1 tbsp coconut butter, or option to add coconut oil when blending, Optional: ½ banana or ½ c mango if you’d like to add more sweetness, 1 tbsp coconut oil, if didn’t add coconut butter to freezer pack, 1 c water or coconut water {or sub milk or nut milk of choice}, Optional: 1 tsp matcha green tea for extra energy boost, Optional: ½ c full fat plain Greek yogurt {great for making smoothie pops}. Refrigerate the veggie snack packs up to 5 days. *If you’re having trouble seeing the video above, try turning off or pausing your ad-blocker. And since these three healthy snack recipes are toddler and kid-friendly they are keeping our whole family fueled. Did you ever have ants on a log when you were younger? Also equal parts lite vanilla yogurt and peanut butter whipped together for fruit is the greatest dip ever! Putting it in a mason jar makes it easy to transport and more visually appealing on Instagram (because it’s important to have priorities). Love these ideas but want more? Meltdown…SNACK {and I’m not just talking about for my toddler — hanger and hormones is not a good combo}. I recently discovered that raw asparagus is great for dipping as well! (not dairy, but in the refrigerated section or. When ready to eat, I pull out the stack of 4-6 muffins, let them thaw overnight in the fridge, and eat cold or reheat in the microwave. So the dollar store sells the big portioned party trays with lids, and in the summer, I’ll buy one and keep it filled with lots of veggies, some fruit and a little meat and cheese. Well, I’ve been doing that with vegetables. Ideally, though, these should be snacks that you actually enjoy, not random stuff from your office that you’re settling for. @tradeskool. 2. Currently I’m working well into the evening, often not coming home before 22 pm. Find her on LinkedIn and Instagram. From me, the always-hungry nursing mama, to my snack-loving toddler and husband. I pack up these easy and convenient Veggie Snack Packs at the beginning of the week and challenge myself to eat one per day. Use these colorful ideas from @amandabisk. Pairing it with an egg gives you a double-whammy of protein power. I have had too many baby carrots that went soft and slimy before we could eat them up. Although snacks can get a bad rap for being sugary, salty, empty calories, they really don’t have to be unhealthy. 128 Likes, 3 Comments - Teacher and Toddler Meals (@teacherandtoddlermeals) on Instagram: “I’ve been on a bit of a deli meat kick. Even the smallest trays are like, eight bucks. Cucumber boats, like these from @crunches_and_lunches, are similar, but a little more sophisticated. Eat them by themselves as a snack, or add them into a salad for a more complete meal. Popcorn is one of those snacks that some people just can’t go a day without having. I personally love making these energy bites with cashew butter, but feel free to sub any kind of drippy nut butter, like almond butter or seed butter you have on hand. These banana bites from @begoochie are a little sweet, a little salty, and have a whole lot of potassium and protein. So I’d raid the office kitchen. These homemade vegetarian beet patties are amazing with avocado and sweet potato fries. This helped me learn a lesson about over-complicating my food :p. We prefer regular big carrots peeled and sliced into long strips. This smoked salmon and hard-boiled egg snack from @tiinavalkonen looks absolutely beautiful, and it’s clear to see that it tastes just as good. Meal Prep: How to Pack School Lunches on Sunday that Stay Fresh All Week! Fruit Snack Pack : 4 strawberries 1 cup grapes 1/2 cup raspberries 1/4 orange - sliced ~~ CLICK PIN TO READ MORE ~~ Instructions: First step is Fruit Snack Pack : And then, Fill a small reusable dipping sauce container with 2 tablespoons of trail mix. Click the label on any image below to jump to that recipe! 18. 1. As much as I love to chow down on a giant crunchy salad or treat myself to a burger and fries (for a cheat meal, of course), I could also probably live off snacks. I’m such a big fan of snacking on whole fruits and veggies because you don’t have to prep them at all. Here are some other ideas for your veggie snack packs: Don’t let containers be a barrier between you and your veggie snack packs. Our food storage containers will survive the commute to work or school. Seeing your post, I made two big trays, it was so good. Keep these light reusable utensils with you in your bag so you’ll never have to slurp yogurt straight from the cup or eat a snack-sized salad with your fingers. I’m notorious for snacking throughout the day, which often leads to me feeling full after my first bite of dinner. I also had nuts around for a little healthy fat and protein–just a few seeds or nuts quell my appetite most of the time. Those snacks are such life-savers, especially for people like me who are binge addicts. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets. Pop a tray in the oven while you bake chicken or roast veggies for your meal prep.