Turn on Twitch app2. I like using twitch for add-ons.It took me a while to get used to it but I ended up really enjoying finding new streamers while also finding new add-ons. I am sure they have the best of intentions but depending on how this Great Manager Migration goes, it may force them to look at other options such as restricting access to download addons or other things.A good example would be nexusmods, where their bandwidth usage was so high they made a premium subscription to support their servers. Are you sure. CurseBreaker is faster than any GUI … That's not something Blizzard has taken kindly to before. However, once Overwolf goes live I'll switch to that to help support addon creators through their alternate revenue stream. yea i realized i was reading wrong and that twitch isnt doing addons anymore ;-; I never liked the Twitch client much myself but there is no way I would ever consider going with Overwolf.If it comes down to being between Overwolf or manually installing, I will 100% manually install.You can support mod developers OUTSIDE of crappy malware riddled hugely invasive ad targeting clients. Комментарий от Darkfire223 Overwolf’s privacy terms are extremely suspicious and you HAVE to install the Overwolf client to install this addon manager. I realise there are other platforms such as WoWInterface and TukUI, but just keep this mind when you are bad mouthing Overwolf. Don't trust them and don't say anything bad about them. Time to install new, simple addon management tool. "Curseforge, soon: *Curseforge closes*Everyone, then: *surprised pikachu face*. I know enough to know as an AddOn manager Overwolf should need access to the AddOns folder in the Wow directory NOTHING ELSE! Why track cookies if not to sell targeted ads at me? CurseForge is the only client that generates revenue for project authors. A genuine part of the conversation people seem to be missing is that Overwolf will become what CurseForge is which means that the platform hosting the addons themselves will also be run by Overwolf. Your review is about to be deleted. Some Google-Fu later I learned it's for wanting access to files on my computer, files that an AddOn Manager should have absolutely no reason for wanting access to. I hope when we are finally forced to move, wowhead will put up a nice alternatives page for everyone. WowUp.io is the safer/secure choice for me. Big thumbs up for wowup.io. I noticed that Minion is not mentioned even once. Do you people leave the twitch app on or something? Overmalware you mean? Key Features. Stick to free and open source like CurseBreaker. Quickly and easily manage your addons and mods or discover new ones. Easily the best addon manager I've used, very easy to pick up if you used twitch and it weights less than 100mb. Big thumbs up for wowup.io. Bye. I know enough to know as an AddOn manager Overwolf should need access to the AddOns folder in the Wow directory NOTHING ELSE! This could go either way. CurseBreaker is great, it's small, fast and easy to use.I set it to startup on login so I'll never have out-of-date addons.And if I want to browse for addons, I always use google anyway to fix a specific problem. Use http://WowUp.io, it keeps your Addons automatically updated and uses both curseforge and wowui. I think I don't need anything else than what it provides. It seems like it would be the most similar to the Twitch interface that I'm used to without needing to reinstall my addons or anything. CurseBreaker is faster than any GUI based addon manager can be. Overwolf basically gonna sell addons and users are the one being left in the dirt. Using any other program to access CurseForge after it goes live to manage addons is pretty unfair to the site given that they still have to pick up sever costs. Overwolf have recently announced that their World of Warcraft addon manager app will actually release a few days earlier than intended. Comentado por Xin16 on 2020-10-04T18:04:15-05:00. Overwolf kept getting flagged by my antivirus. With Overwolf taking over CurseForge it looks like alternative addon managers are all the rage, but I noticed most are still lacking some basic features like browsing for new mods and backing up settings and currently installed addons. Wowup is honestly clunky garbage, feels like you are using a coding project from a school student. CurseBreaker is great, it's small, fast and easy to use. The more Overwolf tries to offer addon developers a bigger cut of ad/subscription revenue and if they were to then lock addon downloads to their client only one could make an argument that they're charging for mods like how some did back in Wrath. Comentado por Daomar on 2020-10-04T18:54:04-05:00. wowup, screw the rest, expecially twitch and overwolf. Back in my day we had to manually install addons instead of giving a 3rd party app access to cookies to save a few minutes and we liked it like that, Everyone, now: "Hey guys, don't support curseforge, use this website that takes files from curseforge's website instead.