This is a clear polyurethane epoxy that will protect your board from water, snow and constant use.All you need is a paint roller and you’re good to go!Some also use skatelite pro, which is a professional-grade layer of paper composite that lies flat on top of the ramp for a super durable finish.Skatelite pro is used in most public skate parks for longevity in all kinds of weather conditions and protection from consistent use.A number of alternative home methods are discussed in the video below, as well.How to Weatherproof a SkateboardWeatherproofing your rampWatch this video on YouTubeQ: How much does it cost to build (DIY) a skate ramp?A: It can cost between $100 – 400 to DIY a skate ramp, depending on the quality of the materials you use.Some websites offer DIY ramp plans, which list the materials needed and tally the total price of it all.Because of the time and energy you have to spend in addition the money, we’d recommend purchasing a skate ramp, especially if you’re a beginner.Q: What is the best surface to skateboard on?A: There is no one best surface to skate on – just make sure that whatever you’re riding on is smooth, but with enough traction for firm wheel grip.Skateboarding is a versatile sport and can be done on all kinds of terrain, provided there is some grip.Tips For Choosing a Skateboard Ramp#1: Check the weight capacity!Check the weight capacity of your ramp and make sure it can hold both you and your skateboard, bike or scooter.#2: Research the ramp typeIf you’re a beginner, you won’t get a lot of use out of harder obstacles like half pipes or spines.Make sure you know which ramp is best for your specific purposes. Because the kit contains multiple parts, the items may ship in more than one box and could arrive separately – be aware of this before you purchase!Like most other skateboard ramps, the Landwave is also compatible with BMX bikes and inline skates. It also has rubber feet for extra stability. Ramptech Quarterpipe Skateboard Ramp at a Glance:Dimensions:  54 x 48 x 24 InchesWeight Cap: 400 PoundsTools Needed: YesRating: 4.3 / 5.0 #5 Freshpark Professional Wedge Ramp Last but not least, we have the Freshpark Professional Wedge Ramp. So you’ve all asked for your favorite skate rails to be replenished & they have arrived!! You may interchange the included leg sets, and it can be combined with any other module or sets to create custom obstacle courses.. In a recent study from USC, skating improves mental health, fosters community and encourages diversity and resilience. Easy to move and the form factor makes it extremely easy to store. The clips work with other Ten Eighty skate products as well, so you can mix and match pieces to expand your own personal skate park. The curb kicker is portable and you can carry it anywhere for some impromptu skating session. Die Firma Yamato Living Ramps entstand als Professionalisierung zweier DIY-Skatepark-Projekte der Nullerjahre, dem 2er in Hannover und Betonhausen in Berlin. The launch ramp, fun box and the guard rail, all can be connected with each other and depending on your imagination, you can have a different skating track every day. Over the years, Skate Board Ramps have evolved from simple woodwork frames that were precariously set up and invited more danger than safe riding to ergonomically safe structures that help budding boarders to learn and experienced skaters to catch some high air. Therefore, once you graduate from novice level, you should probably find a specialty store for more advanced options at a higher quality. Designed with safety as priority, this kicker is constructed with high-impact polymer, a textured finish and non-slip rubber feet to keep your wheels stable. Freshpark Professional Wedge Ramp at a Glance:Dimensions: 47 x 37 x 16 InchesWeight Cap: 500 PoundsTools Needed: NoRating: 5.0 / 5.0Skateboard Ramp Comparison TableRamp DimensionsWeight CapTools NeededRatingTen Eighty Launch Ramp57" x 12" x 8"125 lbsNo4.4 / 5.0Landwave Pyramid Ramp36" x 9" x 9"300 lbsNo4.6 / 5.0Freshpark Mini Wedge12" x 19" x 41"300 lbsNo4.8 / 5.0Ramptech Quarterpipe54" x 48" x 24"400 lbsYes4.3 / 5.0Freshpark Professional Wedge Ramp47" x 37" x 16"500 lbsNo5.0 / 5.0How to Choose the Best Skateboard Ramp – Buying GuidePhoto courtesy of iStock.Now that we’ve covered the best skate ramps on the market, its time for the hardest part – making a decision about which to take home!If you’re still feeling a little lost, rest easy – we’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you understand what to look for during the selection process.Here are the key things to consider when choosing the ideal ramp for your needs.Ramp TypeThere are a plethora of different types of skate ramps.Because each is designed for certain tricks, movements and skill sets, its important to ensure you’re looking at the right kind.Launch RampsMost of the recommendations on this list are launch ramps, which are also known as kickers, wedge ramps, or banks.These are the most basic of the many kinds of skateboard obstacles.Kickers usually have a gradual slope to them, allowing just enough lift for moderate flip trips. But with the advent of technology, we will be presenting to you a whole range of Ramps and Pipes that are designed keeping in mind the aerodynamic precision, pressure point approximation and sturdy designs using the best materials. It is also a complete stress buster and helps in developing concentration, focus and a never give up attitude. This set up works with a relatively low height and does not get you the lift and air a traditional ramp will get you. The Ramptech Spine is one of the most versatile skateboard ramps that Ramptech produces. It is built with weatherproof urethane plastic which resists rotting, splinters, and UV damage – so no worries if you accidentally leave it out on the driveway for a couple days. You can even customize it by combining them with other Landwave products. FREE Shipping. Your email address will not be published. We want to delivery a long lasting product. Skateboard, Ramp: The basics that you need to know to get started for the first time.