Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), a selection from source image, as you did for the pear. I'm Italian, and so i'm sorry for my english. Image - Adjustments - Color Balance. We've been working over a white background. Use the Pencil Tool (B), a 3px hard brush. How to Draw a Pineapple. Follow suggestions given in image. I never expected that this tutorial would teach to make still life from the scratch! This tutorial explains how to draw and shade a realistic looking pineapple with step by step pencil drawing examples. It took me some time to figure out, the color and the smoothness of the pear. Leave layer name, "Orange". If you’re teaching kids about the importance of eating vegetables, this can be a ready visual as well. It's not so realistic, and then it's not enjoyable. Place the shadows as shown in image. We'll add some highlights and shadows to make the grapes look nice. As it can be seen, I moved layer, "Tendril 2", to the back of layer " Grapes". Smudge the sided of the dark spot. I'm going to put just a little edge of the table in so it feels like the apple is sitting on something. Learn how to draw Fruit simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. fantastic! Make a copy of layer, "Grape Leaf". Drag your mouse vertically several times, until you get your desired colors. I'm going to take my eraser, or my finger, and just rub out that initial oval. I can allow some of the shading to still shine through. I do not want to confuse you. Place layer, "Orange Leaf" on top of the little branch (stem). WOW... If I want, I can take my eraser, just so that what's leftover are these specific lines of the apple. The bottom, as many apples do, has this little curve. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Saturation: -30. Brush Pressure 50%. I appreciate your patience, and dedication, to following me through these steps, to achieve a beautiful making the fruit. Layer blending mode set to: Multiply. Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation. Merge all the layers together, to form only one layer, name it, "Fruit". Amount: 5.00 % By the end of your cloning, your leaf should look like the one in: Fig 3. If you want it to be shaded, but just lighter, you'll press softer. manush ato creative kivabe hoite pare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lightness: - 20 Great to see what can be done with some imagination. Make the branch thinner. Place layer, "Orange", on top of layer, "Grapes". I hope you want to do other of them! I'm going to look at my apple and find the areas that are darker. Hold Ctrl over layer with fruit you want to make the shadow. We'll also use the Dodge and Burn tools, to give our grapes a realistic look. Coloring the sphere. For the shape of "Tendril 1" and "Tendril 2", use Filter - Liquify - Warp. Alternatively you can draw both the leaves and the grapes at the same time by simply combining the corresponding steps for each one (Step 1 … I'm just adding some finishing touches, and soon, my apple is finished. Name this new layer, "Grape Leaf". Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M). Draw the shape of the grape leaf as shown in image. Filter - Liquify - Warp, to make this selection thinner. Use the Dodge Tool (O). Name new layer, "Orange". I'm just going to look at each little area. Every day new photoshop and photography contests are posted to compete in. For this step, you will use the Clone Stamp Tool. I'd like to say that your tutorial is very good. Most importantly, you really want to enjoy the process. Use the Transform Tool (Ctrl + T), to twist the grapes around from time to time. Name new layer, "Grapes". Illustrators Tutorials. These step by step drawing lessons are designed for people of all ages and skill levels. great work!!! This time, try the size of the grapes to be the same for "Grape 1 and Grape 2" copies. Use the Transform Tool (Ctrl + T), to make layers, "Grape 1" and Grape 2", smaller. Filter - Liquify - Warp. Zoom (Z) layer, "Image Source". That's the shape of my apple. Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), the selection. The grapes are placed together. As long as I'm really, really looking at the apple, I get all of my information, what it should look like. Draw a Hyper Realistic Pen in Photoshop Learning to draw hyper realistically in Photoshop can be tough but this tutorial will take you step by step through how to create a drawing of a pen from scratch. Filter - Noise - Despeckle. Use the Dodge Tool (O), to give some highlights to the leaf. We also have one weekly drawing contest and one weekly 3D contest! Again I beg you to follow the directions given in image. Please visit this site: How to Draw a Nut. Great tutorial, I shared it with my high school Photoshop class! The other side comes in and out, and then it meets at the top. 2.5 px Use the Dodge (O) and Burn (O) Tools, to give highlights and shadows to the grapes. You'll have something as shown in Fig 3. This step by step tutorial shows how to draw and shade realistic looking watermelon. 32881 views staff_illustrator15. When I look at an apple, what I'm seeing initially is an oval-type form. Delete layer with the outline. Click over the layer, "Image Source". Although this is a base, you really want to focus on the apple that's in front of you, and to really follow those lines. For this step, do the same you did for step 7. (The same source image, was used for other tutorial).