Vitrectomy is a highly successful surgery in treating eye problems such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, cataracts etc. Doctor saw me next day and a week later. Dr. says to wait and he will remove scar tissue several weeks from now when it is all done scarring. With that success insert IOL to achieve best vision. After vitrectomy, the recovery lasted for 10 days or so during which oil drops needed to be administered. Now 4 months post op I find my central vision has develop some sort of fuzziness and although not noticed earlier the color and brightness seems to have slightly diminished compared to my good eye. A separate procedure is not required to remove the gas. Is prophylactic 360-degree laser retinopexy protective? Intraocular gas works by “plugging” the retinal tears or retinal holes. What is average recovery time after the silicon oil removal. Can I ask what is the best approach when scar tissues start forming at the bottom of the eye after a vitrectomy surgery involving silicone oil? Common reasons include an additional retinal tear, or, it is conceivable that an extra tear(s) was overlooked and not treated. The PVR process can arise in any portion of the retina, although it has a predilection for the inferior retina (Figure 1). I had a vitrectomy/reinectomy with oil here in Wisconsin in May to reattach my retina for a third time (PVR troubles) and I’m coming up on my appointment next month to evaluate progress and maybe plan to have the oil removed. 2. I, too, would probably vote for gas, but you’d have to ask his doctor why he prefers removing the oil and replacing with gas. 18. After 4 months however, everything is stable, ( very limited peripheral vision,) so we’ve decided to go in again in January to remove the scar tissue, leaving the oil in there. 9. I am worried about a re-detachment. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to reply to patients like me… . But the use of SO is not without the associated complications. Fairfax, Va. is just outside of Washington DC! Hi Doc, I have an opportunity to fly to Washington for a conference in two weeks, and I’m nervous about being out of town if I’m likely to have another detachment. But I am not sure which is best. I would seriously suggest getting a second opinion from another retina specialist – I really don’t want to add anything to your complex history because I am disadvantaged from not being able to examine you. I am counting on stem cell therapy or retinal / visual cortex prothesis. This pulling can cause multiple retinal tears. 2017 Sep;31(9):1302-1307. doi: 10.1038/eye.2017.167. A one-week followup showed the retina reattachment is holding well and there is no sign of new scarring. Usually the oil stays behind the iris and poses no problem whatsoever to the cornea. The third surgery was done and silicone oil put in. After examination, his doctor did laser iridectomy, which has helped so far and we have postponed removal of silicone oil. Laidlaw DA, Karia N, Bunce C, et al. I don’t know, you’d need to ask him/her for the specific reasons. I go in in the morning. Stay close to the doctor. 3. This usually does the trick. There are three primary types of detached retina surgery. Is the silicon Oil removal surgery complicated like retinal detachment surgery less critical. Glaucoma dr recommended surgery right away to put in Ahmed implant. Don’t know. 2. Jonas JB, Knorr HL, Rank RM, Budde WM. I would recommend getting an evaluation from a corneal specialist, but in the back of your mind, consider oil removal if that is the ultimate culprit. The dilation of the pupil in my left eye which has oil and does not have a lens seems to be un-dilating unevenly. April 7 2014 – surgery to have implant took place MRI will NOT affect your eye with silicone oil. I’m not one for giving up. A need to know. Elbow bercitis got bigger and they prescribed meds and gave me a shot to alleviate pain. The questions I have are 1) how long is the gas suppose to last? He has very limited vision in this eye now, although recently he feels there may have been some improvement. I don’t believe silicone oil necessarily emulsifies and you should get your eye examined periodically to ensure there are not complications from the oil. What Is the Recovery Time After Detached Retina Surgery? 11. Thanks. Inferior detachments are toughest, but can require peeling or removal of the scar tissue. Management of giant retinal tears with vitrectomy and perfluorocarbon liquid postoperatively as a short-term tamponade. Randy I had retinal detachment surgery a month ago [reattachment/vitrector/silicone oil insertion]. There can always be swelling and blood after any eye operation. OCTs show retina attached in macula as I thought sparks were it detaching in the centre. I haven’t been able to find any information about the procedure — how long that surgery lasts, and what I can expect afterwards as far as recovery time, being out of work, resuming normal activities, etc. My right eye is seeing perfectly and surprisingly, my left currently holding oil and without a lens can actually read large print. I am 2 mo. Today retina doctor asked me how I feel about surgery to raise my pressure by injecting oil in my eye. Ref PVR does the oil stop this, reduce it or no effect? Risk factors for retinal redetachment after removal of silicone oil. This seems really, really complicated. Thorough shaving of the peripheral vitreous base is accomplished using wideangle viewing systems and a scleral indentation technique.