1) An Australian Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card; 2) To be over 18 years of age; 3) To live in Australia, To see Afterpay's complete terms, visit https://www.afterpay.com.au/terms. The difference its 24bit / 48khz recording sample rates make is noticeable, too; putting audio from the Nano and original Yeti side by side reveals that the former is superior by quite a margin. We have taken every precaution to ensure that you can shop with total peace of mind. Harvey Norman Stores are operated by independent franchisees. More importantly, it lets choice you to voice to various Warcraft races like gnomes, imps, and of course, Orcs. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. It has a solid base and a sleek design. Practical and easy to configure, the Blue Microphones Snowball Professional USB Microphone lets you record vocals, instrumentals, and narrations without much fuss. Omnidirectional: Picks up sound from every direction. Featuring a compact body and a multi-stage purification system, the Breville the Easy Air Purifier lets you filter out various airborne materials from your room without taking up much space, making it a welcome addition to your home. Regardless if it’s for streaming, gaming, or dubbing, the Blue Microphones Yeti Nano USB Microphone projects your voice with impressive audio quality. The built-in shock mount works well to absorb unwanted spikes from desk kicks and the like, while a single volume control and mute button make up the only physical controls, helping the Seiren X retain its slick aesthetic. ", Specs: Power: 5V | Polar patterns: Cardioid, Omnidirectional | Connectivity: USB | Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz | Features: 48kHz sample rate, zero-latency monitoring, mute & headphone volume controls. It's not so much as to prevent it from being an available streaming mic, but we'd hoped for better noise-canceling from Razer given their trumpeted super-cardioid polar pattern. In the case of a standing mic, you'll be staring at it every time you're sitting at your desk—and attachable mics need to make sure they aren't too distracting either. While it doesn’t sound as good as a standing mic like the Blue Yeti, but it probably sounds better than any other mic you’d find attached to a pair of headphones. A reliable solution for your recording needs, the Boya By-WM4 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone System lets you record crisp, audible sound for... A reliable solution for your recording needs, the Boya By-WM4 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone System lets you record crisp, audible sound for your videos, livestreams, or podcasts even when on the go. We are always happy to help, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime! Got for zoom meetings because my pc mic just didn't pick up my audio that well. Decent shock mounts usually go for around $50, which helps prevent the microphone from picking up any accidental bumps and thuds during streaming. If a microphone sounds better than all the rest combined but only when it’s on a suspended mic stand with a shock mount, positioned precisely six inches away from your mouth, it’s not necessarily a reliable option to recommend. The Yeti X is the best non-XLR microphone you can pick up for under $200. Making room for a standing microphone without it being in an awkward spot may not be possible. We know you want your purchases as quickly as possible, so we do our best to dispatch your order in one day! Perfect for round-table interviews. NSW 2059. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Price is also vital in comparing what one option can offer over another. This is a great tool to quickly cut out the sound of a loud fan, the clatter of your mechanical keyboard or any other noise that usually drives you crazy when you record, without needing any sound editing software or diving into your microphone's settings. Sure, the mini-mics attached to the best gaming headsets will often suffice when you just want to scream abuse at a squadmate, but if you really want them to pay attention to what you say, then the best microphone is a must. If you have an RTX card in your PC or laptop, you might want to give the RTX Voice beta a try.