With a psychic summons, the swarm is gathered. 1 Watching. Outside of the range of a synapse creature, such as a Tyranid Warrior or a Hive Tyrant, smaller varieties such as those found within the Gaunt genus revert to animalistic behavior. From United States; Warhammer 40K Tyranids Tyranid Warrior w/ Devourer 8037H NEW AND SEALED. Until the end of that phase, when a charge roll is made for a charge made by a friendly unit that targets that enemy unit, roll one additional D6 and discard … 40K Tyranids Tyranid Warriors Devourer Arms Bits 3 Bitz. HIVE INSTINCT. C $5.29; Buy It Now +C $18.42 shipping; Only 1 left! They do this in order to reproduce and evolve. Tyranid Warrior. Use this Stratagem in your Charge phase.Select one enemy unit that is within 1" of any < H IVE FLEET> SYNAPSE units from your army. The Tyranids (often shortened to ... and routers (router-warriors)?). The Tyranids, also known as The Great Devourer are an extragalactic alien race with the sole purpose of devouring all forms of genetic and biological material in the Galaxy. All Tyranid technology and weaponry is entirely biological and engineered to suit specific means. Tyranid Warrior NAME M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Base type T. Warrior 6” 3+ 4+ 4 4 3 3 9 4+ 40 mm Round EQUIPMENT - Pair of scything talons (0 pts) - Devourer (3 pts) RULES - Shadows in the Warp, Synapse OPTIONS - May replace its devourer with one weapon from the Basic Bio-Weapons list. The stock SYANPSE bugs of the Tyranids kill team and solid all-rounders.Tyranid Warriors are T4 3W models that come with a pair of scything talons and a Devourer, but can be outfitted in a ton of different ways, fashioning them into melee threats or shooting threats as you see fit. Tyranids Stratagem. C $40.18; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; From United States;