You’ll know when it’s time to replace them as the light won’t turn off at one point until the batteries die completely. It works by detecting body heat. Strong outdoor illumination is a great deterrent to nocturnal crime, but leaving lights on all night is a costly waste of energy. Heath Zenith Decorative Security Light. Get a few and sleep more easily knowing that your home is always protected. Dual technology motion sensors—like those offered by Interlogix—combine different types of motion sensor technology to help reduce false alarms. There’s also the option of regulating the light sensitivity level at which the motion sensor will be armed. But with several motion sensors that are on their rounds, we’ve seen many customers picking out the wrong set. There’s no way of limiting the sensor sensitivity or range, so you may experience frequent activation if there are squirrels or rodents about. If you need a wider coverage and the ability to easily adjust the light’s settings, the 40218 from Maxsa Innovations has two LED light sources that you can position independently. The outdoor sensors are able to operate at temperatures of between -22°F and 145°F. The lamp’s finish is poor quality. Motion detection is on 24/7 by default, but you can also program it … If it’s cloudy, they may not gather enough power during the day to keep the lights going all night. The light’s internal components may stop working if they get exposed to water. Both its sensitivity and range can be toned down if you need to cover a smaller area. Heathco Bayside Motion-Activated Lantern, 11. Leonlite Dual-Head Motion-Activated Security Light, 10. There’s also a weak spot on the part which connects the light’s base to its housing. We pomise.). The electronics are weatherproof allowing you to set the light up anywhere without fearing that rain will damage it. If you get a quality motion-activated outdoor light, your property will suddenly become uninviting to thieves while looking more appealing at night. The duration of a burst ranges from 15 seconds to 4 minutes and is adjustable via a dial on the light’s back. You’ll need to wipe it clean often for the sensor to work properly. The MB360 is a small outdoor light made from plastic. The motion sensor detects movement 40 feet away at a 180-degree angle. Check the light’s packaging to see the total as well as the lumen output per LED to get an idea of how bright the light actually is. No Telemarketing Statement   |   You can easily use it for deterring thieves and trespassers and scare any intruder. They can withstand temperature extremes and are completely waterproof. It boasts a long battery life, turns on reliably only when motion is detected, and is easy to mount anywhere. © 2020 Carrier. Best Budget: LITOM Original Solar Lights. Come see the innovative UltraSync™ SmartHome system at CES 2017. This versatile light is best used to illuminate entrances, walkways, and other smaller areas you need monitored. The 82156 itself is of decent quality, the mounting hardware you get with it isn’t. This forms a perimeter which no one can breach without triggering the lights. Installing them requires some electrical knowledge though and they’re useless in the event of a power outage. The 360 in its name comes from the coverage of the light’s two motion sensors. These lights are great because they require no maintenance year-round. The motion sensors won’t activate immediately if it is raining due to high dampness in the air. Attention needs to be paid during placement so that the light doesn’t get splashed. The 40218 is an outdoor light made from durable HDPE plastic. Bulbs are more versatile since you can determine their brightness yourself but aren’t as dependable as LEDs. Battery-powered models can be set up anywhere and the batteries need replacing only once a year or not at all.