The side lying abductor includes the tensor fasciae latae (TFL), gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Step 1. Lying Abduction Starting Position Lie on left side, legs straight, knees together, resting head on right hand or extended arm. Maintaining a slight bend in the elbow, lower the arm past … Action EXHALE: Squeeze the right thigh to raise right leg until it forms a … Prone shoulder abduction: Subject prone with the shoulder in neutral position; subject performs shoulder abduction abduction to 90° with external rotation in a horizontal plane: Forward flexion: Subject standing with shoulder in neutral position; subject performs maximal forward flexion in a sagittal plane: Forward flexion in side-lying position With the arm that is on your side, elevate up until your arm is straight up and down. The following video contains reference material for patients of Elevate Chiropractic and Rehab clinics. Instructions . 3. [Subjects] This study recruited male and female adults whose shoulder abduction range of motion (ROM) was 120 degrees or less and separated them into Gong’s Mobilization in the side-lying position group (side-lying group, n=20) and Gong’s Mobilization in the sitting position group (sitting group, n=20). Repeat 20 times. Movement: Lying on your side with either a light dumbbell or light weight plate (emphasis on 'light' - the leverages in this exercise are very challenging), begin by extending the working arm perpendicular from the body, with the palm of the working hand pointing the same direction as your face. Anatomy of Side Lying Hip Abduction. Starting Position: First of all, straight away from your body, you have to lie down on your side on a mattress, on the floor with your legs extended. 2013; Lippitt, and Matsen 1993; Terry, and Chopp 2000). Lying on one side, keep the upper arm pressed against the body and bent 90 degrees at the elbow. Pull your shoulder blades back and down towards your buttocks and raise your arms to the side until directly overhead. Bring the weight slowly down to the ground, hold for 2-3 seconds, and then up towards the ceiling and hold for 2-3 seconds again. side-lying shoulder horizontal abduction. Slowly lower back down until your arm is at your side and repeat. Abduction. Previous researchers have recommended selective infraspinatus strengthening exer-cises such as the prone horizontal abduction with ER, side−lying ER (SER), side−lying wiper exercise, and shoulder … Lower to the starting position and continue the movement to complete the set. Side-lying abduction exercises are essentially believed to benefit women of all ages, men, and especially athletes. Side Lying Shoulder Abduction – AROM HOW: Get set-up laying on your side, you can use a pillow for head and neck support. Doing all this your while the upper arm rests upon your upper hip at 90 degrees to your shinbone, hold your lower arm bent and at a position under the head for support in side-lying hip abduction and also feet together in a neutral position. HOW: Start by lying on your side with your head supported and your knees either straight or bent up together, whichever is more comfortable for you. Place right hand flat on the ground in front of you for balance. The elbow should be perpendicular to the shoulder. 4. External rotation in side-lying position with dumbbell Shoulder abduction 1 Set / 1 Rep Stand tall with your arms at your sides. shoulder motion (Ha et al. They also help rotate the leg at the hip joint, and not only move the leg away from the body.