be fair, most Americans don’t know much about North Carolina or Missouri either, except that you might not wanna visit either of them right now since the midwest has handled COVID-19 terribly). Saying we were waiting for a naturalist movie would be disingenuous. In no universe. Though Katiana’s song is a little more pop than Loreen’s, the reliance on dramatic sleeves and a wind machine to up the oomph factor of a single performer are clear parallels. It was offensive at times, funny at others, flat most of the time. I find the reviews really confusing. Sorry, maybe just another one of my conspiracy theories nobody seems to like. Let me just say that if the movie ia a hit I would suggest that russia take on dan stevens/lemtov as 2021 act.