It made my head hurt to count them. That leaves just four. She went quickly to the bedside. Riferimento: Anonimo. Quality: "You needn't get any more wine," said Johnsy, keeping her eyes fixed out the window. An old ivy vine, going bad at the roots, climbed half way up the wall. "Leaves. He valiantly defended Arthur's right to the throne at the Battle of Bedegraine and probably against subsequent rebellions. It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites. Quality: Though the knight Arthur asks to cast the sword into the lake is usually Griflet (Lancelot-Grail) or Bedivere (Le Morte d'Arthur, the Alliterative Morte Arthure, the Stanzaic Morte Arthur), the 16th century English ballad "King Arthur's Death" ascribes this duty to Lucan. Frequenza di utilizzo: 1 There are only five left now." Example(s) The fishermen also chartered a deep-sea fishing boat for the day while in the Seychelles, bagging boxfuls of bonito but failing to spot the prized sailfish or black marlin. She began making a pen and ink drawing for a story in a magazine. She began making a pen and ink drawing for a story in a magazine. "And that chance is for her to want to live. जहाज़ का पाल क्षेत्र अच्छा - खासा बड़ा था ।. Usage Frequency: 2 "Bosh! The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. ", Last Update: 2020-01-11 Don't be silly. sailing boat translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. Usage Frequency: 1 Traduzioni contestuali di "sail" Inglese-Tagalog. "What is it, dear?" One morning, a doctor examined Johnsy and took her temperature. There goes another one. ", A view of the Niger river from the embankment of Sekoro, Mali A traditional Malian boat on the river Niger, en route to the market Ouro Mody, a village on the Niger bank: traditional Fula architecture The mosque of Djafarabe, in Fula territory Women fetch water from the river to water rice paddies A fisherman's son tends to play with the tool of the trade Life aboard the UNESCO boat A crew member, in traditional head dress A Pirogue (dugout) sailing off as dusk descends on the Niger, Tanawin ng Ilog Niger mula sa tabing-ilog sa Sekoro, Mali Isang tradisyonal na bangkang Malian sa ilog Niger habang papunta ito sa pamilihan Ouro Mody, isang nayon sa may tabing-ilog ng Niger: tradisyonal na arkitekturang Fula Ang moske sa Djafarabe, sa teritoryo ng Fula Tangan ng mga kababaihan ang tubig mula sa ilog na siyang pandilig sa mga palayan Laruang hawak ng isang anak ng mangingisda Ang pamumuhay sa loob ng isang bangka ng UNESCO Kasapi ng grupo, suot ang tradisyonal na putong sa ulo Paglalayag ng isang Pirogue (na gawa sa troso), kasabay ng paglubog ng araw sa Ilog Niger, Last Update: 2016-02-24 Usage Frequency: 6 The doctor suggested that Lita undergo surgery. One morning, a doctor examined Johnsy and took her temperature. No, I don't want any soup. There are only five left now." "She -- she wanted to paint the Bay of Naples in Italy some day," said Sue. Info. "Six," said Johnsy, quietly. Nagpanggap ang mga Griego na maglayag, at hinila ng mga Trojans ang kabayo sa kanilang lungsod bilang isang tropeo ng tagumpay.