Automated Gate Systems and Access Control for reduced vehicular traffic and controlled neighborhood access. Proximity credentials use programmed, one-factor authentication. DKS models 1833, 1834, 1835 and 1837 Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, and with the model 1838 Multi Door Card Access System. Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch. Missing or old fobs can be deleted from the access system and new fobs added as required. The locks feature heavy all-metal construction, and a bump-resistant 6-pin keyway. Proximity reader systems can be a convenient and secure solution for gated communities, apartment complexes, hotels, parking garages, offices with many employees or buildings with restricted areas, such as a stock room, technical space, or a laboratory. … Key fobs and buttons and keys oh my… Each lock accommodates up to 8 different keyfobs, and the keypad accommodates up to 16 six-digit user codes that can be changed at any time. You can also share eKeys via your smartphone. The reversible lock system will fit both right and left-hand doors, has a low-battery indicator light, and fits all standard doors from 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick. Yes, he is a slow learner. According to the folks at ReliTouch, this USB Fingerprint Lock is perfect for both residential and commercial installations. Fobs are great for children or anyone who doesn’t carry a smart phone, or for those times when your phone is in for its 50,000 text checkup. ... Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-in-a-Box $ 1,500 ... Kaba E-Plex E3765MSNL626 Electronic Key Card Entry System $ 703.53 $ 668.35 Add to cart. Filed Under: Hardware, iPhone Apps, Security, Smart Home, Videos, Windows & Doors. And of course, you can always use your original key. Each lock accommodates up to 8 different keyfobs, and the keypad accommodates up to 16 six-digit user codes that can be changed at any time. Contactless cards contain a magnetic strip on the card which carries a unique code for each user. Applications for Proximity Readers & … Buy on Amazon Buy on Home … The keypad deadbolt can store up to 250 four to eight digit user codes, in addition to the programming code, when set up for wireless use. Each credential device has a personal identification number and the access system can be programmed to limit or block entry at any time. Mechanical keyless latch. Website Design by Dogs of Design Studios, Gated Communities and Apartment Complexes, 9500 Maximum Security Slide Gate Operators, 900 MHz Wireless Tracker Board Expansion System - 1830 Series. Newest Fingerprint and Touchscreen with OLED Display Screen keyless keypad Entry Door Lock, Fing… So far we haven’t. According to the Lockitron’s makers, any smartphone can use Lockitron through its intuitive two-button app. And after seeing the quality of the Yale YRD220 Real Living deadbolt locks, I think she’s ready to make the move (as long as no smartphone is involved). Proximity credentials are also relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if they are lost, stolen, or worn out. It also features a volume control, and a privacy setting to disable EVERYONE’S access (for those antisocial moments). Great Valley Lock Shop All activity is recorded and logged by the system and is available to review at any time via the Goji Mobile App or from your online Goji account. Using key fobs comes with five identifiable benefits, including selective entry, access records, increased security levels, convenience and customizable features. You decide. Key fobs and buttons and keys oh my… Each lock accommodates up to 8 different keyfobs, and the keypad accommodates up to 16 six-digit user codes that can be changed at any time. At various stages of his life, he worked as a framing carpenter, attended motorcycle mechanics school, served as an Army MP, did a hot and itchy stint installing insulation in Phoenix, owned and operated a small contracting firm doing residential renovations, and worked as an employee of a major airline (Motto: We’re not happy ‘til YOU’RE not happy). If you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, Lockitron will work even if the internet or power go out. The Kevo features both smartphone and key fob unlocking, sparing you from even having to enter a code. Lastly, if you’ve lost your fob and forgotten your pass code, or you just wanna kick it old-school, you can use a key. The Yale website has a lot of informative videos demonstrating various features of the locks, and showing how to install and program them. Kingsgrove NSW 2208, Proudly designed and developed by Style House Creative. Dealer login or sign up to get access to your custom tools and information. The first Goji Mobile Apps will be for iPhone and Android, and new versions will be released to cover the widest spectrum of phones possible. An August system consists of a small, easy to install smart lock device and a mobile app. The ReliTouch also provides real savings by eliminating replacement costs associated with re-keying, replacing cylinders, or purchasing swipe cards. The central hub of any keyless entry system usually includes some sort of base station. They offer extremely customizable, secure access management. Securing a residential or commercial building with your standard lock and key system may have been a suitable arrangement in the past, but as times change so should your defenses against unauthorized visitors. Tired of having to schlep along a key when you go out for your run? This information can reduce risks and costs associated with theft, vandalism, and fraud. Future projects include a teardown restoration of his 1965 BMW motorcycle, and designing and building a kick-ass playhouse for his grandsons. That platform generally includes keyless entry, surveillance and intercom, one program on one server on one platform. Remote Account Manager: DKS models 1833, 1834, 1835 and 1837 Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, and with the model 1838 Multi Door Card Access System. A couple of final points to ponder…One consideration with the remotely-controlled locks is alignment. The easiest way is with a fob that can lock or unlock the door from up to 50’ away, handy for those “hands full” moments. These three products are part of a new generation of locking systems that integrate wireless technology, smartphones, and computers to control who gets through your door. Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your needs. Residential, Retail & Communities• Single Family Residence• Apartment & College• Gated Communities & Apartment Complexes• Mixed Use• Business / Commercial / Industrial• Parking• Self Storage• Maximum Security. Key fobs and access cards eliminate the need for several keys granting employees access to the areas needed for their work without needing to keep track of multiple keys. Simplicikey’s got you covered, with three ways to get yourself inside. Ask Great Valley Lockshop for a consultation about keyless entry to see if it’s the right solution for your business. All rights reserved. Either way, unless you’re REALLY popular, you should be set. The unit is installed on the interior side of your door using two screws, and the August Smart Lock is designed to be compatible with over 90% of all deadbolts installed in the U.S. Card key entry. The Lockitron and August Smart Lock work with your existing deadbolt lock (so with these and similar systems, you may want to replace or re-key the deadbolt before installing the remote locking system, to eliminate unwanted entry by Gerbil Boy and his ilk). Because it is a standalone access control system, this lock also eliminates the material and labor costs of installing electrical wiring and network cabling necessary for wall-mounted access control panels. All rights reserved. 23mm, 25.4mm, 30mm and 38mm backset models available. Key fob entry. DoorKing provides a full range of telephone entry systems and accessories to meet your specific application requirements. This valuable information is helpful in tracking visitor data, employee attendance, the movement of staff members and the presence of people in case of an emergency. Using a funding model gaining popularity of late, the Lockitron came to be largely due to funds provided by people pre-ordering one or more of the units. The Kevo sports a mobile app to receive notifications and manage the lock and your eKeys. Lee County. Codes can be easily forgotten and the keys are difficult to manage and stop working properly over time. I’m leaning toward the Yale Real Living lock; I like the idea of still being able to use a key if needed, and set temporary codes for whoever I want, and it seems like a good, beefy unit. Computer programming and control for use with the DKS Access Plus Telephone Entry series 1802AP, 1808AP, 1810AP, 1812AP, and 1838AP. Short Backset Mortice Lock, Furniture and Keypad. The access system will need to be reprogrammed to block the old fob and grant access to the new one with a new key ID. The Yale YRD220 is available with either a durable acrylic touchscreen or a tamper-resistant keypad. The ReliTouch requires 4 AA batteries to operate (they recommend Li-AA batteries for longest life), and estimated battery life of 12,000 to 21,000 cycles. GV Lock has years of experience designing and installing keyless and remote entry systems in Pennsylvania and beyond. Sale! At this point, the reader will probably beep to say that it is done reading the key.