They are unique to Galloup Guitars, and no Galloup student carries away samples of work they didn’t accomplish on their own. Galloup School Of Lutherie and Custom Guitar Building. built to deliver whatever you ask of it and blow the socks off We'll concentrate throughout on the basic physics that inform the guitar's design.  Every important principle is identified, explained, and underscored by demonstrating its direct application.  The aim is for you to be guided in your work by a clear understanding of the phenomena that govern the behavior of the instrument. We assume that students in this class consider that they might do this work professionally one day.  This introduction to professional guitar repair is for you if you have the discipline to practice what you've learned here until your results are routinely successful.  Plan to gather a number of 'junkers’ or ‘yard sale specials' to practice on at home without consequence.  Self-directed learning is part of every professional luthier's development and lifelong refinement.  We'll advise you on how to go about refining your repair skills on your own but you must be prepared to become your own best teacher. We focus solely on guitar (and bass). which cover the range of today's most popular models. We care about being better guitar teachers for our students so that they can learn the most effective guitar methods and get results. Anyone can make guitar tab and throw it up on a website. Email: [email protected] Day 6 -  reset neck angles and a neck and body designed and shaped to be both It's no good learning techniques that have been simplified for beginners.  You want to learn how to do things the way professionals do them.  Head instructor Kerry Char has been repairing and restoring stringed instruments for over 25 years while also building highly sought after acoustic guitars and ukuleles. Tuition for Hands-on Guitar Repair includes all materials and supplies, including practice guitars for you to work on. WHAT REPAIRS WILL I LEARN? While its bracing pattern will remain true to CF Martin's Therefore to get results, you need to go to someone who has experience getting results for people like you. intensive workshop is your opportunity to create your own Traditionally a young luthier will apprentice with a master for a period of time and learn his craft, but for me I had a very different path. This includes the right training to breakthrough the barriers in your way. intonation with " Action like the Speed of Light "Since 1980, David Freeman created Timeless Instruments. Please click HERE for tuition fees and to download your application for acceptance to Galloup School of Lutherie. Please email with any questions, Sigmund Johannessen will continue to teach Building and Repairs under the new business name SJ Guitars and Luthiery Training. Tel: (503) 292-2385, Copyright © 2003-2017 American School of Lutherie, expert training for luthiers of all levels. Most of what you now depend on others to do, to correct problems that develop and to keep your guitars looking and playing at their best, are really quite easy to do yourself once you know how. Your work will speak for itself No, definitely not! Guitar lessons here have really been a lifesaver for me because, I was starting to think, “Am I ever gonna be able to play guitar?” I never would have thought in just 3 months that I would be able to learn to play and that it would be so easy. Lutherie School. Your work space at ASL is a model of compact efficiency which is SETUP, MAINTENANCE & BASIC REPAIR is your introduction to the skills and techniques used by professional guitar techs and repair persons to keep guitars in good condition and playing at their best. Portland, Oregon   97225 You’re never too old to learn something new :). Taking guitar lessons from a great guitar teacher will make the process a lot easier. We'll show you what that looks like and how to do it. Are You Looking For The Best Guitar Lessons In Seattle? Learn to build your guitar in a place with a rich and historic heritage of music and guitar building.