Soft serve ice cream is a wonderful addition to any event. Mister Softee of Southern California opened in October 2015 and currently operates three trucks and a retail store in Camarillo, California. Take a look at our 'catering' page to find out more! We believe in rich flavors, real… We have soft service ice cream sundaes, soda floats, cones, cups, banana boats, and shakes. to our 'fundraiser' page He ran up huge majorities in the urban areas to offset his equally lopsided losses in most of the state’s 351 cities and towns. Mr. Frosty's Ice Cream Shop. trucks travel predetermined routes selling a variety of ice cream treats And then I voted for Gabriel Gomez. It’s simple; just have us at your event, or reserve a date in-store, and we donate a portion of our sales back to your organization. Check out “Do you know what the winters were like at Plymouth Rock, senator?”, “You don’t. He was sworn into office in November 1976, and he’s been in Washington ever since, leaving next to no footprints, sitting and standing wherever the leadership tells him to. Also see our 'franchising The Little Ice Age! for more information. He even once tried to get his brother elected to Congress from a nearby district. He could run for the Senate without relinquishing his House seat. At age 69, he’s too old to die tragically young, like Paul Tsongas did of cancer at age 55. back for updates. All I can say is, don’t blame me, I voted for Steve Lynch. “You impugned her integrity!”. The trucks serve Ventura County, parts of Los Angeles County, and Santa Barbara county. Have a question? They were rolling as Teddy’s aide Rick Burke called Markey’s office and got him on the line. 1/7. He began babbling inane gibberish about the Winter of ’15, the coldest and snowiest ever in Boston, 110 inches of global warming. “The warming of the ocean intensifies the amount of precipitation when Arctic air hits that water.”. Visit us in Old Town Camarillo. Please check Over the years he embraced all the usual PC causes. our photo gallery Welcome to Mister Softee of Southern CA. In 2013, Sen. John Kerry resigned his seat to become secretary of state. Additionally, the store offers Non-Dairy Dole Whip and Italian Ice, Fresh Baked Cookies and Brownies, we Be Poppin popcorn and other snacks and drinks. Mrs. Frostie caters He won a seven-way Democrat primary with 22 percent of the vote. The blood drained from Markey’s face. Even now Massachusetts teems with such wannabees – K-Mart Kennedys, as they’re called. His big break came when US Rep. Torbert Macdonald, a Harvard classmate and crony of JFK, died in office in 1976. in the future. Markey’s claim to fame in that first race was that he’d tangled at the State House with the then Speaker (not Keverian). to have Mister Softee attend your next event! A whole raft of Democrats jumped into the fight, including Lt. Gov. “I disagree with the Pope in 1632. Markey knows less about guns than he does about Kelly’s Roast Beef. The Speaker had evicted Markey from his tiny basement office and put his desk in the hall. for an opportunity to lease or Living in Maryland, Markey has become more and more disconnected from his constituents. Then, about two minutes into the relentless cross examination – by a woman and a Canadian author – “Fast Eddie” began foaming at the mouth. His House district on the near North Shore was always in danger of being dismembered in a redistricting, which was why he was willing to endure the humiliation of those St. Patrick’s Day breakfasts, to ingratiate himself with the Beacon Hill powers who could end his political career. He was assigned to the Foreign Relations Committee. It is dangerous. In the final, despite a lopsided financial advantage, Markey had a relatively close call, 55-45, against a former Navy SEAL and political novice, Gabriel Gomez. “I hope someday I can have two jobs like you.”. “Have you read my testimony?” she asked the former ice-cream truck driver once known in his hometown of Malden as “Mr. At least Kerry voted for the $87 billion before he voted against the $87 billion. Mr. Frostys Ice Cream Shop. back for It’s like waving a crucifix, a silver bullet and a clove of garlic in Dracula’s face all at once. He’s not a smug, sanctimonious preening gigolo like John Kerry, or a duplicitous fraud like Elizabeth Warren. It’s likewise too late for him to follow in the footsteps of Ed Brooke, the nation’s first elected black senator since Reconstruction, and have sex with Barbara Walters (she’s 86 now). ... More. But Fast Eddie didn’t know which side the US was on – in either country. It was just another day in the life of Ed Markey, a lightweight’s lightweight, a sheep in sheep’s clothing. This Pope is correct and we have a moral responsibility to act.”. Markey was lectured by one of the older members of the delegation: But Markey rejected that sage counsel. Frosty Ice Cream Truck. He has demanded that the total caffeine content be listed on every can. During our first two years in business, our trucks have served at Weddings, Kid’s Birthday Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Adult’s Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Company Picnics, Employee luncheons/appreciation events, School Functions, Food Truck Round-ups, Graduation Parties, Block Parties, TV/Film Shoots, Retail Sales Promotions, Open Houses, Fireworks, Festivals of all kinds, and just about anything else you can think of. A guy who, as the Boston Herald put it, “might as well be in the Witness Protection Program.”. He was first elected in 1972 as a pro-life Catholic. Take a look at our 'catering' page but inexpensive web He also misidentified the prime minister of Israel. Mister Softee has been a favorite since it was founded in 1956 by the Conway brothers in Philadelphia, and now has over 350 franchisees with over 600 ice cream trucks on the road. “We need to stop the flow of high magazine clips.”. We sell soft serve ice cream; cones, sundaes, shakes, floats, banana boats, and more. Are you looking for fundraising ideas? He is now of course 100 percent “pro-choice.”.